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Skittle SocksDecember 28, 2004

Hey! How were your holidays? I guess they're not over yet, are they? Lots of people have the week off, and bless 'em. Me, I have to go back to work tonight. I got off Christmas morning, took a brief nap for driving safety, drove the 250 miles home, ate dinner, and PASSED OUT. I think I slept twelve hours that night, something I never manage to do.

We did open prezzies, though, which was fun. Bethany's still in Montana, and we missed the hell outta her, but here are the other Herron gals:


Didn't knit anything for anyone this Xmas. I made Lala some socks out of Twisted Sister yarn the color of Skittles:


but she only accidentally got them near Christmas. A happy coincidence, I think.

I used the same yarn, different color, for a pair for myself, which I just finished. Now, I have a method for making socks. I'm no embellisher, no cables or lacework in my socks, just a good toe-up sock, with a ribbed cuff. I know how long to make each part of a sock for myself by measuring it as I go against my hand. Therefore, after I finished sock #1, I put it away and didn't refer to it again until sock #2 was completed. That's when I realized that I must have bought a different dye-lot.


Whoops. And honestly, I really don't care, since they're for me. Now that's got to be a FAST trotting horse, but trot it does.

And while we're on knitting (briefly, don't worry, I'm sure I'll neglect knitting content for weeks after this spate), here's the Manos my friend Lynn sent me:


Doesn't its beauty just hurt? Mmmm. Here's what I'm thinking: A reg'lar ole bottom-up raglan, but with stripes, and maybe a wee cable up both arms. And that's when I lose control, start thinking about the LARGE cable I could put up the front, a la Starmore, with the stripes running through them, and I have two thoughts: #1: Slow it down, partner! One thing at a time. #2: It's my sweater and I can do whatever I want with it, thus the joy of knitting. (That's what Mariko said when we met for coffee the other night. Her husband is as nice as she is, and that's a very large statement. And she didn't throw anything at me as retribution for essentially outing her as a child-Santa-phobe a couple of post ago.)

But I do admit a nice simple stripey raglan might be just the thing.


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My New Year's resolution is to de-lurk everywhere, and I'm starting early and saying hey.

Lovely socks, I love that they don't match. Where can I get that yarn? (I'm in Canada).

And I definitely think you should do a cable. A mucking big one.

With the combination of your knitting design talent, and the beauty of the yarn itself, I know that whatever comes off your needles will be fabulous!

I do think it only fair that La receive some handknit socks after the subterfuge we pulled off in her name...

Oh, the Manos, the Manos. The Manos.

And the socks? If anyone's so close to your feet that she can tell the difference, I'm sure there's something more important going on.

Here here! I'm comming out of the shadows to tip my hat to you for working x-mas eve. My Mom had to work every years on Christmas or Christmas eve and she always gave me the choice so I picked Christmas. Thankyou for being the one who works Christmas eve so that others can be home.

And a p.s., my family is relativly recently from New Zeland. I know what your talkin' with the olive complexion but it can come with blue eyes- witness me being the first person in three generations to have been born with dark eyes. recesive gene.

Happy new year!

Pretty Herrons, pretty socks, pretty yarn. And sounds like a pretty sweater. Happy holidays, even if you're working throught them!

I'm doing swatches of Manos, planning a Rogue hoodie. The cables look good!

LOVE those colors! I've also made a New Year's resolution to be a better blog commenter, so instead of thinking "Love those colors!" I will actually SAY so! :-) And that's a mighty pretty family you have there, missy!

Oooh, I love that sock yarn!

Must find. Must buy.

Happy holidays, sweetie!

I'm going back to work myself, though Sam and the child are still disporting themselves at home. Had an anxiety attack at 4:30 AM this morning, concerning all that I need to get done.


But I DID get to know over the last week! That was nice.

Skittle socks--awesome! I'm glad Lala got her socks. I love Iris's comment, too.

your manos is gor-gor-gorgeous! and your socks are wicked - in a good way, of course. i think anything you turn out with that yarn will be beautiful.

I want to bury my face in that Manos. Nice friend!

Cool-a-mundo socks too!

Sadly i've been missing you! i just finally found you again! yippee and have added you to my home favorites.. lost my job back in mid november and couldn't find a link till today! yipee i'm back to reading your fun filled life! funny though cause when i'm home i don't go on the computer that much.. prefer to knit understandable so right!? :-) well now on to a new and wonderous year! this was a bad one in many ways.. losing the job was only a fraction.. lots of friends lost parents and just this past sunday my mother lost her's and my dearest friend Bevin is losing her mother to cancer after a 14 year battle! the poor woman has fought off so many types of cancer but the second bout of leukemia seems to be taking its toll on her.. i give platelets as often as i can and advocate for anyone else that can please do! thank you for letting me vent! i don't have the patience for my own blog maybe in 2006 i might have the drive! hugs to you and a very happy new year! hugs karola

Glad you had a good Christmas... love the socks. The Manos is wonderful! I like the idea of a big cable up the middle with the stripes through it - go for it. What's the worst that could happen... ripping back?

Boy are you loved!! I was already planning to buy some Manos again this week to use in a stole and a felted knitting bag. Actually I had planned on using up odds and ends for the bag siince it will be felted. But now I want some orange. more blues, more pinks, okay, I just want more Manos. You are really an enabler ;) And your socks are cute.

Oh the Manos!! So beautiful!

That is a great pic of you and [most of] the fam.!!

As a former public safety telecommunicator (7 years) who also knit a lot on midnight shift, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the job you do every day and, especially, on the holidays, when the rest of us (well, most of us) are busy taking you for granted.
Thanks for sharing your large heart with us through your public service and through this blog.
You're one of the good ones!

I LOVE those colors! Hey cables and stripes...WHY NOT!

I need to know where to get that Twisted Sisters yarn. I googled it and came up empty.

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