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October 2, 2004


Em's first time at the Pacific, ever.



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I knew you couldn't stay away for a week! Ah, the Pacific -- how wonderful to see a new ocean. Em, did you take off your shoes and stick your feet in the water? Rach, will you let me wear your Noro cardie if I come to visit you? Mwah! right back at you both.

Aw! Lurv you guys! (SO wish we were all four there together...)


You posted! You posted!

Aww! I'll bet y'all are having tons of fun.

I can't wait to hear more about this, later, when you and Em both let loose with all the details!

I knew you'd post! There's just no way you can stay away from us for too long!
Hope vacation is wonderful!

It's almost as good as being there. Nah, not really. But thanks for sharing anyway! Keep having fun! XXOO

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