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inDeedOctober 22, 2004

I signed!

Yup. I did. The weirdest part? Sitting there, signing pages that had my name on them along with deed information. (A deed! Dude.) And I thought it was very odd that Rachael Herron, an Unmarried Woman is buying this property from (let’s call him) John Smith, an Unmarried Man.

I don’t know why that feels weird. Maybe because when I think of Rachael Herron, I think: Writer, knitter, photographer, girl with lots of toilet paper and fountain pens. I don’t think: Rachael Herron, an Unmarried Woman. Huh.

I don’t think I knew how much I’d been stressing about the loan until I was sitting there, signing, signing, signing, and I felt a band start to tighten around the base of my skull. By the time I left the office, I had a migraine forming. By the time I got home, I was ready to fall over and medicate on the way down. By the time Lala arrived to go to a celebratory dinner before I had to go to work, I could barely stand without wobbling. I felt green and nauseated all night at work, but at least the pain had been lessened by the nasal spray shot of Imitrex that I take. (I’ve never snorted drugs in my life, but I swear, taking that stuff makes me feel like I’m hitting something. Bumpin’ on Imitrex. Indeed. Deed. Dude!)

Today? I’m up and sleepy. Took a four hour nap and now I’m going to start doing things on the List. I still feel like I’m tempting fate, as the loan is now in the process of funding and the property is being recorded, and I won’t really relax until the key is in my hand next week, but I realized I need to make practical phone calls like turning things on: electricity, phone, (whispered) cable. (Okay, I thought I was going to get rid of cable when I moved, but I’ve admitted it. I love it. I want it. I need it. I really love it.)

And the old apartment? I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it. I have a line on someone who might want it. If she doesn’t, I will worry about renting it once I’m OUT. I don’t really care about the money at this point, and I’ll just worry about that part later. It’ll work out beeyootifully. I know it.

This morning, I drove from work to the New House. It was a ten minute drive, mostly surface streets, and the house looked so sweet.... Really, in that half-light of dawn? It did. Quiet and sleepy and someplace I would want to go when I was tired. Then I drove up and behind it and realized the 13, my favorite highway, is right behind it. Love it, love it, love it.

Really love it. Still a little scared, but most of the pressure has been alleviated. I’ve heard of people having problems in the days between signing the loan and getting the keys, but I haven’t heard of one that actually fell all the way through in those few days. And if it happened to you, please have mercy and don’t tell me that until later. I *really* need to get some sleep tonight.

Happy freakin’ weekend, all! Woot!


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Fab !
It'll be fine,and so very exciting.
Have a great,stressfree weekend.

Celebration weekend? ;-)


Werd (to your little mama). Indeed.

Congrats!!! Have a great and relaxing weekend & go get lots of sleep! ;-)

YAY!! Congratulations!

Did you have to sign the documents in your blood? I hear the blood of unmarried females is much more auspicious for the signing of deeds and loan documents than the blood of married skanks, so I think the key will be in your hot little hands soon. Very soon. Get some rest, and hey, next time I'm up there, how about Chicken & Waffles at Jack London Square?

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! See? It worked out fine. I'm so happy for you I could jump up and down (but I don't think the neighbor downstairs would appreciate that much). Rest now and we'll celebrate soon!

Excellent!! After all the loan crap, it's all downhill -- enjoy!!

okay, now I'll YAAAAAYYYY! I'm so happy for you, you can't imagine.

By the way (am I the only one who still writes that out instead of BTW?), the unmarried woman stuff is because certain aspects of property ownership are different if you're married, and putting it right in the deed is an attempt to prevent disputes down the road someday.

Thus ends your legal lesson for today.

Woot woot inDeed! Congratulations on joining the ranks of the mortgage-holders! We're a fun group, even though we're broke most of the time. I'm already looking forward to the pics of the new house!

Yeah!!! This is so awesome!

Ok - what's this deal with identifying yourself as someone with "lots" of Toilet Paper? I can understand lots of Fountain Pens. But, you have a phobia about running out of TP? Are you always ready to TP someone's house in celebration? Is this a new craft supply - you knitting TP? The mind boggles...

I bought my first house three years ago, just about now, and when you first move in, it is like falling in love. It is yours in a way you think you'll understand until it happens and then it turns out you didn't even have an inkling.
Congratulations. Enjoy.

great news! congratulations!

Congratulations!! I know what you mean about the "an unmarried woman" part - about the most legally significant document you will ever sign and this is how you are described??! Woohoo - you're on the home stretch now.

Sending you virtual Bread, Wine, and Salt (think It's a Wonderful Life) and best wishes on YOUR new home.

Woo! Congrats on the new home! And it will all work out for the best because we all said so!

