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I'm LEAVING! December 8, 2004

Can you BELIEVE that? It's almost here!


To which you all, in your infinite generosity and grace and love, are sending Team 911 (along with that HUGE donation from Rosenblum Cellars -- go buy some wine. Way worth it, I'm telling you. Makes me run faster, anyway).

I can't believe we raised the money. I can't believe we've done the training. I can't believe I go to work tonight and then leave from there to go right to the airport. I have SO much to remember -- haven't packed a thing yet.

Okay. I'm nervous. Way nervous. What if I don't make it? What if I don't? Huh? Huh? I've done the distance before, yes, in the practice marathon last month. But this is in the HEAT! I hate heat. And the humidity. Oh, erg. I'm scared. Jitters. But excited. This is it.

This is IT.

I'm taking my computer, on the off chance I get to blog. I won't count on being able to, but I'll hope. And dude, you can go to the Honolulu Marathon and keep track of where I am on Sunday in real time (that'll keep me honest, eh?) by typing in either my name or my runner number: 6900. And I'll thank you to keep your smart remarks about my number to yourself. Yep. And watch our girl Marama, too! She's number 7167. Keep her strong in your minds, also....

I just have to tell you what my sister Christy and  Celia did this weekend. They put their wonderful heads together, and with huge hearts and helping hands and a garage sale, they got together an envelope for Marama and me. When I opened it, I found ninety dollars. I gotta tell you -- Marama just bought a house, too, and we are house POOR. We're actually both house broker-than-broke. We were dreaming of mai-tais on the beach after the run (hell, during the run would be all right, too....), but kind of knew we were going to be buying a lot of free sand and free water instead. So they gave us mai-tai money. It's not for the AIDS Foundation, it's not for any good cause at all, it's just for us to have dinner, or drinks, or pedicures, whatever. Isn't that just the sweetest thing you ever heard? Made me cry. Really. Thank you, to the both of youse. You've made us so happy.

And the rest of you? You made this trip possible, and more than that, much much much more than that, think about this: You raised over $7000 to fight AIDS. We're running for you. Running because of you. Bless all your hearts.

All love, and think of us on Sunday! Whooo hooooooo!


oh my gosh! yay, and have so much fun, and good luck, and drink mai tais, and I'm so proud of you and happy for you.

And I can't WAIT to meet you.

have a fabulous trip!

I'll be with you in spirit! :-)

Go, go Rachael! You're going to be great. Just be prepared that everything will be incredibly surreal the morning of the marathon. Just go with it. Remember that inertia will keep you moving if you just stay in motion. Remember that 26.2 is a long way, but that you KNOW you can do it. Drink early, drink often. And have a great time!

Best of luck to you Racheal dear! :) I'll be thinking about you on Sunday.

Good Luck - we'll all be chanting "run, run, run" for you ;-)
Now get packing and quit with the blogging damnit!

Oh you'll do it! I know you can! If there is anything I've learned about you is that you are super determined and believe me determination is what you will need on Sunday. You'll do great! Just concentrate on each mile one at at time until there aren't any left. GO RACHEAL GO! Have fun too :)

I'm pretty sure that Natalia was referring to *water* when she said "drink early and drink often" above, but if you accidentally misunderstand and end up drinking mai tais early and often I think that would be ok, too.

We'll be praying for you on Sunday, and watching for you online using your oh-so-easily-remembered runner number! I guess I gotta figure out the time difference at some point, hunh?

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, you deserving and wonderful person!!!!!

Love you!

Good luck and enjoy!

woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a safe trip!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh. I can't believe the race is nigh. I am TOTALLY going to keep track of you on Sunday, and I want you to stay safe and enjoy the scenery. I'm so unspeakably proud of you.

(6900...snicker snark)

Oh, it's here!!! So much good luck, to the bursting in fact. I won't be able to check on you during, but I will send you strength and good vibes all day!! (and I'll raise one for you after, say 3pm my time?)

Oh, I always meant to ask, what's your group? I'm a Grete Waitz.

Good luck, Rachael! You'll be in my thoughts. Soak up some sun for me, vicariously!

Geez, your readers were all so good about not mentioning your running number. *snicker*

I'll be raising a glass of Bombay Sapphire in your honor on Sunday. I'd better make it a double since you are running 26 friggin' miles.

Go, #6900, go!!!!

I'll be checking up on you on Sunday. Enjoy the mai tais!

We'll be here waiting, love. Heaping blessings and love upon you. Run, baby, run!

Safe travels and have a blast!

Go Rachael!!!! Best wishes to you and Team 911!!!

What if you don't make it? Well, you WILL, for starters. But if you don't -- and remember that while pride is forever, so are your knees -- you will still have raised $7000, you'll still be in Hawaii, you'll still have completed one marathon, and you'll still be an inspiration! Go get 'em!

