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Not Thinking About ItSeptember 10, 2004

I am tired. I had high hopes of entertaining you with photos of the vigil last night (but I’m sure you realize that even with my best intentions, candlelit photos mostly turn out blurry. There’s an artistic effect to that, but it’s obviously accidental, and therefore seems just silly). But this: It was beautiful, and I’m happy and proud Christy went with me. There were probably about 150 people there, standing in front of city hall (not bad for 24 hours notice), holding candles silently for forty-five minutes. Every race and age were represented. No one acted stupid. All the children were wonderful. I’m not sure if there was Benadryl involved, but they sat and held their candles and for the most part, just stared into the flames.

Oh, all right. I can hear you. I actually got up to get the camera to download the pictures. See how responsible I am? (If only that would translate to laundry. There’s still a camping clothes pile in my room, and it’s only getting higher by the day. Must. Do. Laundry.) Anyway, I did manage one okay shot of the vigil:


I had to sneak out just a few minutes early to go to work, which was located about a hundred feet behind the vigil, and I have to say, walking through the PD parking lot holding a candle, wearing a PACE flag wrapped around my waist felt good. Very, very odd. But good. I then became seriously annoying at work, I’m sure, because I brought over a bunch of voter reg forms and pretty much hurled them at people, but I’ll be damned if I’ll work with anyone not registered to vote. The women I work with are too smart to be missed on election day. But I’m sure they wanted to punch me in the snoot. “Yes, Rachael, I’m registered. Just because YOU realized you moved and hadn’t re-registered and had a minor freak-out in the grocery store the other day when it occurred to you doesn’t mean I’m an idiot as well.” Well, yeah. They didn’t say that, but they were thinking it. I could tell.

All right, I’m still tired. I don’t want to go in to work tonight. I think I’m over this whole work thing. You know those people who say, “If I won the lottery, I’d still work?” Nah. If I won the lottery (too bad I don’t play), I’d be happy to stay home and listen to music and write and knit and stare at bad TV. Happy, happy, happy. I get a hell of a lot done usually, but I am lazy at heart. Really, truly lazy, and I can feel the lazy blood singing to me today.

This weekend is going to be packed—hoping to see Banjo Girl tomorrow for at least a walk with dogs in the afternoon (she owns the two dogs I like best, which is handy), and then tomorrow night I Must Do Laundry if I have any shot at all at having any clothes to wear on Sunday’s run. Sunday’s run is seventeen miles.

Did you hear me? Oy. Seventeen.

I can’t even think about that. Having not completed the last long run (14 miles), I’m positively terrified. Out of my mind.

Not thinking about it.

Really. I’m not. See how much I’m not thinking about it (biting nails, tapping feet, twitch twitch twitch).

Here’s someone who’s REALLY not thinking about it. And he didn’t pee in the house today. Someone give us a gold star.


Really. A cat like that, purdy flowers, and knitting needles? That shot makes me happy. Happy weekend, all.


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That is a beautiful photo of your kitty. Good luck on the 17 mile run. Holy smokes!

I was so disappointed not to find out about the vigil until after 9:30 last night. There was one within walking distance of my apartment, but I didn't know if they'd still be there that late, and it's not a spot I wanted to be walking around at night if no one else was there. But I'm glad you went!

And about the laziness: I think we may be the same person. I can't think of many jobs I'd like more than the one I have, and yet I'd still rather not do it most of the time.

My photos were blurry too!! But since you posted yours I posted some of mine, too. My brother told me about his soggy vigil in New York's Union Square. It was good to be here with my neighbors.

How on earth do you manage not to have your kitties eat your flowers?

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Love it :)

Hey friend.
Seventeen miles! You will again be gazelle like when you run this tomorrow...you will fly like the wind! Wow! I ran a mile and a half yesterday (the kids and I want to do an ironman next June..I get the 5K..) But seventeen miles! You are amazing!!!!!Go Gazelle Girl!

we're sending wishes for wings on your ankles during the 17 (17!!!!) miles. And, the capitol steps here in The Execution State...no one was allowed to have candles (legally too drippy) but we made do with flashlights and glo-sticks. I must stay the candles are much prettier.


Hey Girl! If I can do 18, then I have complete faith that you can do 17. Remember to just take it slow and think no further than the next mile. Before you know it, you'll be done! Great work on the vigil!

Get those people registered! Must get voting done!

I don't even want to think of *walking* that far. My lazy blood is speaking to me, too - so bad, I can drink coffee & drop off. That's seriously lazy. Thinking effortless gazelle-running thoughts for you. Good luck!

Your cat picture makes me happy, too! :)

just converted 17 miles to kilometres......ye gods....27 kilometres is a long way.

I just had my own voting registration fiasco. They sent a letter to my current address, saying that their records indicated that I wasn't registered at this address.....huh?......I cleared it up quite quickly, but it worries me that these are the people that are going to count the votes.

Yes, your kitty picture is cozy and beautiful and looks like somewhere I would like to live. Your candle light photo reminds me of a Renoir or something. I like the composition, the light on the faces and shadows on the ground. Multi-talented, that's what you are, and you can run, too.

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