[delurk]Congratulations!! I bought my first place this past July. Absolutely terrifying, but so far the walls are still standing, my neighbors are great, and its soo nice to go home to something you own. It may be a bigger check but somehow paying a mortgage is easier than paying rent.[lurk]

Hooray! You've faced a major life stressor and prevailed. I remember at the signing of our first mortgage just panicking in a way I had not when saying marriage vows or planning to get pregnant. Something about having that 30 years of payments laid out before me...

One of the AA sayings I love so much is "If you have a problem that can be solved with money, you don't have an interesting problem." As you say, it will all work out beautifully!

Congratulations Rachel!!
It's just so very very awesome!
I can't wait 'til you start posting pictures of your new home.

You deserve this sweet, kind, funny woman - yes you do!

SOOOOOOOOO Excited for You! How strange to live vicariously through a total stranger on the other side of the country, and yet that person is not a stranger at all. How odd to feel such elation for someone I've never met in the flesh yet would recognize in an instant. Either way, I am indordinately happy for you. And as you would say, MWAH!

congrats and have a fabulous weekend!

Rachel, it must be a wonderful feeling .... driving by the house and knowing it belongs to you!
The thing with the unmarried woman reminds me of an episode of Sex and The City, where Miranda, a successful lawyer and unmarried woman, signed for her new apartment and was set up by the fact she had to cross a thousand times "unmarried" - she never thought of herself in those terms.
Believe me, I know the feeling since I have married as I was 35. That means I was "unmarried" for a long time. Being married doesn't always make things easier.
Good luck and have a wonderful weekend!

Rach! How wonderful to read that it has happened. It must have felt a little surreal but so calming to drive to the new place and know you would soon be in. All the best!

The most congratulationaryist congratulations to you, Ms. Herron!! (Do deeds specify marital status? Weird!)

Congrats, girl! Doing my happy dance just for you.

Haven't we collectively shown a tremendous amount of restraint in not saying "we told you so"? Remarkable :)

I'm firmly in the "can't wait to see photos" camp...

Raise that margarita and say "Can I get an Amen!"
So very happy and excited for you.
: )

Wonderful !!
When do you move in?
Can't WAIT to see pictures !!

When we bought our house last year our downpayment ended up being TWICE what the title company estimated it to be.

So I was scrambling to make ends met.

I don't think they realize what a mistake that was on there part, because at that time (pre-Felix) I was a Realtor and I NEVER receommended them to my client...

Glad you didn't get the proverbial 'shaft' like we did !!

Yippee Yippee Yippee skippee!!! I hate to say (again) that I told you so, but, well, you know. I'm just bouncing here in Virginia for ya! Yay, home ownership! (And everyone else who is renting, find out what you need to do and stop giving money to someone else and start giving money to yourself. The best thing you can for your retirement is to OWN your own home. [end of public service message])

Woo Hoo! Oh, yay! I'm so very glad for you. A home, a home, where the candles burn for you and you can paint every wall a different color. You can hang skeins of yarn on the wall as decor, and change the chandeliers, and buy furniture, and change the tile in the kitchen, and... Oh, am I projecting a desire to own my own home? Sorry. This isn't about me, it's about You and your New Beeyoutiful Home! I'm so excited for you! You can even buy numbers. You know, for the outside. If you want them. Ahhh.

Are there places to run nearby?

I'm so incredibly happy for you! I'm thinking fancy address labels and bubble bath would be perfect housewarming presents - you nutty unmarried woman. At least the deed wasn't all Dr. Phil critical - Rachael, an unmarried woman, headstrong and commitment phobic (I stole that last part from me, don't worry!)...Congratulations and rest your head.

a big hurrah for you. :) post pictures soon! and enjoy your view of the 13. :) many happy knits await you at your new abode, i'm sure.

Signing on for the first time since I left the States, from Siena. Yours was the first site I came to, just to see if you were a homeowner yet. Yee AND haw, girlfriend. Mazel tov. Can't wait to see it!

Love and hugs...

Wonderful, terrific and completely fabulous news--indeed. :) Congrats Rachael.

Awwwright!! Oh, this is just fabulous news! Break open the bubbly! This is so exciting... eeeeeee (I have to squeal, while waving my hands). I'm really, really happy for you. NOW you have a place for an enormous stash, yes?

YAY!!! Rock on!

Yowza, Rachael!! Good for you. I am SOOOO happy for (and I admit, jealous of) your house-ownin' self.

Congrats on your new house...I can't wait to see pictures. It sounds perfect!

Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

What kind of fountain pens do you favor?

How wonderful about the sweet little house; I'm so glad for you! Send a snail addy, 'k? Mike, Jack, and Della have something for you. xoxo

Congrats on your new digs, you unmarried woman, you!

P.S. The blog looks great in its new incarnation...

Yay for rachael! Everything falls into place!

nice new look for the blog. :)

Yay again!

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