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GanseyDecember 6, 2004


Lala's home! She's got a Buddha bug, though, so she's a mite under the weather. I believe this calls for fudge.

I'm really, really glad she's home.

Really glad.


And in more prosaic news, I painted this weekend! I just did the bathroom, and technically I only did half the bathroom. I had this whole idea that I would put up a white chair rail under the yellow and leave the bottom half white (because I could NEVER move that tub), but now I'm thinking of doing a decorative border because there are a couple of curves along the walls. I went to the hardware store and looked at wallpaper borders, and while I was extremely tempted by all the baseball/rocket/flower-explosion types, I just couldn't make up my mind. What a wealth. I think I'll paint a little vine instead. I keep thinking to myself, "What if I screw it up?" Then I think, "Eh. Who cares? It's MINE!"

Have I told you lately how GREAT that feels?

And I only stepped off the chair INTO the paint tray once. But when they say soap and water, they mean it. Thank god.

Also, I finished the gansey.


A little closer:


And from the back (note the new paint!):


Harriet remained unimpressed:


Yarn: Handspun wool from unremembered vendor at Maryland Sheep and Wool, worsted weight.
Pattern: Silver Creek Classics, S-806
Gauge: 5st/inch, on 2(US)

I freaking LOVE this sweater. Love it. Toyed with giving it away -- I can't. I'm not a big enough person. I'm just not. I must keep this and wear it all the time. Wearing it right now, as a matter of fact. Wore it to dinner (sushi) last night with Lala. Might wear it to my birthday party (in July) and might wear it to yours, too.

Hooray! It's a good day.


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Let me be the first to say, "WHAT A GREAT SWEATER!" and yea for you that Lala is home. Fudge will make her feel better :)

you look beautiful in that lovely sweater!

Awesome sweater! And I love love love the colour of your bathroom.

You sound *so* exuberant - sheer joy comes singing through your writing. Everything looks fantastic - sweater, the bathroom, the dog... Happy day!

Did Harriet take the first picture?

We're all glad that Lala is home, although this Catholic, for one, did not realize that Buddhists are contagious.

Is there a shortage of Buddhist vaccine this year, too?


I have YOUR marathon on my calendar -- I'm so excited for you!!!!

well, really, what doesn't call for fudge?

The sweater is divine! Looks perfect on you! Good job on the bathroom, too. And hey, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

You are so cute, its hurting me.

I absolutely freakin love the sweater to! It fits you perfect and is so flattering on you. So glad Lala is back from camp, hope she gets better soon... have you tried Airborn yet? It's da bomb! Cheers!

Ah, the Buddha Bug. It's inescapable. Give her ginger tea.

The Gansey rocks and if you give it away I will have to track down the recipient and make them give it back to you because it's perfect for you.

Great sweater! And super paint job. Love that yellow with the white below. Excellent!

The sweater, the paint job, WOW!

Great sweater! Great paint job! Great job getting fudge to make your sweetie better.

Ta' heck with the sweater! I'm just impressed by the one-handed, behind-the-head, not blurry, in-the-mirror, back-of-the-sweater picture!

OK!! yes, please wear it to my birthday! You've got till April..and bring a date...and your sister...and your mom...and anyone else...love you love you!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxomj

awesome sweater. hey, when are you going to hawaii? are you going to wear the sweater there?

the sweater is lovely and so is the paint --- what brand and color? I am looking for a yellow for my kitchen

Love the sweater! I can see why you want to wear it everywhere. ;-) Yay for Lala being home! And I love the color you painted your bathroom.

I love the sweater! When I think gansey, I think baggy scratchy ick sweater--but NO! Look at you turning my preconceived notions around. What a hot sexy babe you are in that little number in that fab bathroom.

Awesome sweater.
Cute gurl. (*Very* cute!)
Lucky Lala!

The gansey looks freaking gorgeous on you! I agree with Sylvia on the sexy fit of it.

I think that is my favorite of your sweaters thus far :) (Can I have it?? ;) Love, love, love the texture to it and it, of course, looks great on you. Glad to hear Lala is back, will you be sad to see the dogs go though?

Boooooootiful sweater! You are so great at whipping these things out. And I *love* the color (weird to love off-white, I know, but I just feel that off-white embellishes cabled knitting so well!) Great job!

Size 2 needles! Wow

Just Beautiful! I love the fit also.

Yay, gansey! Yay, new paint!

I did tell you I ordered the yarn, right? And now you've given me further inspiration, just as it's about to arrive... It's gorgeous.

Great job on the gansey!! Harriet's not unimpressed, she's just jealous. It looks terrific!

Thanks so much for the compliment last week, I walked around that day saying, "afreakingmazing" over and over.
Omigod!!! I just chose that same yellow paint! but I woke in the middle of the night thinking, we are going to paint that whole room yellow? It is a tiny half bathroom, but I think we are going to! :/
Your ganzy looks smashing! So do you!

Okay, let me get this straight. I'm guessing that you're happy that Lala's back, right?

And what a lovely sweater! You should not only keep it for yourself, but you should definitely do a vine.

Wow, you've got a whole lotta good things going on in your corner of the world. That is one awesome sweater! And I love the bathroom color. Yellow bathrooms are the best!

Honey, it'ss be seasonally appropriate for MY birthday, even in Virginia. And it's GORGEOUS! But don't come to my party if that stops you from making MdS&W ~ heck, if you're not coming, I'm not having a party. OK, wait, I'll have a #.25 party, in May! (Welcome home, Lala!)

I have to admit, I have always found Ganseys to be, well, rather frumpy. This is coming from someone whose very own boyfriend once said she was frumpy, but in a good way, so I have no right to talk. But still, there's no point in accentuating my natural frumpiness by putting on a gansey. Well, I don't know if it's your knitting powers or your innate sassiness or both, but that gansey looks totally un-frumpy and actually, dare I say it, kinda sexy. Wow.

Love the gansey.

So, you're already painting? I couldn't bring myself to do it when all I had in the apartment was a bed and a computer. Even with no furniture to move, I couldn't do it. I salute you.

The sweater is gorgeous. STOP it!! Every time you finish something, I want to stop what I'm doing and copy! You have such a feel for what looks good on you. Now take a rest. Paint. Cuddle that cute little dog. Take a bath. But quit knitting, for my sanity.

Oh, oh oh! I love your gansey, just beautiful. And I love your paint job. I have lived in this house for 14 years and have yet to be brave enough to paint a room. I am going to have to bet brave soon or the drywall is going to show through, hehe.

And you can wear it to my birthday party! Tomorrow... grin.

I remember when you thought you didn't know HOW to paint! teehee. Thanks for wearing the Gorgeous Gansey for Daughter bird's birthday! WE knew you were there, right there in the room with us, and we had FUDGE cake!

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