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Still PackingOctober 25, 2004

I’m packing. Really. I am. Okay, I guess I’m taking a little break at this exact moment. I hate packing. What I hate is the feeling of accomplishment followed by the instant exhalation that signals extreme frustration when you realize you’ve just found a whole ‘nother pocket of junk that you oh-so-cleverly hid months and months ago.

But on the other hand, when I looked under my bed, there wasn’t anything there. I loved that. Thank god I left at least one storage space alone.

I don’t have the key yet, which means the loan hasn’t yet funded, and the property hasn’t been recorded yet. (A small voice is still whispering that something could still go wrong, but I’m doing my best to ignore that voice. It’s hard.)

Up until now, I’ve been packing in small doses, doing the hard things, like cleaning out drawers and the closet and (gasp) the desk. Those are all done now, and today and tomorrow are for the real pack job. Everything goes into boxes except that which I need this week. You know, three tee shirts, seven pairs of underwear, two pairs of jeans, one sweater (I chose Olallieberry). Toiletries: Minimal. Cooking utensils: One pot and a stirrer and one set of silverware. (A stirrer? The hell?)

And believe it or not, I’ve been knitting. Hell, I’ll do anything to avoid packing, including start another “imperative” project. I wanted to thank my realtor some way, some way that wasn’t an expensive dinner or a case of wine. I’m sure she gets that all the time. I’ve found out from reliable sources that she isn’t going to make much at all on my property, since she’s paying all closing costs. She’s doing it as a favor to a friend of mine, and because a LOT of my coworkers use her for refinancing. And ‘cause she likes me. I really hope that’s one of the reasons. She tough as nails, but I like her.

The only time she’s not tough is when her two little girls come visit her in the office. Then she melts and squishes them and tells them to say hi to “Auntie Rachael.” (I love that.) She dresses them in matching outfits, usually pink ones. So I thought she might like two wee little ponchos, just big enough to fit a two year old and a five year old:


And I made Mom a scarf to match (with an angel pin at the end—she loves angels, and god knows if this is pulled off, she’ll have accomplished a miracle). The pile:


I loosely used the Harlot’s poncho pattern (cast on 34 stitches on size 15 needles, and went till Marama told me they were good lengths).

And dude, the yarn? Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in color 16009. (Edging was Mountain Colors Mohair Loop in Indian Corn).

That Cashmerino? I lurve that stuff. I spent WAY too much on it (5 skeins for all 3 items), but it was worth it. I love cashmere.

I love cashmere.


Didja know I love cashmere?

Working with this stuff made me realize that *I* need to make more things for *myself* in really nice yarn like that. The pleasure you get from working with it is incredible. Oh, the addiction.

All right. Really now. Back to packing. Mwah!


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ooh! cute! :) i love debbie bliss cashmerino anything. i made a cute boy baby sweater out of her dusty blue cashmerino...i'm sold. :)

keep on packing!

ha! great minds think alike. today i was thinking about making ponchos for my 8 year old twin nieces for their birthday (in december) or x-mas. by the way, i have to say that the whole home buying process is very very different from what i experienced in mass.

Congratulations! Hey, tell that little voice in your head to go to hell; nothing is going to go wrong with this house. It just would not be right. Love the cashmerino...I've used the aran weight and it is heavenly soft.

Congrats Rach!! And how adorable are the tiny ponchos! She will love your thoughtful gift.

And the key will be in your hand soon, I know it. Only good vibes comin' your way....

What a wonderful idea! And they look so wonderful - the girls will love them!

What a nice way to say thank you. She must be selfless person to do what it takes to get you into a home. Those little grrls will be pretty in pink!!

Cute poncho! I have serious poncho envy, I've tried them on and I can't find one that doesn't make me look like kinda dumpy, like I'm trying to hide under a blanket with a hole in it. But they're all so nice! And soft! And warm!

Packing is terrible, but *unpacking* is worse, especially if you've had things in storage because all of the sudden there's more stuff! Stuff that you don't know what to do with! We've been here for a month, we still have boxes and I'm beyond ready to start throwing things out or donating them to charity. Good luck with the packing! :)

Oh, you are so nice to do that! What lucky kids to get cashmere goodies at such a young age.
For me the stress of packing is because at every moment I have to evaluate you possessions, justify why I keep toting around books I hated reading, jeans that never fit right, Bundt pans I only used once, etc, etc...
Remember: take it easy. And get more boxes. You can never have too many boxes.

