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PackingOctober 14, 2004

I’ve told you before about the couple who live next door to me, the young British couple with their two little kids. They actually own George, the Giant Aloe. My windows look into their yard, and I’ve spent happy hours watching Chris build things and Lisa play with the little ones. They’re one of those happy families that do the heart good to witness.

So yesterday when I was going through art supplies and found a HUGE box of Crayons, the super-duper crazy-cool hard-sided box, I took it next door. The kids are about four and five, and I think that’s the right time for Crayons.... I hope it is, anyway. I knocked on the door and waited. Then I rang the doorbell and waited. I stood on the porch and waved at Shirley who was walking by with her slobbery German Shepherd named Shadow, and I watched the nice lesbian couple across the street – we’ve never formally met each other, but we smile conspiringly when we pass on the street. I’m going to MISS this place.

Then the door opened, and little four year old Luke was standing there, naked as the day he was born, grinning at me with this huge beaming smile. Lisa came up behind him quickly and said, “Good god. Sorry about that.” She took the Crayons and thanked me and then gave me the best compliment ever. Luke was still standing there, looking SO happy to be gazing up at me, dancing from foot and foot, and Lisa said, “You’re his favorite lady, you know. He says it every time he sees you. ‘There’s my favorite lady.’”

Dude. When a little boy with those angelic curls says that about you, you can’t help feeling pretty awesome.

So I’m packing now. I’ve really started. It’s just as terrifying, and I still haven’t heard about the loan, but it’s good to have started. I began with the hardest part, too: The Desk of Doom. I hate that desk. It’s possessed. Every time I’ve moved it, I’ve sworn I wouldn’t do it again, because it cruelly attacks at least one person, usually drawing blood. It’s heavy as hell and too big and really ugly. And it’s broken in about five places. I have NO clue why I’ve dragged it around with me. A writer needs a big desk, I thought. How often have I written at that desk? Like, never. So it goes. I’m going to finish cleaning it out tomorrow (since I have to go in to work early tonight and only have time for a run and a shower) and then give it away to some sucker. I’m not telling said sucker about the blood-drawing, either. He can find that out on his own. I’m no dummy.


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Hey!!! I'm sending happy loan, good moving, joyful money, peace and love thoughts your way! I'm leaving for Rhinebeck tomorrow and the only thing that could make it better than the amazingly wonderful event that it will be would be if you were going to be ther, too! Honestly, I wouldn't have had the first thought of going to this had I not read your blog, followed your adventures and met you! Thank you thank you!!! much much much much love! mj
ps...(and you have great taste in women!!!Yodeling! Yeowzaaaaa!)

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I brought The Desk From Hell over from NZ with me. It was made from Rimu, an NZ native wood and it was huge and, yeah, four-square ugly. It had to be dismantled for every move. I never sat at it - the kneehole didn't fit my knees! But I loved it.

Recently I just decided. I put it out for the six-monthly city collection of large household items. And almost immediately I was gifted with a small sewing cabinet that fits the spot much better and that I can use. Now I just need to get round to sorting out all the papers I had stored in The Desk...

Dude, you should totally cash in on your favorite lady status and ask for a George cutting so you can start your own mini-George.

Kids just know -- that Favorite Lady thing is priceless! Good luck packing and dumping te desk, and hope you hear about the loan soon.

You are the "favorite lady" of a LOT of people, you know. I haven't commented much on your step into home ownership, but I have been over here holding all good thoughts for you. There will be a huge celebration all over blogland when the good news comes through...

Bonum movum!

(Bush 4 pts up in the polls today. And I just spied a Mile High Knit Blogger with a Bush/Cheney button. I thought we were all liberals except for the cats!)

Well, you're one of MY favourite ladies! That's really sweet.

No news is good news, I suppose, although it must be nervewracking to have to wait (and a bit un-professional on their part since its been a week, but hey....)Getting rid of things is the nicest feeling, especially now that you're a real grownup with your own home on the horizon. I've made it a point recently to only keep things I absolutely love, practical or not. Your dream desk will turn up as soon as the ugly one makes room!

Am I surprised at your "Favorite Lady" status? No one whit.

Am I surprised at your "Favorite Lady" status? No one whit.

I'm thinking it will be Monday as they'll want to hold on to the money over the weekend. At least that's what my real estate dealing friends tell me. Just keep on packin'. Although I'll be fretting along with you. Being a favorite lady is a big responsibilty but you can handle it.

I'm getting as anxious as you about the loan. Well that might be a stretch but I check everyday to see if you've heard. Every finger and toe are crossed for you and daily prayers to the goddess for you to be in your lovely new home soon.

There is just no way in the world the loan people could keep money from a favorite lady, because that would just be totally wrong. So, I'm sitting here in blog land with my fingers crossed, toes crossed and I'm throwing in an occasional eye crossing for good luck.

Why on earth are the loan people torturing you (us ;) so?! Cripes, "SHOW RACHAEL THE MONEY ALREADY!"

Trust me, if the loan wasn't going to come through, you'd know it already. They don't mention loan papers without knowing that there will be loan papers. And I think you may be everyone's favorite lady and I'm only sorry I missed your visit to DC this year.

i'm going to sound like a copycat but that little luke knows his stuff.

by the way, i'm not sure if it's the same for you (because first of all yo live in CA where people are nice, and second of all you are much nicer than i am anyway) but as soon as i started packing and it looked like i was moving, all of these neighbors, who had never even looked at me, got all friendly and chatty chat. it was all very odd. HEY BUDDY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS...IT'S A LITTLE LATE TO BE MY BEST BUD DON'T YOU THINK?

anyway it was funny

by the way, i agree with carol. if they had a problem with your loan application they'd be calling you. it wouldn't hurt though if you can to call them and say "dude what's going on over there."

How great about being the "favorite lady"! My best friend's son once said, "Well, you're my real mom, but Collette, she's my fun mom." Awww. Good thing for me he didn't want anything right then--I'd have given him anything!
All will be well with your loan. (There, I've decreed it. It must be so.)

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