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In!November 1, 2004

Hi, there! I missed you! I couldn't wait to tell y'all about it, but I just now got me some DSL back. Let me catch you up with a lil photo-blog, okay?

The ex-owner got his shit out on Friday. I got the call when I woke up that the key was in hiding, and I should high-tail it over to make sure nothing was vastly wrong in the place, so I had no time to collect anyone to go with me to open the door for the first time. I got in the car and drove over, nervous as hell.

I found the key.


I gave a hop and carried myself across the threshold. The only other thing I carried was this:


It's my unfinished novel, all 500+ pages of it. I wanted to honor the fact that this will be my home while I finish this book, and we came in together. Yep.

So. We're in. This is how I feel.


Pretty mushy, huh? Yeah, you're right. I was all sappy'n'stuff. I took a walk through, all on my own, in my new home. MY NEW HOME. (I'm still not over it.)



I called Marama to thank her for being the one person who did the absolute most for me through all this house-buying stuff. If she hadn't believed in me like she did, if she hadn't encouraged me to keep going with it on an absolutely daily basis, I would have given up. And look at me now!

Then my peeps started coming over. First, my La arrived, bearing flowers and dogs. (Oh, my god, read her "update (annotated)" entry about my move. I rolled.) Here she is, trying to open the wee bottle of champah-nya that I brought with me -- we never did pop that sucker. I suppose we could have smashed the bottle on the balcony, like they do on ship prows, but then I'd just have to clean it up.


Then my girls arrived, sisters Christy and Bethany.



We had to celebrate my favorite part of my new abode:



Have I mentioned how I feel about my clawfoot bathtub? This is how I feel about my clawfoot bathtub:


This is how Harriet feels about hardwood floors. I feel the same way. I would have done the same thing, but I had company over:


Okay. There. I wanted to get these posted. In the next post I'll give you pics of what it looks like now. I've still got a ton of boxes to unpack, but it does feel like a home now. And better yet, it feels like my home. That's just CRAYZEE. Really.

You did it! All those crossed needles! All those wonderful, loving thoughts! You did it! You were right there with me! If I owe you an email, I'll hit you back soon, but know that I love and adore all y'all. THANK YOU!


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Yippeee! Happy home ownership!

Yay!!!!! Great things DO happen to the most wonderful people! I am so happy for you and can't wait for your next post.

It is SO exciting!!!! I want to see MORE pictures of your new home.

reading your post reminded me of how i felt on my moving day -- so elated, so unbelieveably excited that i did it all by myself!

have tons of fun, m'dear. you deserve it :)

ps - is that cromarty who came along for the inaugural walk thru? how fitting ;)

I'm so glad everything worked out. Have a happy time creating your space.

Clawfoot tubs kick ass. My parents have one and I still miss it every time I try to take a dunk in my shallow little apartment tub.

I am so happy for you!

I'm glad he high-tailed it out of there so you didn't have to do anything drastic. WOOHOOO! you home owner, you.

yay! what beautiful floors you have. i got all mushy too when i set foot in my place the first time (i also got all mushy when i left).

i'm looking forward to "the" tour

WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! It looks beautiful! I'm so excited for you - congrats! :)

Congrats, sweetie! I am SO happy for you!

No, YOU did it, honeybun.

Congrats!! Enjoy your new home, and scoot along the hardwood floors all you want. It's yours!!

Hey you homeowner, you! Congratulations.

Congrats, Rachael! Love that tub! Enjoy your new home!!!!

YES! The trials are over. Only the fun remains...

Homo-ner: I love you three sisters in the tub. What a great celebration!

OK, I'm really not awake enough yet to write anything pithy and smart. But I'm really really happy for you and can feel the waves of satisfaction and joy all the way over here. Mwah!

Congrats on your new bathtub! (And all the rest!) xoxox Kay

So when's the housewarming? I might have to visit to try out that tub!

Super happy for you (and you look great in Cromarty).

Wow - not only did you buy a house (and how cool is THAT?) but you bought one in California!!! I left San Jose in 2000 because I knew there was no way I'd be able to buy something that wasn't in Watsonville. Or Lodi. Of course, I moved to Boston, so that doesn't say much for my logic...

Congrats on the house - I've been reading your blog for a while, but didn't want to send the congrats until it was a done deal (thus angering the homeowner gods)!

I can't wait to see more fabulous pics of your lovely new home. :)

Oh, sweetie! You're a homeowner!!!!!!!!!!

Woohoo! A clawfoot tub and hardwood floors -- doesn't get much better 'n that! Very appropriate attire for such a wonderful occasion, too. ; ) Congrats to you (again).

Woohoo! You did it!

(homeowner) MWAH!

simply awesome. congratulations and i hope you continue to revel in your clawfoot tub. the inaugural bath should be a long one, with bubbles. :)

Oh darlin', I squealed with glee when I saw your "In" title. I was worried about you stressing. So happy our lovely is in her nest all cozy with loved ones, yarn and all that good schtuff. Looks like a bright, cheery home. How fitting for you!

