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Tap tapSeptember 24, 2004

It's possible they're going to accept my offer on the condo I fell in love with yesterday.

I'm freaking OUT.

But okay. I'm brave enough to go into this. I am. I think.

Tap tap tap tap. Those are my toes tapping the wall. It's always more interesting for toes to tap walls, I think. They're so used to floors. Gets boring. (Speaking of toes, I just trimmed the cats' claws, and there was no blood anywhere, on any of us. It's just a damn good day.)

Tap tap tap tap.

A friend pointed out the other day that I'm:
1. Falling in love (well, I done fell, ackshally)
2. Buying a home
3. Training for a marathon
4. Finishing a novel (or I should be: get on it, Rachael!)

All at the same damn time. Holy cow. And I'm knitting a lot. I HAVE to be knitting a lot, don't I? If I weren't, I'd take up smoking again, I swear I would.

Have a great weekend, all. I'm going to be busy, and I'm going to have fun. I hope y'all do, too.


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Fingers and toes crossed for ya Rachael, sounds like my kinda place.. Geesh, you ARE in a happy place right now after looking at your list. Good :) It's a darn great place to be and you deserve it!

okay, I am grinning from ear to ear at the sheer adorable-ness of this post. You are so cute, and deserve absolutely every bit of happy that you are getting. That list is INSANE, in a really, really good way. Can I be you when I grow up?

sounds like some exciting things are happening to you right now. enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Oooooh!!!! I hope that condo is yours!

What an exciting year: love, condo, marathon*, a novel. Damn, girl. Love ya!

*The other day I tried to run to my son's school because I was late picking him up, and darn near fainted after about 10 blocks. Gimme a bike, and I'll roll. But running??? As I slowed back down to a swift walk I thought, "Rachael kicks butt".

so great to see everything coming together so well!

ooohhhh....happiness...it's contagious I swear!
Every single time I run, I take you with me!

Congratulations, Rach! What an amazing list! What I love about it is that it's a combination of something that luck and serendipity and good energy (meeting your love), and then it's all about your drive and incentive and will to do it (the condo, marathon, novel!)! The wonderful things in your life are there because you are making it happen every day, and that rocks. Have a great weekend!

Yay, condo! Yay, paying yourself first! Yay, investing in your future! Gawd, I feel like a broken record sometimes.

Damn, that's an impressive list! I'll be sending good condo thoughts through the blogosphere for you :)

What a happy time! Enjoy it, revel in it -- and then go and finish that novel!! Good condo vibes, good condo vibes...

If you started smoking again, a) you'd feel like total crap when you ran, and you really wouldn't want to smoke again, and b) I'd have to come slap you around and smush your face into, I don't know, nasty smelling stuff.
I'm glad everything is happening at once, and that it is all good stuff. I hope you get the condo!!!!

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a banquet!

Start smokin' again and I'll use my virtual Marilla face on you!

Tap, tap, tap... You have got me going now ;) Any news on the place???

Wow, 2004 is a great year for you! I especially love the early stages of a new love, it makes the world a completely different place.

Rachel Doll, you deserve every drip drop of goodness that comes your way!

It's all good, and you deserve it all. Best of luck on the condo, and enjoy the heady goosness of being in love!

I meant to say the heady gooDness. I really can spell. I swear.

I'm keeping me fingers crossed for ya! Good things are coming your way and you're doing good things for yourself! Yeah you!

Well, zowie! Kicking four kinds of ass at one time. Plus your usual ontological state of ass-kickery...well. I really hope they accept your offer. And I'm all giggly about the love part... I'm in the pro-love camp. Yay, love!! ;D

Yay!!!! A new love, a new home, the marathon, AND a novel?!?! You are superwoman. I am keeping everything crossed for you with regards to the condo - Let us know what happens! And bravo on the clean kitty nail clipping - a feat in itself at times ;->

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