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HobblingNovember 15, 2004

I feel so behind in EVERYTHING. Oh, my body hurts. I haven’t done much today, and I’ve got nothing to prove it. See? Nothin’. I groan when I stand, and walking downhill is almost impossible. I’m a big fat whiner. A big fat whiner who’s going to be lacking yet another toenail in a couple of days, when it decides to desert me like the others have.

But I’m still riding high on the memory of coming across that finish line, dammit. Oh, yeah. Lala’s been taking good care of me, and I can almost walk again. I think with extensive physical therapy, I might heal up, in, say, thirty or forty years. She’s going to need to work pretty hard on my therapy, though. Good thing she likes me.

Actually, it’s a really good thing she likes me, because her dogs stayed over at my house last night, which would have just been awkward and embarrassing if she didn’t like me. We introduced them a few days ago. Digit stood his ground, good little (wo)man, and only bitch-slapped Marathoner Harriet once. No injuries. Miss Idaho, the five-pound chihuahua-wonder, didn’t even seem to notice the cats. Adah, who I thought wouldn’t notice anything, went up a bookcase and stayed there. Not a bad start, I thought.


They came to visit last night, and the cats’ feeder (me) fell asleep during Regency House Party (while DB Alpaca Silk was being knitted above my head and brushing my cheek—how is THAT for pleasant dreams?), and we just couldn’t go to Lala’s house. Mostly because I was asleep. And crippled. So we stayed.

Digit got on the bed in the middle of the night, not realizing that there was a five-pound chihuahua-wonder already in residence. It took a while, but eventually Miss Idaho sneezed or put her pencil down or something, and Digit realized he was sharing the bed with a D.O.G. Then he went back to sleep, which made me SO happy. Then he went to the bathroom (presumably to go to the bathroom) and was Bounced by Harriet, and he refused to come out again. He slept under the clawfoot tub for the rest of the night. But there was no blood shed, and I think they’re going to be civil-like. Hooray! I like a blended family, how about you?

(As soon as the cats recovered this morning? My friend Monica came over with her toddler and newborn. The cats took to the closet, horrified. It was Just Too Much.)

So that was fun.

Not so much fun was finding La’s car window smashed, but I gotta tell you: Her reaction, dismay followed by a shrug, was really something to watch. I got mad, I stomped my feet, and felt thoroughly responsible that it had happened in front of MY house. She had to make ME feel better, which was not the way it was supposed to happen. Shit.

All right. So that’s that. I’m behind in all emails, so please forgive me. I’m also behind in house-cleaning, unpacking, and paying bills. I’m especially behind in reading and TV watching, so I’m going to pry myself off this couch and attempt to walk myself to the kitchen. I know there are brownies in there, somewhere.


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Well La's smashed window is a shame--that glass goes everywhere. I know of what I speak, happened to me. Good part is insurance covers 100% for broken glass, so don't fret. Don't feel guilty, you didn't do it--you can't move right?

Again, great job on the 26 mile fun/torture run. You're amazing.

still amazed by your run. hope you are getting lots of r&r. and the window, ugh. and did i hear db alpaca silk, ahhh.

Ah, if my cranky kits can deal with a lab/shepherd pup, D & A can suck it up.

(I'm imagining the lot of you in a Brady Bunch style grid, though, which is cracking me up.)

For some reason Adah's pose in that picture is cracking me up. It's like she's bracing for something.

Tell me Regency House Party is awesome. I've been recording it but haven't seen an episode yet.

I'm behind, too, but I have no such excellent excuse. No marathons in MY future. I'm in awe of your 26.

I dont even know you and Im so proud of you. What an incredible accomplishment. I was proud when My daughter, dog and I walked 8 miles around Lake Geneva in wisconsin.

Good for you and your nap. (our blog the Knappinghouse promotes knitting and Knapping!)

Any chance you can get to a hottub or whirlpool to help those sore muscles a bit? Keep hydrating even though you are finished. (I can give advice, Im a nurse)

umm, can Lala's dogs be ANY CUTER?!?! I'm dying. They are so damn cute.

I'm still reeling that you ran 26 miles. Rest up Super Woman! And yay for blended cat-dog families.

A new house? Impressive. 26 miles? Really impressive. A cat/dog rendezvous that didn't result in permanant damage to them or you? Priceless.

it's like a fur-covered edition of the Brady-Bunch!

Congrats on the marathon. I ran a half-marathon once. Just once.

Also, I'm just coming out of a funk, too. I hope you're feeling better! You should be after such a big accomplisment.

Physical therapy. Is that what they're callng it these days?

Aww- the doggies and kitties getting along. How sweet.

Your TOENAILS are falling off?

That's why I don't exercise, see. I really like having toenails. Yeah, that's it.

I love your site! And you knit such beautiful things.

And don't you LOVE Regency House Party. Very excited to watch it tonight.

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