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But This HelpsOctober 16, 2004

Christy's fostering three kittens....


(and Susan B - can you email me again? I've lost your address, predictably.....)


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I.love.your.kitten. Now my calico cat is going to be surfing Christy's blog too!

Nothing like a little fur ball to give you hope. Big hugs, Rachel and get some sleep. Nothing gets better with worry. (but you already know that).

I can't decide which is more adorable: you or the kitten. And you know how I feel about kittens.

I'm so anxious about your housing situation! But everything always seems to work out, don't you think? My fingers remain crossed.

I'm with Alison, these things tend to work themselves out for the best. Still, was upset for you to learn you have to wait longer to get the approval. Everything still crossed for you.
Now I am not a cat person (woof, woof!) but that is one cute lil' kitty... Can you resist?! Not sure I could.

It will be OK. Cute, cute kitty.

Was having a miserable day too. The kitty helped. Play with the fluffball for me, okay? Everything will work out.

That baby is too cute. I think La Brainy's fabulous Bea might have a rival.

Whew, just got caught up. Oh, Rach. I agree--this is not great news, but it's not bad news either. It's not you, it's the HOA. You will own that condo. And whilst you wait, you could always surf some east coast couches.

My eyesight just failed from the cuteness of that kitten.

Last Sunday was so great! Thanks for "willing" it to happen. I am really sorry about all the perils you are going through to get your place. Should I break out my rosary?

It's when I see photos like this that make me want to turn into a big-time cat person!

Sending positive vibes to you on the housing situation. Despite the news, I feel that it's going to happen. Sometimes things happen in this manner so that we are doubly appreciative when everything finally comes together!


I hope things work out ok. They should know better than to mess with you. Take care hon and that kitty is ridiculously cute. Stop it, you are making wish I had a kitty. :)

Just know you've got some great blogging friends that are behind you 100%! It is times like these that I feel lucky to have blogging buddies!! Things will work out, that may not be what you want to hear right now but know that they will. My theory is you have go downhill to get up it sometimes, and the further you fall, the further you rise you are due to touch the sky my dear!! Best of luck, will be thinking of you!

What perfect timing for kittens! (Oh, and I will email you in just a minute here.)

Oh Rachel...I am sorry about the stress! Ugh...how awful for you.

Please try to be kind to yourself...this is hard, stressful stuff. Recognize the huge amount of love and energy on your behalf zooming to The Universe from everyone who has come to care for you from just your blog alone!

One way or another, it will be okay. L

Hey Rach,
Have a Sapphire and Tonic on me. Doctor's orders.


It will all work out. Sometimes one has to have the lows to enjoy the highs, right? At least that is what I tell myself :)

I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

Aaaaawwww! Adorable little fluff-ball! Your Cromarty looks amazing & fabulous on you! Makes me want to make one, too. I hope there are some good, chilly spring or summer days for you to wear her when she's done with her modelling stint. I'll be saying little prayers for you & your loan. Bless!

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