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I am Officially EvilDecember 23, 2004

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, puts me in the holiday spirit like kids bein' scared of Santa. But none of the kids in that gallery have anything on our own Super Eggplant Mariko, sold down the river last year by her Insane Brother (sold down the same river this year by me). If you didn't see her last year, see her this year HERE.

(Maybe she'll exact her revenge in candy....)


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That is mean, but still hilariously funny!

Thanks for providing a laugh early in the morning to both me and to my six year old daughter. Obviously her short-term memory is just that, short term, as she thinks it's hilarious to see pictures of kids quaking with fear, when only a few short years ago she was one of them. Merry Christmas to you.

hehe...poor mariko!

I did see the pics...and man some of those Santas were one step above winos. hehe!

merry xmas rachael and lala!

Those pictures are so sad. The kids are showing sheer terror.

Odd how we tell kids to be wary of strangers and then force them to sit on one's lap for a photo for us.

But I admit the one of Mariko is kinda funny.

One more thing. Some of those Santas are kinda creepy looking.

we have a family photo of me perched precariously on the knee of santa (i was a little too old and big at the age of 8 to be sitting on some old guy's knee) with my brother who at 3 was squirming and screaming his head off. good times...

hey have a merry christmas happy new year happy kwanzaa whatever kind of season day thing celebration whatever.

Too great. Just what I needed on an icy day to bring back some joy of the season. Now to cue up the Henry Rollins' narration of "The Night Before Christmas" . . .

Poor baby Mariko! That's pure terror. But I think she got over it by now. :) As for the others, there are some creepyass Santas in those pictures! I'd be scared, too.
Time to put on the Elvis Christmas CD.

I guess this means I don't have to post the photo! What does it mean that I ended up marrying a big white guy?
I was equally terrified of the Cinnamon Bear.

LOL I saw the kids afraid of Santa somewhere else this morning and posted a link on my Livejournal. Man, being a Santa must be one of the worst jobs...

Older children always delight in the terror of their younger siblings. I'm the youngest of six- I should know.

My 5 year old found the Santa pix as funny as I did. Evil is in the genes, I guess.

I'm with Steph. That first Santa is totally creepy; does he only have one eye?

I love it when kids are scared of Santa too. Can't wait for Easter and the mall bunny.


Happy holidays to you, Rachael.


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