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November 5, 2004

I'm sure I'm the last person in blogland to catch this, since I've been a bit busy lately, but you've seen the Gansta Knitter video, right? Thanks for the link, Michelle.


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That was amazingly funny! Thanks for the link.

I just saw it at Michelle's blog -- that is DISTURBING!

No, that would be me.
Thanks for the link!

HA! that's hilarious. you weren't the last one after all. i was!

Nope, I was! But then, there will be others after me. Oh man, I loved it. "Go back to your patterns, boys. We're freestylin' now."

Hadn't seen it. Pretty silly. Thanks, I'm passing it on.

oh my god, that is freakin HILARIOUS.

Not to fear! I was the last one to see it!

Rachel...you are such an inspiration! You running gal you! Wow.

The link was funny! Har. L

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