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WishingSeptember 23, 2004

I just got back from looking at a condo. Lord, I was all a’flutter even before I opened the door (okay, my realtor’s brother opened the door because they NEVER let me use the keys. But I was hot on his leetle heels). I know the golden rule of house hunting is not to get your hopes up. But someone (was it Maggi?) pointed out that I’m strong enough to bounce back easily enough if I’m disappointed. This place, yes. I’ll let myself dream a little. It’s only a four-unit place, sixty years old, and small, and has a claw-foot tub and real wooden floors, and I could only keep about six balls of yarn in it (hello, ebay sale!), and my heart, mind, and soul feel happy and rested and good when I think about it.

But we’ll see. I’ll land on my feet (or stay on them here) just fine. Deep breath.

Lala likes her gauntlet whatchamacallits! They keep her warm at work! That makes me happy. She totally played hookie with me yesterday and we had one of those perfect unexpected days, wandering Telegraph and stepping over trippin’ kids from Marin, shopping for CDs and books, doing a whole lot of nothing and having a completely wonderful time. This is a fabulous vacation. Why have I never stayed at home for vacation before?

Well, that’s probably because I thought it would end up like today did—running errands all over Oakland, waiting in line at TWO smog check stations (oh, you’ve been randomly selected to go to a Test-Only station. Sorry you waited behind three cars for us to tell you that, but you have to go to Berkeley, good thing you brought your knitting), paying bills and cleaning up after ants (boy, are they messy when they throw their little ant-parties—all those teeny tiny beer bottles and spray cheese everywhere...). But yesterday totally made today’s errands worthwhile. (Along with the errands, I got to see Celia, who works at the same place Christy does. Go say hi to her. She's cool. And Christy gave me cookies! She's the BEST, I tell you.)


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I hope this place works out for you! I remember how many hoops we had to jump through to get our place. We wrote a letter to the owners, including a photo and our realtor gave a presentation of our offer. It was a relief to get it! But we felt the same as you - we walked in and felt right at home.

Claw foot tub... wooden floors... Sounds like an awesome place! Fingers crossed..

that tub sounds divine -- now to combine knitting and bubble baths ....

I'm so happy you're happy. There's nothing quite like being smitten. Enjoy, darling. High hopes for the new condo. Mwah!

Vertical storage, baby. Just tell Marama how many of those floating Lack shelves you need from Ikea, she'll pick 'em up for you, won't she? :)

Hope the cookies were human sized! I'm still giggling about ants with spray-cheese!

Gack! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you with this condo. That feeling...I know that feeling. I totally envy the claw-foot tub, too. Then again, I envy any tub. Why haven't *I* moved yet?

Sigh...we call those wondrous hookie days "found days"...it's like finding a $20 in your coat pocket you had forgotten about....been awhile since I had a found day...Glay YOU got one, Mizz Rachel...and every time I read your/Lala's blogs and you mention each other...I grin a big ol' grin. Be happy. Life is short, so enjoy it!!

Oh, I *love* the image of the ant party! Teeny cigarette butts stubbed out in the plant pots...

Sending get-the-place vibes big time. xo

That condo sounds perfect for you! Keeping my fingers crossed, too.

Good luck on your condo! Claw footed tubs are so elegant.
I was thinking about you today, and just wanted to pop in and say Hi. Dratted ants. Horrid little creatures.

my fingers and toes are crossed for you...good luck! :)

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