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KNIT OUTOctober 6, 2004

Hey! Bay Area knitters, don’t forget:

Knit-Out This Sunday!

Where: Temescal Cafe, next to Article Pract on Telegraph
When: Sunday, 1pm-4ish.

And Christina from Article Pract has again extended her VERY generous offer—anyone with our group gets 15% off any yarn purchase (sorry, no books). Dude. Even if we DIDN’T have a Special Guest Star coming, that would make it worth it.

Don’tcha wanna know who it is? Don’tcha? Hint: She likes cats. Hah! THAT should narrow it down a bit. Not many knitters like cats, nosireebob.

All right. Off to worry. I just posted an ad for my apartment—trying to get it rented by November 1st so I won’t have to deal with the lease for which I am still responsible. But I think my landlord has just priced it too high.... We’ll see. Sigh. This is going to be a tough month, I think. ** A few minutes later, I’ve had three great notes back about the place: one’s from Mayor Jerry Brown’s aide, and one’s from a sweet gal who’s looking to move in with her girlfriend. All in about ten minutes. This might just work out.

But there’s this part of me that knows that if I rent it to someone, then I HAVE to leave, and that’s the part that makes me stop breathing. Just for a second. And the realtor just called, saying that disclosures are ready for me to read in the office. What the hell does that mean? I am SO not grown-up enough yet to make these decisions. I forget to buy milk. And worse, cat food. Sheesh. Good thing I’m going back to work tonight. Nothing like stress to take your mind off stress.

I need to knit.


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Sometimes those actions that bring about the most uncertainty reap us the greatest rewards. Don't sweat it, babe. It's all good!

Can't wait until Sunday!

you are too grown-up enough! or conversely, no one ever really is or thinks they are grown-up enough.

Does this condo have orange sponge-painted walls? Cuz it sounds like it may be yours soon. Mazel Tov (a bit early I know, but still, ptui, ptui, spitting away the evil eye). I wish I could be there on Sunday to sit and knit with you and hear more about the new place--it seems scary I know, but there is something delicious that I can not explain about knowing that you don't have to think about your landlord before hanging a picture. Keep the good news coming, and know that the good wishes are flowing your direction.

Oh, and by the way, speaking as a real life soccer mom--blue glitter-y hair gel really helps.

Congratulations on your new place! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now & always look forward to your entries. I'm so happy for you! (the condo, the running, banjo chick, etc.)

Hey, missy Rachael, remember to breathe??? it really, really helps...not to worry 'bout all those papers. read 'em and then sign 'em anyway... best things in life require a leap of faith one way or the other. And you are the girlie who's running a marathon, finding you a lala-queen, writing a novel, and, 'scuse me? did I miss something??? hugs, sweetie!

Hey, you might not feel like a grown up, but at least you have 'sensible' hair. In the coolest possible sense, of course. That's gotta count for something...

There, now don't you feel better?

Dang! Gonna be in the Golden State on Sunday, but down in Pacific Grove and too far away to come and knit with you. The condo will work out just like it's s'posed to, of course. Can't wait to see it!


Sounds like that place will be rented in no time... KNIT!! Buying is stressful but it sure is great in the long run and NEVER having a landlord again. Say goodbye to rent and hello HOME, an awesome investment :) YOU can do this!

No worries, if I could do it, you can do it! Just read *everything* and if you don't know what it is, ask. It'll be fine, and you'll be in your new place before you know it. :)

darlin, you are going to make it through this transition in the fabulous, inspiring style that is your signature! i feel ya, though... i always want to panic and dig my heels in right before any big change, total self-doubt, and then the day after the change (move, new job, whatever) i always feel, well hey! that was pretty damn great! :) buena suerte con tu nueva casa chica! (i just passed my spanish fluency exam this week too.. hurrah! :))

I have friends who are very smart attorneys and they both said the had no idea what they were doing while signing papers for their home. Just go with and it will all work out. You can do!

Poop poop poop! I'm doing the Italian Heritage Day Parade (Columbus Day for Middle America). Argh!! Want to knit!

Argh! Your place looks nice, though.

I am an east bay knitter! I will try and meet up with everyone on sunday.

Knit, Knit, Knit, Knit......Rinse, Repeat!
You'll be fine - you're a grown up Very Cool, Very Hip Soccer Aunt doncha know :)
Have fun shopping for yarn!

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