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The BombNovember 24, 2004

So. Cari’s outed our little girl gang. I think most of y’all might have picked up on the tightness between us, anyway, but she did a good job of describing what we’re doing. Basically: Em, Alison, Cari, and I are doing round-robin sweaters. By the end we’ll each own a sweater that every other gal worked on. I’m working on Cari’s sleeve right now, and I’ll want to show you it, and we knew we’d have to ‘fess up eventually. Plus, we’ll HAVE to show you the finished product. (My goal is to someday show a picture of all four of us, together, in our GAWK sweaters. It’ll happen.)

And she made well the most important point: It’s not that we love you any less, because that’s not it at all. We just love each other a whole hellofalot.

More knitting content: I finished the Rowan thing-a-ma-bob recently. Boy, you’d think I’d pay better attention. I haven’t shown you it before this because I’ve been too busy to put in a zipper. But I wore it the other day and realized it looks okay without one, too, so here ya go.



Pattern: Rowan, Denim People, pattern: Bomber
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino, to gauge
Size: Bust 38

All right. It’s Turkey Day tomorrow, and I hope you have wonderful plans with your families, and I hope no one throws the gravy boat at anyone’s head. I’m not able to go home this year because I’m working, so think of your local dispatcher, okay? For god’s sake, if you have a 24-hour Starbucks open on the holiday, call and offer them a coffee run at night. Tell them you know a dispatcher in California, and then tell ME about it.

And lastly, Oakland rocks.


Zipper? Who needs a zipper? It looks great.

(love ya, chickadee)

Security sends greetings to dispatch, doll. (And then there is motherhood, the other 24-hr gig... ;)) Can you have mashed potatoes for lunch, somehow?

Cricket says she'll save you a drumstick. Or maybe some pie. She seems to like pumpkin pie better than turkey anyway - what a smart kitty! ;)

I hope you guys have a very quiet day at work tomorrow - and thanks so much for reminding us that all of those things we take for granted don't just happen - it takes dedicated people to keep us safe, especially on holidays.

To zipper or not to zipper...only bombs away can decide. Looks fabulous!! Happy Turkey day!!!

looks fantastic!

the round robin sweaters- that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard. i long to have friends as wonderful as you have. seriously, that is the SWEETEST thing ever.

Love the bomber jacket. Wicked cool. Looks great on you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

the round robin sweater idea is very cute. after that, you guys should do a scrap type project. knit a few rows in a stash scrap yarn, then pass it on. anyway, sorry you have to work tomorrow. i'll think of you when i punt the gravy boat.

Love the bomber! Please tell me it knits up big. I want to make it, but none of the patterns in the book are big enough in the bust for me...

Ooolala!!! I love love love!!!! ^_^ Awesome sweater & what a great colour too!!! ^_^

It looks fantastic! We don't need no stinking zippers, right?

I hope you get your special coffee.

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving--I just finished eating some turkey out of a can from Trader Joe's that isn't actually as bad as it sounds, but it's still sad to just be living life as usual on any holiday. Hang in there at work. Your sweater looks great!!

Great job on the Bomber! Zipper, schmipper (at least until it gets colder).

Happy American Thanksgiving! Special coffees for everyone!

Great sweater!

I keep forgetting to ask you if anyone ever took your desk or if it's still sitting there?

I have a terrible habit of buying desks that are not suitable for the purpose intended. They are either too small or too big for the room I intended. My sister at present has 2 such huge desks in her house until I move somewhere that I might be able to fit one!

Hope you bought yourself a nice suitable bit of furniture for your writing!

Happy Thanksgiving.


That's a great seal story. Especially great is the slight tone of disapproval from the marine mammal centre. I know you're always meant to leave common seals and grey seal pups alone; the seal community rejects them when they've been touched by humans. Hopefully it's different for mature elephant seals.

I like the jacket; it caught my eye in the original pattern book so it's good to see it modelled. Very nice.

Best wishes,

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