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DogBlogNovember 30, 2004

Harriet likes to ride with her nose right up to the cold-air vent in my car.


I feel like I did when I was twenty-five and in snow for the first time: I noticed that snowflakes really DID come in snowflake patterns. I had always thought that was just poetic Hallmark-license. I like learning things about dogs at thirty-two, things that probably everyone else knows, like the air vent thing. And how when you pick up their poop with the plastic bag, you have to feel that it's actually warm. That was so surprising, and gross. Deal-able, sure. But who knew? (You did, probably.)

The animals did pretty well last night. Adah opened the accordian doors to my bedroom and then reconsidered hastily when she realized what was on the bed with me.

And here she is next to me, a few minutes ago. Doesn't she look disgruntled?


That's because to my left are these:


Can you tell by Miss Idaho's proximity to my computer how teeny she is? Here, this might help:


And another tense moment:


I think if Lala knew about this photo, she'd come right back from Buddha Camp. Digit is a son-of-a-bitch, and for a second I thought he was going to go all whirling dervish on the dogs. But no, he just leaped off the couch in disgust.

And knitting! Dogs and cats and knitting, all in one day! Alert the media! (Aside, related to none of this: I'm highly irritated that I'm still fighting off whatever it was that I had last week. I had a fever all last night when I went in to work some overtime, and now I just feel stuffy and cruddy. I need to get BETTER! I leave for Hawaii a week from Thursday to run the marathon. There. I'll go make more tea. Back to knitting, which is where I was going.)

I love this gansey so much.


Like, SO much. I thought about making it a Christmas present er sumpthin', but I just can't. I can't give it up. Plus, I'd better mail the Boys their Cromarty, so this will take its winter place. It's going to be fitted, friends. I have to warn you. I was really worried about running out of yarn, so I made it a mite small. A sexy gansey? Oxymoron, or an idea whose time has come?

Pattern is from Silver Creek Classics, number S-806, available here. I only bought it because I had seen and touched one made from this lovely, lovely wool at MDS&W. The pattern picture? Tres early nerdy eighties. But I love it. Have I mentioned I lurve this pattern?

Babbling too much. I'm cold and may go back to bed for a nap before work. But I might knit a leetle bit more first.


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oh my goodness, I am in love with Miss Idaho. and that picture of Adah is priceless.

I love your happy doggy posts. Yay schmoos!

And - the gansey is lovely!

Gosh, the pups are adorable. Ms. Idaho wants to come live with me. I'm sure of it. ;-)

Beautiful sweater! Love it!

haha isn't it fun to watch the cats have a fit and the dogs just don't give a shit? haha it's been a year since i moved the cats over to the house and 1 of them still hisses at rocky -- and rocky's 80lbs and the cat, maybe 8. haha. lovely sweater by the way...

Heh -- the cold air vent must be the little-dog version of hanging out the window, so the wind blows back your jowls and eyelids and so you make your owner think you're either going to fall out or get smacked by another car.

I like that casual little "'cause I leave for Hawaii in a week to run a marathon"... you know, like you have been running them in dreamy exotic locales all your life.

Hello?! A week from THURSDAY? You totally ROCK! Can you believe it? Would you have imagined you would be here a year ago? You are SO my running hero!!

(Also, the gansey *is* dreamy, but I never woulda believed it from their pic. You should definitely send them an updated shot when you finish the mod sexy version.)

I love the picture of digit looking down at the dogs on the couch. He seems to be saying, "What the HELL are these things doing on MY couch??"

Rachael, I was literally -- and I know you all believe me! -- following a guy around the grocery store tonight trying to figure out what, exactly, made me in love with his sweater. Color? Yarn? Gauge? Pattern? Looking at your gansey I see *many* similarities to what I was following around!

I think it might be time for something difficult and wooly.....

The dogs *are* cute, but I still think anything under 20 pounds is a 'rat dog.'

I'm just a cat person at heart!

If you've got the cold/flu bug that I had a couple of weeks ago you'll feel god awful for about three days and then it just kind of lifts. It was the weirdest thing.

ok, i have to say that your gansey is beautiful!. you must have an eye to pick out the beautiful though as i would never have guessed it could be a gorgeous sweater from that pattern pic. and the doggy pic, love it!

I love the picture of Adah. And Digit reminds me of Snoopy's vulture pose.

You're running a marathon in a week. Dude.

Your gansey is so damn fancy! Thanks for all the animal pics, they made me smile sooo big this morning. Dogs are really cool...they don't plot against you and your posessions like cats.

I want a chihuahua!

(And on your post about the difference between cats and dogs, female cats especially are bitter mizrahs. I'm convinced it's the lack of estrogen post-hysterectomy. You can also think of it like this: Men are cats. Women are dogs.)

Be well.

Adah is a beaut - don't tell her that her coloring matches the dogs though, she'll be peeved with me!!
Oh and the warm poop thing - yeah been there. I tend to laugh when Kodi goes in the dead of winter and it steams as it lands on the ground - god that was disgusting so sorry!!!

gah! Proof that Em is who I want to be when I grow up...I was so excited about posting the *HEY* Snoopy Vulture pose comment...sigh.
Anywhoooo, leave it to you to Totally make ganseys sexy.
That noise you hear?
Sandy Poodle, leaping in circles, cuz you've joined Small Doggies Nation.
A week from THursday, you say?
wowzers, girl.

I love the gansey! Not that I'm lacking for patterns or pattern books..but I might just have to add that one to the project list. What yarn are you using? It looks yummy.

You're not the only one who goes into a trance over perfectly shaped snowflakes that you can see with the naked eye (my neighbors all think I'm nuts anyway, LOL). I swear, I never get tired of looking at them and I've lived in Connecticut for all 33 of my years. I'm hoping to get some cool macro shots this winter...

Ok, Chelsea beat me to the casual mention of the marathon... and Em beat me to the vulture pose. I'll just add that I love Adah's expression.

I adore the pix of the animals and their tense standoff. It does look like they're trying for your sake.

I love that it looks like the pooch is listening to Live 105 and rocking out to Green Day. Hee...

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