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Knitting RelatedNovember 17, 2004

I don't think I actually told you about knitting for ArtFibers, did I? Kira got me to make a shop model for them -- it took so little time to make, and I really like it. It is, however, impossible to photograph. I've tried different times and different lights, and nothin'. I have a sneaking suspicion that I could take a GREAT picture of it while seated drinking wine on the Grand Canal in Venice, but I don't really have the time or money to check that right now.

So here's what I got.




Digit has taken to drinking the drops of water in the bathroom sink. I have no idea why, but he was making me laugh while I was attempting the mirror-shot.


Yarn: ArtFibers, Bolero, in dark purple. I'm sure the yarn has a real color name -- I just can't remember it. Yep. Huh. Kira'll know.
Pattern: Kira wrote it for me using their store pattern generator. And if you buy the yarn from her (even over the phone), she'll write one for you, to your size and gauge.

See? There's your commercial for the day. ArtFibers rocks.

And baby Luna came over the other day, and I got to see her in the little ballerina sweater I made her.


Her brother Winter likes his french fries, just like his fairy godmother Rachael.


Enough for now. I'm fighting something off, feeling like I'm about a minute away from having the flu. Common after a marathon, I'm told. Erg. I'm going to sleep ALL day today. You should, too.


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Hey, how long has it been since I've been the first one to leave a comment? Wow. I love the ArtFibers sweater! The color looks vaguely like the color of Bolero I bought there that has since turned into a hat. Smooches to the kitties.

Have you tried Airborne?? The stuff is amazing! Take it if you are feeling sick and you won't get it! I am a little neurotic about getting the flu or a cold so I take it once a week *just in case* but I also work at a boarding school so germs are all around.

Congrats on the marathon, you are unreal! I ran a whole mile yesterday and I swear my body felt like yours after 26 miles... something is wrong with that story :-)

Wait till Digit discovers the tub, my kittie drinks out of the tub after I shower.

Wow!!!! Looks like you have been busy. Everything looks great. I'm up in Massachusetts right now in some dumpy hotel. Read my blog to find out all the details. It is pretty funny. Hope you feel better.

It is so cool for me to see Digit. He has similar colouring as my cat Quantum, but I never saw Quantumn with a tail, all she has left is a stump (previous owners, car accident, vet, cat adoption). I've often wondered what her tail might have looked like. And now I know!

sweater looks lovely!

Love the sweater - and the cat reminded me of this photo:


Mine like to sneak into the tub after a shower and lick drops off the walls, too.

Sleep deeply and feel better. The sweater looks marvelous and I love the color! Animals are the best humorist!

Great cardy!! Looks great on you. Little Luna is adorable, so cutie patoohtie in her 'wittle sweater from FG Rachael :) (Excuse me, babies do that to me..)
BTW love the look of your bathroom, great faucets!

I LOVE the sweater! It is so cute. Do you get to keep it? You should, since it fits you really well!
You are NOT getting the flu. I won't let you.

Very nice, comfy-looking sweater. Looks like you've lost weight, too. Adorable baby ballerina sweater on that lil'munchkin! Love the yellow trim (yellow's one of my personal faves - sunny). I almost *did* sleep the whole day today!

I *love* that midnight purple with the moss stitch borders - soooooo classy.

Damn that baby's cute!

Could those kids be any cuter? Love the sweater. It's one of my life goals to make it to Artfibers. I had a trip planned last time I was in the Bay Area, but things went badly awry.

Random cat/kid story: we had three old cats, and they have all passed on recently (the downside of having cats all the same age). My 3 yr old remembers them, and wanted to know how they slept. I ended up on the floor, showing her all of the possible cat sleeping positions, and showing each one's favorite. It's a very effective, very goofy, method of stretching. She loved it.

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