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Whoo Hoo!September 10, 2004

Look! The new Fall Knitty! I'm in mad, wild love with Zigzag. I mean, really. Could that be any more gorgeous? Veronik is a genius.


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Thank you so much for the link and the announcement. I was just on Knitty and on Amy's blog yesterday looking for a release date.

I'm thrilled!


You know, I just stopped quick by your blog--before I hopped in the shower for "work". I am still not used to saying that. And the new Knitty is up. Thanks for sharing. I guess it's almost like research for the yarn shop. :) Actually, I did see a few patterns Granny could make for the shop. Thanks Rachael.

Hey you. I love that zigzag too and also that hotty out of Indulgence (Mmmmm, Indulgence...)

P.S. I B. Marcia B.

Oh I love zigzag!! Thanks for letting me know the new Knitty is out!!

This confirms it: I am truly a fall kinda knitter. I love this issue of Knitty. LOVE Zigzig. And love the scarf and shawl patterns too, 'specially the one out of Lorna's whose name escapes me now.

not two seconds after i read your post, do i get my email announcement about knitty. i'm liking the very chic frenchutti scarf by kate gilbert. hey, i'm french, i should be embrassing the frenchness and wrapping myself in scarves. hunh hunh hunh hunh. i like boo, too but that would cost 250 bucks if i were to make it with the noro. and finally blaze is very pretty too. giraffe reminds me of a sweater my mom had in the 60's that i wore in the 80's. so retro.

I love ZigZag too, it is in danger of bumping a few other projects in the queue!

I can so *see* you in Zigzag, do it! :)

Thanks for the heads-up. Love the bag pattern-needed something for that recycled silk. OOh, make zigzag for us! Quick!

I SO agree!! There are about 5 things I NEED to make from the new knitty, and ZigZag is first. I heart Veronik!

Ooo! Ooooo! I want to make Blaze, and the recycled silk bag, and how about that Hallowig??? That looks fast and SILLY. Just what I need.

Zig Zag along!! This was my favorite pattern and I want to knit this! I am willing to host it (would be my first time)and am so curious to see what yarns everyone uses. I'll be posting about the knitalong tomorrow on my blog.
Lisa (http://lifeandsuch.blogspot.com)

Me too, me too! I've been hanging out at the new Knitty for the last hour -- thanks for the heads-up!

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