Good luck, Rachael! Of course you can do it. It's going to be freakin' HAWAII! Enjoy the experience, I'm sure it's going to be incredible. Sending you virtual ice, Tiger Balm and mai-tais for afterward!

Good luck, Rachael! You'll make it!! GO RACHAEL!

Good luck in Hawaii, Rachael! I'll be thinkning of you! :)

We're all rooting for you here, Rachael. It's gonna be so great to get that medal when you finish! Hugs and kisses!

Yee-hoooo, and away she goes! See Rachael run! Run, Rachael, run! Run, run, run! This is all so grand (seven grand!) and I wish I could be there to cheer you on, just as you wish you could get to Leif's wedding (which I might believe as I see it happening!) I'll be thinking of you as your miles fly by--fine speedy bouyant uplifting endurance thoughts, with some prayer too. Much, much love to you as you make one more dream a reality. Gaynelle (Class of 69, Wash. St. Univ.)

you get even more awesom-er all the time! Run well and enjoy it! I am so very proud of you!!!!!!!!xomj

Good luck! It's December, it'll only be 70 degrees and raining! That mai tai is going to taste mighty good--you will have earned it and then some.

I'm so proud of you I ache. I can't believe the hard work you've done, for selfless reasons. All that money you and your team raised is incredible, and no matter what happens on Sunday, it's all going to help make someone's life better. Plus of course you're going to have a great time and enjoy the run, so it's win-win for everyone.

I know there is free WIFI at the Honolulu Apple Store.
One of my friends just moved there. I will try to send her out to see you.
I am so proud of you.

Run, Rachael, Run! I'll be following on Sunday... I'm so impressed. This is SO cool.

Go Rachael! You'll be fine--you're a star!

Just had to wish you good luck and have a great race! Enjoy the experience!

Best of luck Rachael. I started reading your blog when you started training for this race. You've accomplished so much. You know you can run the distance, so be sure to take some time to enjoy the race experience. If it's anything like the Boston and NYC marathons* you will have plenty of encouragement and entertainment from the sidelines.

*I've never run one, just cheered heartily from the curb.

You've come so far Rachael! I'll be thinking of you and sending happy feet vibes your way. Have fun and we can't wait to hear all about it!

Best of luck! Have a great run. I'll be sure to look you up on Sunday. :)

You GO, girl! ;-)

Whoo HOOOO!! She is OFF!

Aloha Rachael!

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou -and Pomaika`i!!

Translation: Hello Rachael~Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good Luck!!

You are an inspiration to many of us that someday want to run a marathon. Congratulations ~ Debbie

P.S. No, I don't know how to speak Hawaiian ~ I searched the internet...;o)

Fly safe, run safe, enjoy the Mai Tai's!

I will be tracking you too. Good luck, sweetie!!!

omg i can't believe it's here already! and wow, in just a few months you went from not being a runner to already running one marathon. and knitting a bajillion awesome sweaters. and buying a house. and meeting lala. and...and...sheesh, i'm tired just thinking about how busy you are!

have a lot of fun in Hawaii. i'd wish you luck too but i already know you'll make it :)

You'll make it! Good luck, we'll all be watching and cheering you on from wherever we are!

You can do anything when you put your heart into it! Good luck and have FUN!!!

I wanted to tell you that I think what you're doing is brave and awesome, but also that Hawaii is my most favorite place that I've been so far...and I've been to many places. Honolulu in't the greatest part-but you will totally get the idea of how great it is. There are actually places to eat where you won't spend a fortune...look up Spaghetti Hale in the book- salad bread and spaghetti for under $10! Anyhow, the best things to do there are free, so have a blast! Oh and you'll do great in the race, too. I know it.

You will do just fine...Kudos for envisioning and dream and making it happen! With all your efforts so far...this part will be a breeze! Have a great time, good luck, and give your self a big pat on the back...you're amazing!

Best of luck from a former SF AIDS Marathon coach (tell Linda Coach Stephen wrote you) and new-ish knitter (and blog lurker).

Thank you for your fundraising in the fight against AIDS, putting your body on the line and sharing your experiences (running and knitting) here.

Remember to breathe. Take your walking breaks. And enjoy every step. It's not just the one across the finish line that counts!

Rachael - you'll be just fine for the marathon. Used to live in Hawaii - December is actually not too hot compared to the rest of the year.
Hotel New Otani in Waikiki, 10 years ago, had this outdoor bar/patio which was a really nice place to hang out. There's a tree under which, it was rumoured, Robert Louis Stevenson used to sit. You can see it from the bar. Go over there, bask in the mellow Hawaiian sunset, and have a martini.
You and Marama rock! Best of luck for the marathon!

