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11-11November 11, 2004

It's 11-11! That's so frikken cool! You know this is one of the best days of the year, right? You should. It's just so pretty. Two prime numbers, all parallel and lucky. Happy day.  This morning at work I was in the middle of a sentence when I looked up and saw that it was 1:11:11. I froze, and stopped talking. I scared both people to whom I was speaking. But it was just too perfect.

Did I mention I saw The Incredibles? Day-um. I haven't liked an animation feature that much in years. Seriously: So much fun. And to add fun on top of fun (and who isn't in favor of that? Raise your hand, and you're not coming to my pool party. If I ever have a pool. Okay, I'm sidetracked), it was filmed on location in Oakland! My city!

Okay, maybe not filmed. Maybe it was more like the animators used this area as the backdrop for their artwork, but whatever: local street names like Adeline and San Pablo, and dude! The Lake! Lake Merritt! My lake! Where I run!  We watched it at the Grand Lake Theatre, a two minute walk from the lake, and I swear only about six people seemed to get excited about it or recognize it. Me, though? I was jumping up and down in my seat. Ask Lala. Or don't, since she might still be swearing. She does that in kids' movies, you know.

Is this Thursday? Why does it feel like it's been such a long week? I can't wait for the weekend. No, wait. Hang on.  I can wait. This Saturday, we run 26 miles. That's what they call a "practice" marathon. That's what I call CRAZY, but I haven't been accused of any serious sanity fora while now. Have I already written about this run? I can't remember, and I'm honestly just too lazy to go back and check. So ignore me if you've seen this already: We run 26 miles on Saturday, then three eight-milers on the next three Sundays, and then the marathon. The real one. (And I have simply GOT to stop typing marathong.)

I'm terrified thinking about Saturday. I know what'll happen is I'll just go out and do it, without much thought, and power through till the end, but it's daunting, for sure. We have the option of stopping at mile 20 or 23, also, and I figger it'll be a hard, hard thing to pass the stopping party point and keep running those extra miles. But I really want to do it. I really, really do. I think the heat and humidity of the real deal in Hawaii are gonna be hard on me, and I'd like to at least know I can physically do it. A confidence booster, that's all Saturday really is.

Lord. Remember when seven miles was a lot?

And this is fabulous: Eleven Things  a Straight Girl Learned in her Eight Months on Team Dyke


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The eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month (always named like that) has great significance, as being the day and time the Armistice was signed -- hence Remembrance Day (Canada) and the moment of silence at 11:00.

Sorry, don't mean to be depressing after such a cheerful post, but it is, indeed, a significant combination of numbers!

Good luck with your "practice" Marathon -- how is it not an actual Marathon, if it's the same length?

ok, I know what I'm doing tonight: walking down to the Grand Lake to see the movie. I was already planning to see it, but the Oakland thing has got me REALLY excited now.

and hee: I read that same CL post this afternoon. food for thought...

You know, I never did a "practice" marathon. I think the longest we did was 23 miles, but then, I never really measured. Yes, I remember when 7 miles was forever. You've come a long way! Good luck on Saturday!

Seven miles still is a lot.

And I love how giddy you sound.

Rachael, you will do fine on the practice marathon. You are of stout heart and you have been training and you have run 20 miles. Take care of yourself and know that all of us are running with you in spirit.

Will remember what you said about that movie when I take the kids. Will watch out for YOUR lake :) Those sorts of things thrill me too. All the best on your run. Cripes, SEVEN miles is STILL a lot for me!

I just had a happy thought: you'll soon be having your first Christmas in your first home. There's a lot of joy in decorating your own home even if you still eat Christmas dinner at Mom's. Go crazy.

Yay, now I have something else to look for in the movie (my friend's boyfriend's twin brother has a major credit--I love knowing someone who knows someone). And please, please continue to type "marathong."

Rachael - I've been reading your blog for a while, and I have to share this with you. While I was watching The Incredibles with my family last Sunday I too saw the lake and in those two seconds it was on the screen I thought to myself, "oh look, there's Rachael's lake." Crazy, I know. Best of luck on your Saturday run - and your Marathon. Don't stop - don't give in to mental weakness - keep on running. You can do it.

Hey! I didn't know that was *your* lake! Cool.

Does it make it any easier if you call it a "practice" run? But- you can do it.

Oh my goodness 26 miles. I can't even fathom it. You can do it!! I'm so impressed by you...and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Run, run run -- but just don't hurt yourself. OK?

I went to your team website and see that the marathon is in Honolulu -- guess you won't get to the Big Island afterall. That's where my sis is. Was hoping she'd get to meet you at least, if I can't. I *know* you will do it!
Congrats on your new home, too, sweetie.


Have an awesome practice Marathong, Rachael! We never went that far in training (just up to 21), and I really felt the difference during this year's Marine Corps. It turns out that 26.2 is a LOT farther than 21. Marathon day is a real hoot and much more than I expected. GOOD LUCK and hey - you'll get to taper soon. Woot!

First of all, good luck on all that RUNNING. I'm hard pressed to drive 26 miles, never mind run it.

Second, I am still reeling from The Incredibles. Never have I so identified with an animated character--when Elastigirl is flying with her children, and she can't quite stop all the bad guys from attacking, well. While David and Clif are cheering and yelling, I'm over there boohooing into my Raisinets, undone by this beautiful-looking, heart-filled film. It really is unlike anything I've ever seen. And how cool that it was semi-filmed in your neighborhood.

Good luck!

I did about 2 miles on my treadmill last night (only walking fast!) and I was totally winded and begging myself to stop the insanity - I'm a big gynormus wussy girl! But YOU, You are a running fool!!!
I'll be thinking good (no shin splints, no side aches) thoughts for you on Saturday!
Good LUCK!
** If you keep things up at this pace you might be able to knit while marathoning soon**

Are you Galloway-ing? (I think that's the only program that suggests a pre-marathon marathon...) I found my first one way better than the actual target race, but in any case, you can do it. You will be astonished how soon 13.1 comes up! Just remember to start slow. Good luck!

And... 11/11 was the 13th anniversary of me and my husband's first date! A day to truly celebrate, I'm a lucky woman. (Well, I did have to do it a third time to get it right, but it's SO right now!) Go Rachel, keep on runnin', keep on runnin'!

Bestest luck, stamina, guts and more guts for the practice run on Saturday! One of the runners I treat (sports massage) says the marathon is a race of two halves, 20 miles and the last six. You'll do it! Get yourself a massage afterwards and if you ever run in England, I'll revive your legs myself.

The animation studio that did The Incredibles, Pixar, is based in Emeryville. I think that's why it included the shout out to the East Bay. (I saw it up at the United Artists on Shattuck and folks in our theater were pretty excited, myself included.) I was totally blown away by its fun-ness.

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