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BriberyOctober 20, 2004

Thanks for ALL the compliments on Cromarty! I lurve wearing it, I really do. It fits, and it’s soft (Koigu goodness), and when I met Mariko and Marie and Megan for a spot of yarn shopping on Monday, there was a group of knitters at the store. They made me model and spin and show off, and they made a big ole fuss over me. It felt great. And then we had frozen custard. All was right with the world.

Well, on the house front, I have good news. I can call it good news because it’s quite a bit better than bad news, which makes it good, right? My realtor said she talked to the lender’s agent and talked that person into going to the boss’s boss’s boss and telling him that her client “is a dispatcher, and there will be plenty of really unhappy cops and citizens if this girl doesn’t get her loan funded.” That is not true. There would be an unhappy writer/dispatcher/knitter in the Biggety-biggety-O, sure. But who am I to argue with corporate arm-twisting? They say that the boss agreed, and that the loan docs are going to come in any minute. Uh-huh.

Somehow this smacks of the guy at the car dealership shaking his head and saying, “Jaiz, I’d love to help you, but my boss isn’t going to like it. Man, I’d love it if you bought this car. My wife’s divorcing me, and I don’t know where I’m going to get the money for the court battle to see the kids.” (I once had a car salesman tell me exactly that. I waited until I was outside to roll my eyes.) And then he goes in the back room and he and The Boss talk about the Red Sox until he comes back out and says, “I don’t know how I did it, but he agreed. He’ll lower the price by seventy-three cents. Just for you. Whew. Ain’tchew lucky?”

Anyway. None of it sounds real anymore. We’ll just wait and see, and what’s meant to be, will be. I believe that, I really do.

There’s more good news, actually. My landlord called and apologetically said, “Rachael, all the people you sent me from the open house changed their minds or found other places to live. We have to start all over again.” This was the other night, when I thought for sure the lender wasn’t going to come through, so I said, “Oh, GOOD! Can I have it for another month?” I’ve already paid last-month’s-rent, so it won’t be any money out of pocket (a good thing, since I ain’t got none), and no matter what, it’ll either be a place to live, or it’ll give me more time to move. I swear, when I heard that, it was like a migraine lifting. And I didn’t even know I had a headache. I don’t think I knew just how upset I was at moving with no place to go until the fear was given a reprieve.

And I know it's all happening because I have a lot of knitters' fingers crossed for me. Y'all must be dropping stitches out there, huh? I appreciate it, SO much.



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The not bad news is great and the good news terrific! I love when things work out like that.

BTW, I was waiting to read you got custard on Cromarty. I am glad you didn't. :)

Well, it's beyond finger crossing at this point, babe. I mean, you're showing up in my dreams and stuff. I have faith that all will be well.

Thanks to you I've learned to knit with fingers firmly crossed.


Hey there,
SO glad to hear that things are looking up. Sometimes we don't realize how much we need the safety net until it arrives... and as someone who hates and fears moving (until it's over, then it's great!) my heart was going out to you for having to move without the secure spot at the other end. You know the truth, though... I think things *have* to work out for you, because you put so much positive energy out there into the world that it's gotta come back to you. And I'm so in awe of your leap of faith. And keeping your sanity in the face of what really does seem like a surreal, farcical (except not that funny) lending situation... so bizarre.
BTW, Cromarty! Hot diggety damn, girl! I have to second everyone that it is an incredible work of art. I have some Jo Sharp tweed coming in the mail for a yummy cably cardie thing, and I am so totally inspired by you! :)

Hey, I think all that is VERY good news! The loan will come through eventually, but now you don't have to stress about it as much, since you have an extra month. Phew! But why didn't anyone want your gorgeous apartment! Pooey.
And hello, 71 comments on your Cromarty? Geez, you are a popular gal!

I love it when good things happen to nice people.

Well that is GREAT! On both owning and renting fronts.. You can now relax a bit :)

YowZa! That Cromarty! Excuse me while I drool over the sweater. I knew she was gonna be gorgeous, and she is. Love that shade of Kersti. And the pics are terrific!
By the way, finished Filey about a month ago. Ms. Starmore was right on track - 24 balls of Den-m-nit. So much for sleepless over possible yarn shortage. What to do with 6 leftover balls?

Do not EVEN get me started on car salesmen.

Happy home, all ways.

Oh, and one other thing: cops, schmops. They need to look out for the knitters.

Wow, the synchronicity of those two things is mind-boggling! So glad you don't have to couch surf. My goodness, though. What a hassle!

Sometimes things just fall into place...a good place! :-)

Keep hanging in there, sweetcakes!

So what are we to conclude about the three events: finishing Cromarty, the opportunity to remain in place for a month, and the positive news about the loan? Is this a sign that we are to pull out our WIPS and bring them to completion? Is this a cosmic chain letter kind of thing???

Your lovely Cromarty, as a symbol of perseverence, might be just the thing to tip the moneylenders' balance sheets in your favor!

I agree with Ann, your realator may have been stretching the truth about the upset cops but she didn't even mention all of us knitters with point sticks! We'll poke them until they loan you the money. poke. poke. poke.

So glad you won't be living on the streets! I won't uncross my fingers yet, though... xo

Good times!! I know that I only usually figure out how much stress I'm under when I finally relax and become a little puddle on the couch. But great news on the rent situation. Lace knitting with crossed fingers is really hard!!

So glad to hear you have a little breathing room concerning a roof over your head. I'm still believing the loan will come through to make the condo yours. I think the fact that not one of the group that toured your apartment snapped it up is no coincidence. Your apartment is lovely, and all these people managed to resist it AND George? Nah.

Cromarty is the bomb. My head is still swimming from the fact that it was knitted on size ONES. I cry when I have to knit socks on size 1's. You knitted a magnificent sweater on 1's. Once again I bow to your superior skills your highness.

Although the police and fire dept. might not take up arms in the streets over your not getting the loan, I think it's safe to say you could rustle up a daunting crowd of manic knitters wielding their pointiest needles (size 1 of course)hee!

Awesome, Rachael! I'm so very, very glad to hear that the pieces are coming together. :) Your Cromarty is breathtaking, too - the yarn makes it look like something carved. Wow. Hang in there, my dear! Moving is freaky - I know I've developed a new nervous twitch over the last few weeks. I really can't wait to hear more about your new place-to-be. :) xo

what's the name of the place u got frozen custard? Dying to know.

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