It's that time already? Go, Rach! I'll be thinking of you (and knitting your sleeve). Don't be nervous, (a) because it won't help, and (b) because you will rock the freaking socks off that marathon. We're all behind you, and we'll be there when you need a push at the 20-mile mark. Much love! xo

You are already there as I type this, but still wishing you a wonderful time! I've talked to my sister three times this week and she says the weather has been just beautiful lately! Will anxiously await your return to the mainland to hear all about your adventures.

Sunday is almost here! I hope you are having coconut shrimp and mile-high coconut pie for dinner. Mwah~! snaps and woofs!
Go, Rachael, Go!

5am! Had no idea it started so early! Have a great run! I'll be thinking of you!

Have the best run ever. You are sooo brave. An awesome hero. X

Thinking of you....Hugs! And leg massages!

(Eyes squeezed tight) omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod....

You are running RIGHT NOW...my heart beats 4 U....

It's Sunday, and I'm sending good vibes to you in Hawaii as the cold wind blows here in MN-- Good luck, no matter what happens you definitely have my respect!

Go look right now! Rachel and Marama have done 10K of the total! Yay! Go go go go go!

Total race time: 07:12:33

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so impressed that you did this! I've spent the last hour wishing I could be in Hawaii. Oh, and being there along the course to *cheer you on, hop in a cab to get to the next half-mile point*, repeat ** to finish line. :)

I'll second that congratulations! Well done! Now go take care of those legs & feet!


My son Elliot, a former cross country runner, noticed that you ran your second half at almost the same speed at which you ran your first half -- and that you were really "on pace!"

He also says this: "Finished her first marathon!?!?! Boy, she must be all warm and fuzzy on the inside....and all warm and sticky on the outside!"

CONGRATS, my dear, from Richmond!!!!

Congrats womens! You rock!

I just checked in on your time -- you did awesome! I was thinking of you yesterday when I was running a 12K on Angel Island, and thinking of the people you've helped by doing this. Great job.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't post to typepad right now -- not sure if it's the hotel connection or not, but it was the most amazing, wonderful thing ever, even though I can't walk, and might not walk ever again.

Love, so much love to you all. Special props to Ingrid for being the one to tell me my official TIME!



Wow...You did it!
Now you take care of yourself and have fun.
Love you back.
You do us all very proud.



The local librarian was as excited as me when we managed to get the results up on screen, PLEASE NOW take care of YOU.

So many people have been touched by your determined love and will be touched by your fundraising; many are there that have not lived to see this day but with your help and M's plus the rest of the 911 team others will see more than just today, Thank You.

Woot! Congratulations!

WhooHoo! 7hrs... what a time! Congratulations!

Congrats on a fantastic run! I can't even imagine running for 7 hrs straight. I recommend that you slather yourself with sunscreen and sit in a beachchair at the tideline so the waves can run up and down your legs (salt water massage- ummmm) with a mai tai in one hand and a big bowl of macadamia praline crunch ice cream in the other. You've earned it!

We knew you could do it!! Enjoy some well-deserved vegetating, and congratulations on all your hard work coming to fruition. (Veggies and fruits... Maybe this is my brain's subliminal message to cut out the cookies!)

I kept checking the Marathon website for you. I was cheering all along, and even moreso when I saw that you finished. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Congratulations!!! You are awesome!!

I looked up your time on sunday and saw how well you did. you really did keep on pace. Congrats! I am so proud of you. I made Sue come over to the computer while the results were coming up and we gave each other a high-five for you. You rawk Ms. Herron.

Congratulations! You're inspiring me. My friend Liz did the Honolulu Marathon and loved it. You did GREAT!

I see all over the blogs that you did well. That is so awesome. What an inspiration you are. Hope you had loads of fun, too!

From his place in heaven where he is annoying all the female angels and trying to seduce all the males ones, my brother thanks you.

Smiles. Sighs. Hugs. Foot, ankle, leg, brain massages. Just basking in the awe of this marathon accomplishment. Do you know what you have done? Do you really, really, really know? Think about this, deeply. Someday, because of you, someone, make that lots of someones, will be CURED OF AIDS. OK. Enough thinking, of any kind, for now. Relax! Enjoy! Celebrate! You done did it, you amazing you! But do not rest upon your laurels. Much too scratchy. Go for beaches. Baths. Couches. Beds. But only between glorious stints of joyful jubilant antics!
With much love & rejoicing, Gaynelle

My SO (a marathoner from way back) called up your screen first thing in the morning and we watched all thru the day -

You finished! and if that isn't enough, you finished!!

This time last year who'd a thot - a thousand cheers for her Rachaelness!!!!!

Congratulations Rachael!!

Congratulations, girl. Congratulations all of y'all!
I hope the Mai-tais were tasty and the beach was sublime.

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