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DangerDecember 30, 2004

Someone please explain to me how it is in any way possible that I ran a marathon in Hawaii, and then ran around Mills College in the rain just yesterday, through mud puddles, and on slick sidewalks, and yet last night at work I managed to twist the shit out of my ankle while I was STANDING on the spot where the carpet meets the incredibly dangerous eighth-of-a-centimeter plastic mat? True talent, mine.

Hey, you like the new banner? Is that just weird that I'm posting a picture of my tub? Too intimate? Don't really care, because nothing in my whole enormous  540 square foot living space thrills me like that tub. Well, maybe opening my door with my own key. And my cute cats (see below). But then, the tub. I have discovered recently that coffee is even more enjoyable than beer in the tub. Don't ask me why that is. I don't know.

Anyway. Is it Friday yet?


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Oh my goodness, take good care of your ankle!!! I like the tub picture, it's your tub, you OWN it too. Post pictures proudly! ;)

i guess you were just *meant* to run that marathon and nothing could stop you.

the banner - i adore the tub. but i've always had a thing for claw foot tubs. i once had to be talked out of buying a completely impractical house (fixer upper would be a kind phrase) because the owner had yet to remove the original claw foot tub.

as for libations -- i'd try wine as well. claw foots are elegant ladies. beer may just not be her thing. ;)

Love the new banner! I used to have an old tub like that too and it was the best.

About the ankle, I can empathize. I recently fell off my bike and escaped relatively unharmed except for a badly sprained (or possibly broken) big toe. I was even wearing shoes!

The worst is explaining to people how it happened. You should make up a courageous story about saving a child from floodwaters or something else equally heroic. That way you won't have to deal with annoying people who think that "carpet stumble" is not a valid injury. Good luck--hope it gets better soon!

I love the new banner! And the new Venice picture! And the new color...unless it's not a new color and my monitor is even more wonky than I thought.

It's almost Friday. It's almost 2005!

i love the tub! i would have seriously considered the purchase of your house soley for that tub.

keep the tub picture - it inspires wild jealousy in those of us who must suffer with our 1940's era "modern" tubs. Speaking of tubs, that poor ankle of yours sounds like a good excuse for lots of quality tub time - I hope your cats do a good job of immobilizing you, ankle elevated, for long enough to get better! (cats - the great immobilizers!) :)

If I had a tub like that I would NEVER get out of it. EVER. Do you have a laptop? Can you work in the tub? You've just given me an idea for a new career...something with a laptop (with wireless, so no cords, and I don't know what that something is yet...I'll have to figure that out) and I could sit in the tub. And I would make lots of money and I would pay a bunch of hotties to heat up water in a tea kettle to pour in the tub so it wouldn't get cold....

Oh yeah, and take care of that ankle!

I'm in complete and utter tub envy.

If i had that tub I would put pictures of it everywhere (when I wasn't sitting in it that is...)

nice socks too!

Tubs are beautiful things, and yours is wonderful. Enjoy the hell out of it - - especially since it sounds like you should stay off your feet for a while.

I love the tub, I keep looking for the bubble bath though...

Tub. Yeah baby. Been to Lush yet?

I have a good idea of where the coffee idea originated. giggle. And I love the tub pic. Wishing I had a tub half so marvelous to soak in.

The tub looks great...fill it with bubble bath or yarn and take a pic of that...even better!!
Happy New Year, Rachael and hope the sprain heals quickly.

I, too, have a claw-foot tub and when I first moved into this house and the heating wasn't quite up to par, a long, hot soak in that tub was the only way to warm up. Love 'em. Never was into long baths until this house and this tub.
I hear you on the clutziness thing. In college I worked part time as a receptionist in the hospital's radiation dept. On my way to work I fell off a curb and destroyed my ankle. Nobody at work would believe me that I hadn't been drunk at the time because how could this injury have happened to a sober person?

Well. The Tub is wonderful. Envy inspiring actually. Please don't blame your readers if your house is burgularized and the only thing missing is The Tub.......

Most beautiful grown-up stripy puss ever! Go russian and get her/him to sit on the ankle! (A Russian myth, i.e. *serious* belief amongst those who really know how things work, has it that when you are injured a cat will come and sit on the injured part and heal it).

Simple solution to the ankle story - make up this huge totally unbelieveable story and tell it when people ask! It works. I thought I sprained my ankle last December when I twisted my ankle walking across a parking lot. But since I couldn't put weight on it, I deceided that I had better go to the ER. Turns out that I broke the tibia right at the ankle. When people asked me how I broke it, I told them whoppers depending on who it was asking. Of course they still laughed their butts off when they found out I really did it by walking. But the stories the guys at the firehouse told everyone else did get pretty creative. Since you deal with doughnut eaters, nozzleheads and band-aid pushers, try it. You know they can get pretty silly.

And I love the tub. Try a picture of it filled with yarn being loved by cats and that would be perfect!

Oh geezus. I'm not even going to pretend I am as athletic as you and I'd never even TRY to run a marathon, but in high school, I tore the ligaments in BOTH knees falling off a MAT. You know those "really dangerous" gymnast mats? Yeah, those. I fell off one and TORE the ligaments in BOTH KNEES. First day of gym in high school. Did I mention I'm a klutz, or is that rather self-evident?

Well, I broke my foot pretty badly getting out of a chair. Not jumping up quickly out of the chair. Not falling out of the chair. Just simply getting up. Nice. Love the tub shot - did you do anything to it in photoshop after? Because I like the lighting in the shot... rest up and have a great New Year! (P.S. I finally have a blog - it's there in my name linky thing!)

A friend of mine had this happen to her once: She was at the kitchen table making a grocery list when the phone rang. She walked over and answered the phone, then walked back to the table.

However while she was on the phone her pencil had rolled off the table onto the floor....and she stepped on it, falling and breaking her wrist.

The worst part of it all, she said, was telling people for the next six weeks that she had broken her wrist when she...fell off a pencil!

Tell people *that* story, to distract them from yours!

The new look for the blog is awesome, Rachael. :)
Happy New Year to you! :)

Right there with you on the stumbling thing. After running and training for my half marathon and walking in very high heels all the time, I severely sprained my ankle in tennis shoes running in my yard playing with my dog.

I love the tub image. I heartily approve of its public display.

I LOVE the tub picture. Every girl should have a tub like that and good coffee in it to boot!

If I had that tub, I'd carry a picture of it in my wallet!

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