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NamesSeptember 16, 2004

This whole sleepy thing? It’s like an extreme sport, only you don’t get sweaty or sore or Gatorade. This morning while driving home, I was making an extremely difficult turn (other people know it as “left”—I know it as "concentrate very hard right now”) and I almost turned in front of a white VW because it was white. Really. Somehow, the car didn’t count because it was so pale. Not a real car. Okay to turn left in front of.

I exaggerate a little, and the steering wheel didn’t even turn (that much), but I had that stupid-decision-immediately-followed-by-shocked-realization moment, where you blink rapidly and mutter things like, “jeez, sorry dude, tired, stupid, orange marmalade, TURN SIGNAL, MORON” at yourself. Then you make the turn and you iMEEjatly forget what just happened and you think only about the fact that you’re in LOVE with the new CD in your stereo. I am one of the six best multi-taskers in the world, but not when I’m that dang exhausted. I can drive. Or I can listen to music. Doing both at that point is not intelligent. But, eh. I’m training for a marathon. Talk to me about intelligent after December 12th. (Mom, I don't write things like this to freak you out, I swear I don't. I'm fine. I slept well today.)

The CD: It followed me home, I swear it did. It was on my doorstep when I woke up, and it’s totally my new favorite CD (I know I had a new favorite last week, but I have no problem with musical infidelity). It’s The Knitters Poor Little Critter on the Road. It was hard to move that rock I’ve been living under ‘cause it was heavy as hell, but finding out that X did a y’alternative album with Dave Alvin kinda blew my mind. And come on. The name of the band? That’s the reason it ended up on my porch. That and I must have done something very right to have warranted such an amazing Wednesday gift.

Let’s talk for a minute about the person who gave it to me, shall we? Let me introduce you to her, formally. Knitblog world (and other esteemed guests), this is Lala. Yes, that’s her name. It doesn’t actually say Banjo Girl on her driver’s license, as surprising as that might be. I gave her the nickname in haste, but it has become clear that she is more than that. As Banjo-Guitar-Fiddle-Accordion-LapSteel-Mandolin-
Harmonica-and-Vocals Girl is a little unwieldy, as she herself points out, from here forward she will be called by her name. It’s a good one, too. It took me a while, honestly, to get used to saying Lala: I wanted to throw an R into it somewhere, or I got stuck and landed on just one La and then just felt awkward, holding an extra la in my hand, trying to stick it behind my back where no one would notice, but it rolls off my tongue now.

(I just had a random memory of a boy I used to know. He didn’t want me to know he was smoking one day when I saw him outside, so he put the cigarette behind his back.)

Enough for now. I promised myself some writing time, and then a run. And then perhaps coffee with said Lala before work, if I'm lucky. And tonight is my last night working for eighteen days! Yowza!


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Actually, one La is okay if you're in a hurry.

I am *way* too familiar with driving stories of that variety. Drac has an informal rating system for the highway exits between work and home, which hinges on the quality of their "park and sleep awhile" options.

And Lala is a good name.

I used to work with a woman called Lalla. I'm sfraid we called her La-La (behind her snotty back). But this is another story. And she's cute!

I'm so glad you discovered The Knitters! As funny as it is, I never actually associated the name, The Knitters with, you know, *knitters.* :) Sorta like driving while exhausted. I *adore* Dave Alvin -- we saw him once opening for Richard Thompson and I immediately ran out and bought his albums . . . Anyway, glad you mentioned them, and reminded me, so I can go put the CD in *my* car.


The only accident I've ever had involved misjudging a left turn. I still tend to clutch when traffic is heavy. Thank goodness for left turn lanes. Good luck on the condo...hope it works out.

You mean like ooh la la or tra la la? Between that and the banjo, was there any doubt that you were meant to date her?

morning lovey...just wanted to say a quick hello, thinking of you and any other happy greetings! (Steven says hey there!)xoxoxoxo

Thanks for introducing us to Lala. I thought it read Layla (but I have dyslexia). :) Pretty cool blog she has over there but I did that quiz and I came up as Slut. There was a show the other day on NPR about personality tests and quizzes. I am not taking the slut thing seriously.

OK, it must be a different quiz Kathleen took, because I took the philosophy quiz and matched 100% with John Stuart Mill. Alas, were it only Jon Stewart...but I guess since Mill's wife and daughter did most of his progressive thinking, I'm OK with that. Anyway, happy to be formally blog-introduced to Lala (and looking forward to the face-to-face meeting! Wahoo!)

The car accident wherein I broke my wrist involved a left turn on a sleepy morning. Be careful, sweetie.

Ah, so cool... you formally introducing your sweetie on your blog.

The Knitters are way cool, and they have been known to tour on occasion. Take care of yourself while you have so much going on!

Stories about people discovering the Knitters make me so so happy! I had the fabulous good fortune to see them live at their first shows back in the 80s. At the time I was an obnoxious young punk, and they opened me up to so much great music far and beyond what was then considered "cool" to listen to.

X confuses me... like so much. I know Dave Alvin used to play with them, and Exene has done some country stuff, but I thought she was with Original Sinners right now... Are the Knitters X without Exene and with Dave? Band mutations confuse me. Can't everyone just stay together? But I guess that would get boring.

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