Your handmade gifties will be infinitely more valuable and memorable to her than anything storebought. I can't wait for those magic words: "The keys are in my hand!"

Your generous nature shines through!

Mmm, what a creative, great gift for your realtor. And it makes me want to pull the Alpaca-silk out of my stash and mess with it immediately.

I'm liking the Old 97's btw -- they're labelmates with my current favorite artist, Chuck Prophet, so I listened to a few songs, then bought Drag It Up. Good stuff -- not too downtempo...

My most favorite "moving to the house we own" memory is of letting the bewildered cat out in the new house, and having him careen through the empty rooms, exulting "mine, all mine!" My least favorite is of sobbing uncontrollably and feeling like a jerk for it while scouring out the refrigerator in the old apartment.

Love the color of the ponchos and scarf. I just finished two for my hairdressers daughters for Xmas. They were fun work/lunch knitting and didn't take too long.

Hope you get the key soon.

You are definitely going to be your realtor's favorite client after she gets those ponchos and the scarf! And cashmerino? Wow, you are generous. Happy packing!

Those are so totally beeutiful! Your knitting totally blows me away - I'm still plugging away on the Princess Poncho that I've been working on for weeks...guess I should put down the lap top and get back to work!

You have the best heart, Rachael. Everybody's gonna love their new cashmerino goodies.

How's the Homespun sweater coming? Just kidding. Sorry for being fresh...the ponchos and scarf are awesome! You are a doll for doing something(s) so nice for your realtor and her kids.

Good luck on the big move. I just bought my first home last week and had the same voices pestering me, too. Don't worry, everything will be perfect.

Great ponchos, by the way. Your realtor is going to love them.

You are the best! Those little girls are going to look so cute in their ponchos. I'm sure their mama will adore her scarf too.

You are too kind! Never did I even consider giving my realtor a gift and she helped us buy and sell 2x (then again I threw her 3 sales from family members). You are so considerate and I am sure she will be touched. Just happen to be making two mini Harlot ponchos myself for my girlies. Hope mine are as cute.

Happy Packing... just think, it is going to be a heck of a long time till you have to do this again. Soon you will be HOME darn it!

Take a deep breath, Rach, it will be okay. I work as one of those "recorders" and see this stuff everyday. It takes time. You will get your little nest and we will all be SO happy for you! Can't wait to see how you put your stamp on it.

just wanted to say hello and that you and your home are in my thoughts daily...I light a candle each night and send good thoughts your way! See...what goes around comes around...it's your turn now...new home, full heart and lots of friends.

I wanna echo what Celia said. You are the kindest person I know. You deserve all the cashmere in the world.

(Um, except for the cashmere that I have. That stuff's mine. You understand.)

Are you ever totally shocked my your own amount of stuff when you are packing...or the bewildered laugh you give when you find that odd Bozo the Clown pez dispenser lurking way back in a drawer...that is one of the few fun things about moving...you get reacquainted with your own things!

Those knits are so lush! What a giving girl you are! Very nice knit as well!

I will echo everyone else and say that these ponchos are such a good idea! I had poncho envy of your sister's gift poncho, and now I really love the edging idea. So I splurged on *myself* and got some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran from elann and I am going to do one for me! Yay! Strangely, last night I had a dream that I was wearing a poncho, but it was too big and I couldn't really move my arms around in it without having to move aside huge swaths of fabric. What does that mean? Hmmmm...

That is a darling idea and one I'm sure she'll love. My packing advice? Beer and good music.

I was wondering in your BAWK Hot Water Bottle Cozy, what does "ssk" in the Decrease neck section mean?

Hey, good for you that you started packing! I find that my stuff multiplies the last few days of packing....they just seem to come out of nowhere! What lovely gifts! Ponchos are all the rage these days and that DB stuff is like crack....they may be coming back to you for more and more!

love the ponchos! the fuzzy bit about the edges is wonderful too. good luck with the moving stuff.

I want to be like you when I grow up. Those ponchos are adorable, and I can tell you, as a mom, that is a much better gift than a case of wine (even though there are the days when I wish wine was my only food group). And cashmerino- tres chic!

I know that you are going to get this new place, and can't wait to see how you make it your home.

What is this now, 4 ponchos from the lady who swore she'd never make a poncho? What're the odds? Next week you'll be wearing one!

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