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October 14, 2004

Well, nothing heard from the loan office, but who the hell cares when our gorgeous Cari is doing THIS?

And hey! Guess what? It's La Brainy's birthday! She of the excellent cat and wanderlust, she's flippin' the calendar over again, and looking better every minute. Go show her the love, wouldja? Darlin', we adore you. GAWK on.


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cari's sweater is fabulous (cool post!) and i must run over and send birthday wishes to alison.
hopefully you'll get the good news soooon!

Breathe, Sweet Pea, Breathe!! all will be well...hugs!

Banks just like to make you sweat a little before they hand over the money. It's all going to come together, very soon. Sending you virtual hugs, and a cool pitcher of lemonade. I hope the packing is going well.

Those money people are so not considerate of others feelings...I'd call them and ask them if they'd called since the voice mail/answering machine/cell phone was on the fritz and you were surprised they hadn't called. I know its TOTALLY obvious, but it could make all the worry go away in a nano-second. Keep us posted - we're all rooting for you!

I wondered how the hell everybody knew!! Thanks, sweetie. I'm having a lovely day -- come over and see what I got! xoxo

Hang in there, baby. Sending good karma from rainy MA.

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