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Buddha CampNovember 26, 2004

Dear Lala,

As I understand it, you're meditating right now, right? You've up and left for Buddha Camp up north and left me to deal with the crazy people at work. And the citizens who call me while I'm there, too. (I'm pretty sure the people you're with right now call it something else, not Buddha Camp, maybe something like the Buddhist Autumn Retreat, but I like your way better. It makes me think you'll chant songs around a campfire and roast soydogs on long sticks, while carefully and humanely shoo-ing mosquitoes away.)

And we can't talk for eleven days? Dude. I get so used to today's methods of communication -- we must email each other more than twenty times a day. I have JUST learned your phone number, since I never use it, and when I do, I just pull it up on my cell phone. But up there in the thoughtful woods (are there woods there? There should be woods), you've got no access to a computer, and your cell will be turned off, and for the first time in five months, I won't be able to talk to you.

And you won't know what I'm blogging, either. Hah! I'm going to steal your dogs from your brother (okay, borrow 'em) and dress them up and take pictures of them! Yeah!


Miss Idaho would like you to know that even in California little five-pound dogs need sweaters in the winter.

Okay, I know that one's store-bought, but I also know that you learned to knit just so you could make her sweaters for the snow. Softie. (But I'm glad you learned to knit. SO glad. I love it that you can intelligently discuss stitch patterns with me. That's rad.)

I had a fine Thanksgiving, by the way. I woke up and had bacon and eggs. (Makin' Bacon? Now there's a cool item. I swear. That bacon is perfect.) Then I came to work and had some ham that a coworker had brought and some mashed potatoes from downstairs, provided by the officers' association. Then I ate a lot of cake. It would be better if you didn't ask how much I actually ate. I brought an apple pie, boxed from the supermarket, which is still sitting in the back room. Oh, well.

So in terms of Thanksgivings, this one wasn't particularly outstanding. But seeing as I don't like pumpkin pie, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, or green bean casserole, Thanksgiving is usually something of a white-plate yawn anyway (white turkey meat, plain mashed potatoes, and bread with butter make up my plate every year). I missed my family something fierce, though. And you.

Oh, if your dogs could talk. Rather glad they can't. Have a good, wise, and compassionate week, okay? And have a soydog for me.


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Hey! We've been eating the same Thanksgiving dinner (though I like pumpkin pie)! I'm so glad that there's another adult out there in the world who isn't all crazy for the Thanksgiving meal.

Sweet! that's it! I miss Lala too. I'm going to show Lisa her Arizona Fair link tonight because it's so perfecto. If I'd had a plain white Thanksgiving plate I'd feel a lot better today. I'm in high hopes of seeing Xtina this weekend if her plans came together. I need another Tums.

well, if it's anything like my buddha camp (gonna have to remember to forget I know that term when it comes retreat time again around here) she isn't talking AT ALL for the next eleven days. And she'll come home all glowy and radient and just ever so slightly out of it. And in the meantime I suppose it falls to us to entertain you.

(metta) MWAH!

I [heart] Miss Idaho!

We're having the 'white plate special' today. At least sister Neena is a good cook and it should be a little more interesting than norm'.
Hope you have the rest of the weekend to relax and enjoy some quiet time.
All the best, Rach!

At least La's not Carmelite or Benedictine or some other quiet sort.

(I made Mitch look at Miss Idaho in all her sweatergirl glory!)

OMG that is the cutest dog I have ever seen. I swear, as soon as my kids are all gone, I'm gonna get me a pack of little dogs just like that and knit for them constantly. Who needs grandkids, I ask you, when there are insanely cute little dogs like that??????

10 days is a long time. Buddha Camp? hmm. I like the sound of it, but I like the dog better. ;P

Don't think that you're odd, Rachael; the Thanksgiving meal around here have become less traditional each year, starting with my own house. I cook ham instead of turkey. My sister ate with her new in-laws and had baked ziti. The Chinese restaurant down the street was packed with non-Asian people who were adding egg rolls and fried rice to their Thanksgiving spreads. If we are going to treat Thanksgiving like National Overeating Day, then we might as well get stuffed with food we actually like.

My plate looks the same as yours except we have plain string beans and they are added to my plate. Plus, I manage to eat a few black olives. Every year I hear the menus people are having and how excited they are and I was just never that excited about it.

Miss Idaho looks very cute in her sweater.

Aww, what a cutie Miss Idaho is.

My niece made the turkey this year, and she spiced it up. I called it her Jamaican Jerk Turkey. Yes, I'm evil.

a few years back i went to a buddha camp and didn't talk for 10 days. after about the third day, my knees hurt so much that I thought I'd never run again. I learned the value of P*ff's with lotion, and how vegan eating can make your skin beautiful. there was some deep spiritual stuff that happened there too! I hope that in the end she'll of enjoyed it!

Miss Idaho is seriously a SCHMOO. Dear Lord, she is a schmoo.

Your post is really cute.

(psst - I'm coming to San Francisco on Dec 13 - wanna hang out?)

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