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Celebrity SightingDecember 19, 2004

Weekends, all at home, are good, GOOD things. Really. I didn't have to run, we slept in, and I had a little knit-night at my house. [Disclaimer: If you live in the area and I should have invited you, please know that it was only because I forgot. I was sending evites up until the very day, thinking of people that should go on the list. If you should have been on it, if I've met you in person (my only prereq to get the house-invite), shoot me an email. I'm sure accidental oversights occurred.]

And you know who was at my knit-night?


Can you imagine? Who'd a thunk? Here's our very own Carrieoke, snuggling her new schmoo, Lala's Harriet:


And I have to say right here, right now, Carrie really is all that. You know how you worry a little bit? Sure, I love her voice and her blog and the way she is OnLine, but what about in person? Will she really be that awesome? Who could? Carrie could, that's who. Her personality is as gorgeous as her pictures are, AND she's got a fantastic mind and heart (and voice, duh). I totally heart Carrie. (And her schmoo voice? When she's talking to dogs? Cutest thing I've ever heard.)

Who else was there? Let me think. Joanna (who brought persimmon pudding, a HUGE hit, and a Herron fave). Becca (did you mean to leave the eggnog and nutmeg? 'Cause I'm still enjoying it.... And thanks for the wonderful book and wine-opener!). Kira (artfibers) and Rachel (always ready with the brownies -- YUM). Elizabeth (making the cutest tea cozy ever). Nathania (always so sweet -- rainbow tea lights! For my windows!). Yvonne (no blog, but should have one, creative puss; she's making a rubber stamp in the foreground here while Kira and Carrie discuss string theory behind her):


Also, Janine (no blog yet, but hopefully soon):


Yep, that's our Janine of Ryan's comments, a Feral Knitter if there ever was one. She knitted that. AND DESIGNED IT. I was kinda stunned when I asked her how long she'd been knitting. See, I've been knitting for twenty-seven years. She's been knitting for SEVEN. I have to hang up my circulars and bow to her. Really. And she's hysterical and sweet, to boot.

I'm sure I've forgotten people. Oh, like Lala, but she's expected and dern cute. (Can I just mention how THRILLED I am that I have a girlfriend who not only comes over early to hang house numbers on my porch, but will also learn to make short-roe toes during the party? Almost too good to be true, that one.)

A couple more. Joanna and Carrie:


Elizabeth and the two schmoos:


I felt like the meanest mama in the whole wide world, because I put Digit and Adah in their carriers and put them in the bedroom closet (both cats wriggle out the doors like water, and would have been let out accidentally in the midst of all the comings and goings), but they slept like lambs and didn't seem to mind at all. Thank god. This morning, however, Digit spilled his breakfast from the counter to the floor, and while I was mopping it up, he ate our uncooked scrambled eggs, raw. So he might be little miffed.

I've been to one holiday party already tonight, and I might have another one or two to hit yet, so I'm waiting to hear. I think I'll knit and watch TV in my fancy duds and cashmere socks. I got my socks in the little sock swap that's been flying around and is finishing up this week! They're from Alison, and I LOVE them -- they're just what these little marathon-y feet need:


Oh, the softness, and just the right size! I'm off to knit in them. And to all, a good night.


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Ah, so YOU got the School Products cashmere socks. :) They look very cozy.

I knew Carrie would be fantastic in person. How could she not be, with a name like that?

Sounds like a lovely evening. I must say though, I'm always so jealous when I hear about these kind of get togethers, when there just aren't the peeps here in my area.
Oh, I love your term "schmoo voice." Never heard it before, but it is so perfect and obvious what it means. And I think all of us with furkids have one, too.

Great knit-night! I wish I lived in your area.

So glad that you like the socks and that they fit! Your feet sure have earned themselves some yummy cashmere. Enjoy them! :)

I had so much fun. Thank you so much for hosting. Your new place is just adorable and cozy. I just wish I hadn't had to leave so early. Next time I'll make sure I don't have a curfew. Mwah!

wow, what a par-tay! wonderful group of knitters and cool to hear that carrie is as cool as ever though we all feel that she could be nothing else but! take care!

Happy happy holidays lovey!!!Here's wishing you love, joy and health in the new year!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxox mj

Oh, I should have guessed that those cashmere socks were for you!

And I am so jealous of your knit-night. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. In the best possible way.

I'm jealous too...I don't know any knitters around here, let alone any fellow bloggers.

And since I've been so busy and haven't kept up on my reading...a belated congrats for the marathon! Woohoo!

When I heard Carrie talking to the schmoos I was struck by the fact that though I had assumed shmoo was pronounced "shmooh" it is actually more like "schmew."

Your knit-night looks like so much fun! Carrie IS the greatest. I can't wait until she gets back into my neck of the woods :)

And your puppies....in Carrie's shmoos voice...teeny weeny cutie pooties!

I was thinking exactly the same thing as Susan, except I couldn't figure out how to spell the two ways of pronouncing it...

I had a great time -- thanks for hosting!

Looks like a fun time!

Looks like you had sooo much fun. Great sock gift. It seems like everybody is getting socks as gifts!!! Enjoy them. ;-)

Put me on the list for "next time" I'll bring food, promise! :)

Well, Carrie told me that YOU were just as cool in person as you are on your blog. I was not surprised!!I'm so jealous that she got to meet all of you! Thanks for taking good care of my sis.

P.S. You inspired me to (try and)run a marathon, for real. I'm going to do one for the American Stroke Association..in Hawaii. I'm going to an informational meeting in January.

Hi Rachael, put me on your "next-time" list, too! I got my life back and I can knit again. Congratulations on finishing the marathon - you rock!

Oh you lucky girl! You got to hang with a bunch of great knitters and meet Janine. She really is a knitter to admire, so knowledgable and funny! Glad you had a good time!

So much fun, especially after the husband's-work-related-parties where I didn't know ANYONE (although I must admit I had a fine time at these events after all)--but not the kind of fine time I have with such entertaining knitters! THANK YOU for inviting me to join the celebrity knitting crowd.

I must, however, take you task: you are a marvelous knitter, you have finished a marathon (FINISHED A MARATHON!), written a novel (note: written, not are writing, MAJOR difference). I have been writing and ambulating 20 years longer than you have and have done neither of the latter. No comparisons allowed!

Oh, and while I was putting the groceries in the trunk today I discovered the hostess gift I had so proudly brought to the party for you. Deflation. Luckily it isn't chocolate, so it stands a chance of getting to you eventually!

Aaahhh!!! Some of my favorite knit-bloggers all in the same room... SO jealous.

Looks like you ladies had quite the fun time!!!

Geez, I neglect reading blogs for a few days and look what I missed out on! Sure looks like fun was had by all! And how cool that y'll met Carrie! Happy holidays!

What a fabulous group of friends! Looks like you ladies had a grand time!

[sorry I'm a month behind on my commenting...whooops!]

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