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Someone Missed MeDecember 29, 2004

while I was at the parents' house for the holiday:



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There is nothing I love more than a cute cat picture.

awwwww - what a cutie!

awwwwwww that is the cutest kitty picture ever! what a sweetie. isn't it funny how sometimes they seem so aloof and distant, but leave them for a few days and they become like clingy little children. sweet. have a great new years!!

Bet you were glad to get home to that cuddly cat, too cute!!!

One of my most important rules is: Never say no to kitty love.

That is one seriously lovey kitty.

awww, kitty snuggles! the perfect way to spend the holiday! :)

I had NEVER seen a cat hug. Until now. :)

Hey! You changed your site around, love it.

Funny, mine just ran straight to the food dish the moment I walked in the door ;)

What a hug! Wow. When I got back from my last vacation, my cat was purring so hard that she opened her mouth halfway, started roaring like a lion, and I honestly thought she was going to choke! Your cat has some seriously cute stripes. :-)

Cutest cat picture ever. Ever!

Okay, first of all, LOVING the new banner and colors. Fabulous.

And HOW cute is that kitty? What a sweetie.

omg! your kittie is lovely. never leave him again! he missed you so.

oh, like the new look. happy new year!

Awwwwww... is that the cutest thing ever?

That's freakin adorable. I wish my kitties whould give hugs. I'm lucky they deign to occasionally let me pet them.

I would like to contact Lala. My grandmother was named Lala Herron. It's not a common name. I wonder if we have family in common.

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