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WaitingOctober 21, 2004

Waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I need the phone to ring and for my realtor to tell me to come sign loan docs.


Tap, tap, tap tappity tap.

I could also use more sleep.

HAH! And the phone rang, right then, after I typed that. I’m signing loan docs at 4:30pm today. An hour and a half. Yep. That’s good, right? Fewer things can go wrong now, right? Good god, how excited I am.

I am overwhelmed. And really, I’m overwhelmed, too. I have this new, crazy idea to try (again) to get out of this apartment by the 31st, which would be feasible if I find someone to rent it. There’s the catch. Another open house? Yick. That was like throwing a party at which I knew no one but Lala (but she was enough, really, the life of the party), and I don’t really want to do it again. But it would save me a thousand dollars.

But it’s nice to know I don’t HAVE to find anyone right now. I could take the extra month.

Oh, my god, it’s all happening, isn’t it? I think I’m going to run right now to burn off some of these nerves.

Nice job, knitters! All those crossed needles have been really working hard.....


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Woo. Hoo.


the red sox are going to the world series, you're signing loan documents. ALL IS GOOD WITH THE WORLD! congratulations girlfriend

Congrats! Once that ink is on the paper, it's OFFICIAL! This is soooo exciting! I know you've got lots to pack up and decisions to make about moving out, but remember that you're very lucky to have found a condo you love in such a short time & you'll be living there soon! All I can say about moving out is that the more time you have, the more time you have to pack up but also to PROCRASTINATE. I hate packing so I know I would be dragging my feet. CONGRATS again! Drink some champagne for me, ok? :-)

This is excellent. READ the docs as you sign them, there will be a million, the Promissory Note and Deed of Trust are especially important. Be sure the interest rate, monthly payment date, monthly payment amount, and final payment date are all what you bargained for. Also, my husband always lies awake the night after we sign, thinking things like "Oh my God, what HAVE I DONE!" It passes, just be prepared.

Hooray!! I was getting as anxious as you (we're not homeowners yet and your experience is scaring me).

Don't worry about the apartment, like the loan, it'll work out.

Can't wait to see pictures of the new place--so exciting!!!!

Congrats!!!!! That is such good news.


Let me try that again .... Congratulations!

The best case of writers cramp you'll ever have is signing allllllll those papers! Congratulations!

Yay for loan docs! I hope your wrist isn't sore from signing, congratulations! Now get ready to pack, pack, pack! And unpack, unpack, unpack! :)

Congratulations! There's nothing like home ownership. P.S. I left my closing with $17 in my bank account, and it all worked out in the end.

Woo freaking hoo!

Sign sign signity sign.


OH, MAMA!! Happy, happy for you, Rachael! the signing can be a blur but walking in the door with your very own set of keys for the first time is just so. so. amazing. Enjoy every little bit of it all, even the omifuckinggod parts..Hugs!

I'm grinning. And dancing. And kissing dogs. Can you hear the celebration from here?


Its almost time to pick out paint colors again.


YeahHOOO!!!!! What a great feeling it will be to be settled in your OWN HOME! So happy for you :)

Well if it comes down to it and the $1,000 calls to you do the open house thingy and while you are at it collect the DD and first months rent off the ones that want it. Close that deal!

All the best Rachael, looking forward to the move. Were I closer I would even come help you move with the Momma Van.

Thank goodness! Isn't it interesting how the loan came through right when the opportunity to stay in the apartment for another month came through, thus relieving you of some stress? Yeah, baby, serenity now!!! Woohoo! Congrats.

Woo HEE! I saved this all afternoon, with my nose to the grindstone at work. Hoo Ray for Rachael. It was worth the wait. I am so looking forward to reading about your adventures as a homeowner.

Congratulations to you! You must be so relieved. I'm sure you'll rent that cute apartment - if it wasn't in Oakland I'd consider it myself! Now you can breathe...

GREAT NEWS! Congratulations! So happy you received the news.

yippeee!!! i knew it would all work out. I'm so glad for you.. one day I want to own a home too... first running, now owning. what a great year you are having. *skipping around her apt too*

Not to be a smug told-ya-so kind of person, but I told ya so (said very smugly). CONGRATS!!!

YES! I knew it would work out! Sweetie, I'm so, so, so happy for you, and the only thing that's keeping me from dancing around my apartment is that I haven't had any coffee yet. And you know what? You'll find someone to rent that fabulous place soon. I know you will.

Yay!!!! I am breathing a huge sigh of relief and celebrating really hard for you! Enjoy all of these new and exciting experiences...I have no doubt that the apartment will rent, and that all will work out exactly as it should! Congrats!

yaaa-HOOOO! It IS all happening -- we knew it would. I'm so excited for you! Now you just have to break the news to the cats...

Wowee zowee! Yay for paper signage, yay for home ownership! And hey, lookit you - - going for a run NOT because you have to, but because you WANT to. Pretty cool, wouldn't you say?

Oh, and Cromarty? A stunner, truly.

So, if you're the type of knitter whose masterful (mistressful?) execution of cables encourages others to do the same, does that make you a Cabler Enabler?

I'm just asking.

Yeeeehhaaaw! Congrats! Wait till you encounter the feeling of signing...I swear it was like signing my life away! Welcome to the world of being house poor!


Woo hoo! Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you! Can't wait to see photos. And I'm sure some of your Bay Area fans (my-lurking-self included) would be happy to help you move! As I just heard in my yoga class - creating community is all about asking for help when you need it. Just ask!

OMG, grrl!! It's happenin'. Then you'll be able to sleep...after you move and paint the walls red!

OMG! YEAH! I almost just swallowed my baby carrot whole I got so excited. cough, hack cough!
So, as I'm writing this you are a total official home owner - GO YOU!

Yippee! Yahoo! WooHoo! Congratufreakinlations!

I'm in awe of all the things you're doing--and buying a place on your own comes right behind running a marathon on my admiration list. Now that it's official, take some time to breathe and savor passing this milestone. And think about whether having the extra month won't take some pressure off...
Yay for you.

Wow - congratulations! Ditto your sentiments on open house. Try keeping a 3br 2.5 bath, 4 level condo show-ready with a *toddler* in the house! Yikes is right! It's all so exciting - Yahoo for you!

A new condo is a REALLY good FO! Congratulations!!!!

Ahhh, happy. All these comments started with exclamations of excitement, and I don't want you to forget that now you can relaaaaxxxxx. Loan's approved, deal's going through, you don't have to be packed up and out of there just yet if you don't want to, everything is cool. Of course, $1000 would help buy some paint, but if it also buys sanity, well, that could be just as useful. I suppose.

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