Yay!!! yayyayyayyay! Doing a leetle happy dance for you and your clawfoot tub. Can't wait to see the new place all dressed up.

I was so excited when Bloglines showed me you'd updated. I've been thinking of you the last few days, wondering how everything turned out, yet knowing all would be fine. HUGE congrats to you! Its all yours now!

Well congratulations....you are official !
It's such a rush the first owned home isn't it!


Now you know that I am a kind and supportive member of your large group of "imaginary" friends ('cause I did offer to paint my gables green and have you hang out in Canada for a bit if the real estate thing didn't go off) but I have a certain smallness about me today that is making me ashamed. Rachael, I covet your tub in a way that only a 4'11" ish lose-your-toegrip-in-a-5' standard-slide-down-get-your-magazine-all-wet-spill-your-wine-and-douse-the-candle kinda person can. I should just slink away now . . .

It's gorgeous! You have a deck! And hardwood floors and a claw-foot tub! ... And you can do anything you want to it!

Pictures of the Yarn Shrine, please.....wow. Hardwood floors and a clawfoot tub and a balcony...just Perfect......email me your addy so I can send the housewarming giftie I've had waiting for months, cuz I was just so sure it was gonna happen for you.
Hugs all around!

The place looks so fabulous,especailly because YOU are in it. May you live long and happy within its walls.

Hooray!! What a great moving in story. I'm so so so happy for you!! And what awesome people to celebrate with! By the way, my Bella-schmoo sprawls out on our carpet like Harriet is on the floor all the time..we call it "worming"....


Rachael, I'm so, so, so, so happy for you! And OOF! Do I envy that clawfoot tub. We had one in our last apartment before buying our house this year, and it's the only thing that I miss about that old apartment. If I could've taken it with me, you can bet that I would have! *laughs*

If I were there in person, I'd be giving you great big happy congratulatory hugs, and bringing in homemade cake and cookies and stuff, but instead, consider yourself hugged and cookied and caked in a virtual sense from out here in New Hampshire. :)

It's beautiful! And that bathtub! I had a clawfoot tub in an apartment 6 years ago and I still miss it! It was wonderful. You will love it! Congratulations again. The place is stunning! Can't wait to see photos of it with all your yarn in it!

Awww, I'm so happy for you, I could cry! I know, it makes no sense...but damn, you're passing on your mushiness! Congrats new HOMEOWNER!!! Thanks for the pics!

Congratulations! It looks gorgeous!

Just had to de-lurk to say Congratulations! I got all weepy for you too.

oh! yay for the house! :) i'm glad you're in! :D

Oh, man, such a huge achievement, such a great tub, so much space for stash.

Bliss is yours!!!

I'm so happy for you! CONGRATULATIONS. You will love it! And ahem, but weren't you supposed to send off Cromarty? Heh heh.

I CANNOT wait to see what you do to the place. I know you love COLOR!!! So happy for you :)

O HAPPY, HAPPY DAY, CHICA!!! I wish you all happiness and good things in and with your new home. Many, many hugs!!
Now you KNOW you can do ANYTHING! (and don't think I won't remind you...heh!)

Rub-a-dub-dub-3-chicks in a tub! Y'all are just 2 cute. WOW - LOVE the new digs. Hardwood floors...mmmmmm....balcony...mmmmmm... and a fantastic claw footed tub. Best of all, it's all YOURS! YIPEE!

WooHoo! Your in your new home!! Here's a toast to you...
May you enjoy every moment in your new home...now & forever or a long time...whichever comes first! :-)

Rachael, this is the first time I've posted here but I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you! Enjoy your new house. It is beautiful.


i have to tell you...the hardwood floors and the clawfoot tub made me gasp. out loud. here at my office.
: )
congrats, girl.
can't wait to see the pictures after you've unpacked and settled in.

home, sweet home.

Enjoy YOUR new home! The claw footed tub reminded me of the one we had when I was a kid. My sister and I did laps with our soaped up bums around that tub. Hope you have as much fun in yours.


Yipeeeeee!!!! I love that the novel went to the house 1st, how cool! In the brilliant words of my (former)favorite cigarette maker "you've come a long way baby"

Mazel Tov! I'm so, so happy for you. Tons of luck and happiness in your new home, much joy and laughter and every good thing under the sun. Woot!

I've been following your blog for awhile and am really happy for you in your own home. It's a nice feeling, isn't it? Lots of love; enjoy putting your own touches on it. Looking forward to more pics.

wow, even *i* got a little verklempt looking at you, looking at your place. it's stunning. it's charming. it's you, babe. :)

SO exciting. And that photo of Harriet? I have to change my pants now.

To coin a phrase: Wow, wowie, wow, wow, wow. You are officially a property tax payer! Congrats!

Congratulations, Rachael! How wonderful!

Wow! wishing you years of joy and happiness and love and joy and all good, happy, healthy, wonderful, joyful, blissful things in your new home! I just love you so!
(and steve and jake!!!)

Congratulations! I am very happy for you! And you look pretty happy in your pictures too.... :)

Congratulations! I wanna see a picture of your stash's new home, HINT!

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