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Grrrr. October 12, 2004

Four hours. I just lost four hours trying to get onto the internet. Here I am! I shake my pompoms weakly in your direction. And I'm up for very little else. I'd love to write about our FABULOUS KnitOut on Sunday, or about driving all day yesterday up and down the coast (delivering Mom home and kitties to their temporary digs while I pack), but I'm hot and sweaty and disgruntled and I need to run. Really. I need to get some of this frustration out of my system.

Going offline again now. On purpose this time. Tomorrow, KnitOut pics? Hopefully.
Weak mwah....


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Argh! Shame on the Internet Gods! Don't they know we've all been waiting breathlessly for pics from the KnitOut? (Since some of us were dorks and forgot our cameras.) I'll be patient and wait another day. Sending you relaxing vibes.

packing? does that mean loan stuff came through? yippee!

*mwah* backatcha! Can't wait to see the pics!

Well, packing must mean something. Don't worry we can wait for pics. Running sounds like a good idea. For you. I'll walk, thanks.

*offers virtual shoulder* Feel free to lean on me if you're feeling weak! Take care of yourself, and I'll eagerly await the pics with everyone else.

You know you are a running addict when you NEED to run. Envious over here! That is one addiction I could USE.
Packing, do tell!! Does this mean we will soon see the place you will OWN with the hardwood floors and claw foot tub?!

Packing, eh? So it's official! That's fantastic news. I'm confused, though...how is it possible to not connect to the internet when you have wifi?

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