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UltimoNovember 19, 2004

And this: If you live above the freeway, and you're tired, and you miss your exit because you're thinking about ab-so-lootely nothing, you get to see your house go by for the first time. That's so exciting you almost miss the next exit.

And then, if you're really super-cool like me, you back into your parking space, thinking you're all hot because you got it in so tight next to the wooden post and then realize there's no way in hell you're ever going to get out the door, but you try anyway and almost break the window with your stomach and have to crawl backwards out the passenger door over the two bags of books and the mop.

Just so you know.


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What a fun post to read! Thanks for bringing some laughter into my Friday!

And that pretty much sums up why I think you are so wonderful.

silly wabbit!!

Hee hee! I just moved a month ago and have a parking spot for the first time ever. And did exactly the same thing. Got all excited about backing in only to realise that climbing out of the passenger side was really lame. But I did it more than once!

Hee-hee-hee. Like I said before, you make me laugh, Rachael. Can't you hear me? Or are you sleeping with earplugs?

you are hilarious! great post!

Do you know what you bring a middle-aged dyke in the boonies of Oregon with your witt, your enthusiasm, your skill with words?

At the least, a smile...at the most, that moment of "connection", of "I know just what she means."

I can't always get that where I actually live Rachel...it's pretty damn cool to get it on line from someone 1,000 miles away that I've never met.

You rock, chickie, you rock.

Why pray tell is the mop still in the car? Seems like an odd place to keep a mop....

rachael- i don't comment much, but this post just made me remember why i check your sites for updates all the time- i think you are the bee's knees, i really do.

congrats on the girl, the house, the marathon, everything. you're a total hero.


that's too funny!

AACK! You are not MOPPING at work are you??

Just used that example, in my last comment, as my firefighting hubby mops floors at the hall when not on duty on occasion (admirable skill in a partner I might add... ;) Now just what is a mop doing in your car I have to ask...

Thank you for the smiles. Reminds me of the car I had that the drivers side door didn't open. ever.

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