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One HaikuSeptember 14, 2004

Ali challenged me to write one haiku a day for a week. Now, that's just too much for me, especially since I've recently been hanging out with a well-known award-winning haiku writer. But I have one for today.

Cat pee on the floor,
Where are all the paper towels?
Shit, I must be out.

Lord have mercy. There are other, much better ways to start the day. This I know.

Today is the day the bid gets submitted to the owner of #111, the condo I really liked. I’m not scared this time, not even a little bit. I’m very, very curious and I’m excited to hear what’s decided. But this is, let me count, the fourth place I’ve bid on in the last three years (been in and out of the market twice before this time), and I think I’m getting used to it. Even if accepted, I know my credit score and savings are iffy enough that the loans might not go through, so I’m not going to marry a property in my mind until the key is in my hand. And then, get out of my way. It’ll be all about yellow and red paint. And pillows. And happy cat spots.

Until then, I’m happy to putter here in my beloved apartment. And because I finally got off my ass yesterday and did all my mountains of laundry, I have nothing I *have* to do today. Bills are paid. House is reasonably clean. I think I’ll work on the novel, maybe at a coffee shop, and then go for a (short) run. And then work tonight. It was supposed to be a 14 hour shift tonight, but it was shortened yesterday to 12, so I’m happy. 14 hours overnight on your first day back after the weekend is tough sometimes.

I just remembered something important! I believe I’m off for the next two weeks! I mean, it had popped through my mind a couple of times, but hadn't really registered. (I don’t know how I forget these things—an ex-girlfriend used to think I did it to spite her.) I’ll work four nights this week, and then I’ll have the next seventeen days off. This time it’s real vacation, something I signed up for at the beginning of the year with the full intention of being somewhere fabulous, Venice, or Cuba, but finances being what they are, I thought I would defer the weeks for use next year. Who would want to waste Time Off not going anywhere?

Me, it turns out. I can’t wait. I have many, many places I don’t need to go.


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Talk about award winning haikus! That cat-pee one is my favorite in a long time. And seventeen days? To go nowhere? I am so jealous.

Oh, do I hear you about cat pee on the...um...carpet. Best wishes for both human & feline.

Note to self: Poems about cookies are more likely to win prizes than poems about cat pee.

In case it comes up in Trivial Pursuit, or something.

I like the haiku. At my house I would change the word cat to dog. And the first word of the third line wouldn't be an expletive expressing my dismay at being out of tissues, it would simply describe what is usually found next to the pee. (what wonderful details!)

oh, i am so jealous! a "home-vacation" is one of the most under-rated things in the entire world. enjoy tivo, and knitting, and the kitties, and just celebrate how wonderful life is... and good luck with the condo! cricket and i have our paws crossed... well, cricket is using HER paw to look for more mice. i guess i should be grateful that she knows where to pee! ;)

Bidding placed with hope
All is zen in waiting now
New home soon is yours

Silly girl, you've got *17* days! Get in your car and come up here!

*LOL* love the haiku. I've babysat cats that intentionally puke.. Can't decide which I think is worse.

I think you should go visit Ryan. I'd be very jealous since I honestly want to go.. but you should... I bet its a great place to visit.. and think of how much you would laugh!!!

Thanks for the compliments. I'm still blushing.

What Ryan said!

You are a truly loving cat mommy. I might have been tempted to do something unspeakably vile to that feline.

Great haiku, though. Talk about suffering for your art.

17 days! that's great! what a schedule. enjoy it and that haiku is a winner.

Cool haiku! Holidays at home can be the best ever. Enjoy!

DEFINITELY go see Ryan. We all want to be with you!

Ahem. Rachael ain't going anywhere. Unless she takes me with her! Bwah ha ha ha ha.

I can always count on you for a good laugh! Thanks! Pets to the kitties!

Hmmmm. Good time of year for the NW coast. I know, let's all go! Wow, 17 days to do just what you want to. What fun. I like your haiku and Nathania's, too. Your apartment is so nice, the only thing that would be better is a place of your own. Enjoy your days off.

Hmmmm. Good time of year for the NW coast. I know, let's all go! Wow, 17 days to do just what you want to. What fun. I like your haiku and Nathania's, too. Your apartment is so nice, the only thing that would be better is a place of your own. Enjoy your days off.

Seventeen days?! Two words, baby: Crotch Lake.

Psst! Any word on the bid?


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