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FlirtingNovember 5, 2004

I have the best readers in the whole world. The. Whole. World. Really. Your readers might be very, very good, but I have the BEST ones.

You're right. You're all right. No guilt. Not my fault. The dude broke into MY place, leaving doors and windows open, leaving me liable for any damage/vandalism/theft that might have arisen from other criminals taking advantage of this fact. And Ryan, well, she made the best point. What if my cats had been there, instead of at Grandma's house?

Oooooh, I'd like ta.... Lemme at him.

I called the manager again, who said the owner was at Stanford all day having his chemo treatment. I can accept that. I'll wait. I will talk to the owner. That's all I really want at this point. I thought about reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and then I decided to check them out. Turns out my threatening to do that won't mean much to them, because they already SUCK at the BBB. It teaches me another valuable lesson: Research FIRST, not last.

Anyway. All's well. All is, in fact, very well. I have the best bathtub in the whole world. This weekend I will finish moving out of the old place and work on unpacking (I still have a lot of that to do, believe it or not). After I do that, I can PAINT, and I'm getting more and more excited about that. I'm going to TSP. I'm going to use joint compound. I think that's for holes in the wall. Or my knees. I'm not really sure, but I know it's official sounding. I'm going to cover things with dropcloths just so I can say I did. Oh, yes, I'm dropcloth-ing today. Very different from drop-clothing, you know. Almost as much fun.

We have a ten mile run this Sunday, our last short run before the practice 26 miles the next weekend. Practice. Sheesh. That's a marathon, people. That's what I think, anyway. Call it what you want, but even with the word Practice in front of it, it's freaking me out. And hey! Go congratulate Rebecca for finishing her marathon! Amazing girl! She IS supergirl.

That's about all I can think of. I'm tired. (Lala's at my house right now, manning my TiVo without me. And her blog is flirting with mine, I think. That's adorable.) (See? Mine is flirting back.)

Happy weekend, all! MWAH!


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Well, what scumbags that cleaner and his "manager" are. Glad to hear you didn't lose anything of yours. Now hop into that bathtub, dream of paintbrushes and trowels, and give Lala a hug!

You still have unpacking to do??
Judging from the pictures, it looks like you dun be moved in already.
Enjoy the weekend with La in the new house.
Best wishes!

yay, the thought of blogs flirting totally made my morning. tee hee. how cute is Lala? and how cute are you?? Have fun dropcloth-ing and taking lovely baths and running 10 miles. (um, does the run fit into that list?? )


Ummm. Isn't it better to paint before you finish unpacking so that the paint doesn't get on the unpacked stuff? Just a thought. If I wasn't on the other coast I'd offer to come and help. I'd even bring my own roller and trim brush. :-)

Hi Rachael - I think you'd feel much better if you got a chance to rant at those people. And tell us who they are so we can call them and let them know we will NEVER have our carpets cleaned by such creepy freaks! Hey, I have someone interested in moving, so write me and let me know the rent & address of your old place. :) You might not even have to paint!

It's so good to hear you happy and excited, not nervous and upset. Enjoy your weekend and the oh so groovy bathtub!

You learned a valuable/memorable lesson. Wonderfully, everything is OK besides your guilt. That should be his problem. Have a great run and forgedaboutit!

(imagine the hilarity of him struggling through the window...hopefully falling...)

geez, in all the moving and homeowning excitement, I forgot about the damn marathon! yeah, 26 miles = marathon, whether they're calling it "practice" or not. you rock. have I mentioned how you rock for doing the marathon?

Girl! You'll be running a marathon before your marathon! Whew! That makes me tired but you'll power through! Remember to take it slow because this is not the race and you don't want to wear yourself out before Hawaii.

I can't wait see what colors you paint on your walls. They'll be great! This I know.

26 miles is a marathon, practice or no. Rock on with your bad running self!

I've only been reading you a couple months (got the link from Chicknits blog), but congratulations on your new house! I just left the Bay Area, so I know how hard it is to find a good place. Have fun getting settled.

Damn, I'm thinking 10 miles is a marathon!

I'm so happy for you! (and worn out on your behalf with the whole marathon thing, yeesh! Exhausting!)

You probably already know this, but what with the non-carpet floors it's 10x easier to go with laying down/taping paper than with drop cloths. Tried the drop cloths on my wood floors, and very nearly busted my ass (two slippies on top of one another=ouch)

Have fun, painting rocks!

Rachael, I have read your blog almost every day for a year, but I'm not sure I've ever commented. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy it, and also I never would have found Lala's blog without you, and she's great too! So, thanks.

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