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AccessNovember 18, 2004

I'm sick. And I have to go in to work early tonight. Bleah. Why the hell isn't it Friday yet?

I am so annoyed. Our brilliant webmasters at work have adjusted the reading levels again so that I can't go to any sites that are related to typepad or blogspot or livejournal, to name just a few, and I can't access bloglines anymore, either. Because, you know, all you knitters write about sex so much. I wish you would quit posting all those naked pictures of yourselves. Sheesh. Pervs.

Our webmasters really are quite stupid, you know. Seriously. I do more complicated things on a daily basis to my computer, and I ain't no computer hacker. Things like spyware make them scratch their  heads. Firefox? What's that? Maybe if we block access to all sports pages (goodbye, AIDS Marathon home page), we'll solve the virus problems. Perhaps if we prohibit all websites about "Hobbies" (goodbye, Knitty.com), we'll make our workplace safer. Please.

Now, I know I'm lucky to have access to the internet at all while at work. But it's a necessary perk. If you can't read the internet, there is no humanly way possible to stay awake at four in the morning when the radio is silent and the phones aren't ringing and you've said all you can say to your co-worker without going deep into the gossip bowl. Knitting is not enough at four in the morning. Writing is not enough. Hell, jumping rope wouldn't be enough. I have seen people pass out in the middle of a sentence. It's not pretty.

So. That is to say this: I will be commenting less. Much, much less. I choose to restrict my computer time at home to respectable levels. Sitting in front of four computer screens full-time makes me sensitive to spending much of my personal life in front of my computer at home. I'm writing, too, and that's just more time in front of the screen. I can't bear much more.

I'll still browse. I'll still access my bloglines at home and skim all my favorites (and good lord, do I have a lot of 'em). But don't feel badly if you hear from me less, please please please. I don't love you any less, I swear. And iffen you wanna chat, drop me a line. Or if you write a great post and want me to read it, write me and tell me. I'll still be around, just not as visible.

But this cheered me up:


Rebecca, late of marathon completion herself, sent me a bag o'goodies to get me over the rough spots. And look! There's a bag of foot stuff to get my poor feeties over the rough spots, too. And blister band-aids! And chocolate! (That's all gone now.) Bless her heart.

Bless all your hearts. I hope you all know what your readership means to me. I've met  the best, most wonderful people through this little blog, and I see and read the world differently every day because of you. I am blessed.

And I have jelly-bellies to eat. Excuse me.


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Oh Rachael..the nerve..you are my first stop in blogsville each day..while I am a quiet soul who reads and rarely comments..please know that your are so very appreciated and loved..how selfish am I...it's all about me and my morning fix of Rachael! (Ironically, Posting from the Job!! mwah..Delia)


Don't give up - fight them forever and remember, your strength is as the strength of ten because your heart is pure.

Or we who love you could spam the s**t out of them just for fun. When would be a good time?

Courage -

Waaaaa, darn webmasters(?) anyway!

It often amazes me how often people who are supposed to be computer experts are um... not. DH won't ever call tech support anything, because he can usually accomplish more without them.

Did you see Dilbert on Sunday? If not, check it out:


Other than the cat doing it on purpose, almost that exact same thing happened at DH's office, except for him, it was MP3 players where the songs were stored in internal memory. Some clueless person figures you could copy things (non-music things) from their secure lab onto your MP3 player and smuggle it out. Uh... yeah... sure!

*imagine yourself going up to the twits and flicking them upside the head "learn your job, and quit acting like a bonehead" *

Sorry... looks like it cut off the URL in my last post. This should take you there:


Those...those WEENIES!!!! And maybe, if they ban all sites promoting "free speech" or any other nefarious term, they might keep computerdom safe from reality. Bah!

Oh man, that sucks!

But we know that you're with us in spirit! :-)

Is there any chance you can get it fixed back to the way it was? Knit them something as a bribe? Because...sheesh! That's just crazy.

Just for that, I'm gonna START posting naked pictures, so their stupid idea won't have been in vain.

Or maybe just yarn porn.

Awwwww, poor baby! ::Hands tissues and a big bottle of Cold Snap:: It's probably all the stress of buying and moving and running ridiculous distances. Sleep more, love more, and do try that Cold Snap and get your chi back together. ::mwaaah!:: (La, don't kill me, it's an Ant-ly kiss)

Shhhh. Don't tell Wendy, but I save you for last because you're the best! Wah!!!

Webmasters. Gotta love 'em.
My husband has been saying for years that my yarn collection is obscene, but I don't think porn is what he's referring to...

Hi Rach, your IT department sounds definitely faschist. Maybe they should be retrained to install more phone lines to 911 so we are not put on hold when we call? I once got in trouble for getting a pop-up window (from the Tag-Board on my own website), which that company's security system interpreted as a virus. Duh.
Thanks for your sweet note and I hope you'll keep coming by!

The nerve! Really IT people in any government entity seem to be lacking in the common sense department. Especially for you guys. It's not exactly like you avoid answering the phone becuase you are surfing the knitting blogs. Fie on them!

One of the best things about working for a media company! Though it presents definite procrastination temptations (like this!), internet access is pretty unfettered because, broadly interpreted, it's ALL work-related. Seriously -- one time I had to read an article by Susie Bright that was only available on Playboy. Not a peep!

Bless your pointed little head. I think I'd go stark raving mad without blogs. Wishing you strength and forbearance during these trying times.

All day long i have wanted it to be less thursday, more friday. it feels like friday and i'm flighty and unfocused like it was friday. it was hard convincing me not to call in sick to classes today, but I've only missed one day this term, and only two of my three classes that day. Whee.

Well that sucks... Perhaps management needs to know how surfing the web keeps a person awake and functioning in the wee hours?? I mean not like you are expected to mop floors or anything during the downtimes right?? Right?!?! ;)

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