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Home Again, Home Again,November 9, 2004

Jiggety jig.


Lookee! A little Mama in the house! In my house!  That's completely thrilling. I got to open the door for her and invite her in. Oh, the fun of it. Really.


And the cats, they seem to be settling in just fine. Adah doesn't even seem to have really noticed she's in a new home -- she just thinks I've rearranged the furniture. Digit, or Mr. Scaredy Pants, is being a Very Brave Polydactyl and faking it well. He's on my stomach right now, kneading me. If he buries his head in my shirt far enough, maybe all of this will go away.

All right. No time to blog today. Drove home this afternoon with Ma and the kits, and I still have to go to work tonight. It'll be a three-cup night, I think.

(I never, ever thought how much pleasure inviting my mother into my home would give me. I'm about to bust with house pride. Really. Oh, this is good.)


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*gulp* first-commenter-performance-anxiety! this may not be too eloquent, but "wheeeeeeeeee"!! so happy for you!

congratulations on your new house!! :)

I divorced a year and a half ago, and bought my very own house, with no stinkin man to tell me I couldn't paint it orange and yellow and acid green. Which I did. Isn't it fun to be in love with your house and make it a home. Enjoy!!

Darnin', do you know how proud it makes a Mama, to be invited in? Prit' darn' proud.


Well, now it's really official, isn't it? Give the kitties a big welcome home smooch from me. And then one for yourself, please.

Hello little Mama! So happy for you Rachael!
BTW, I sent you an e-mail a little while ago... look forward to (hopefully) hearing from ya!

That's just so cool. I can imagine how exciting it must have been to invite your mom into YOUR house. Having the kitties there must really make it feel like home, now, too. Go you!

Someone once called the cat-kneading thing "making biscuits" to me, and that's the term I've used ever since. I wish my Maurice would make biscuits, but he never has, probably due to the scarring from his traumatic kittenhood.

The kitties seem to like the house and I bet little Mama does too. I bet she proud of you !

That's a great feeling, isn't it? Hello to the little mama!

You homeowner, you!

congratulations on the new house, it looks beautiful

The little bits of your house that I can see look lovely, Rach, like you've been there for years already. Congratulations.

Bea doesn't make biscuits. She makes Swiss cheese.

Awww... Mama and kitties in *your* home!

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