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December 22, 2004

Thanks for the tattoo comments! M-H, I think yours is very valuable advice -- I hadn't thought about the wisdom of messing around with a Maori symbol, and I think you're right, bad idea. I'll keep the 26.2 or its representation (I like the 26.2 stars idea, but that's a LOT of painful stars) near it or next to it, but not incorporated into it.

I'm sure about the tiki, though. I've worn it ever since I was a little girl, even though my early pendants were just plastic. I only graduated to the greenstone jade when I became a grown-up and bought my own, just like my mother always told me I would. (My little mama is suspiciously dark, with olive skin and big deep brown eyes, not at all as you would expect a Kiwi of English descent to look. I've always been convinced, even if she's not, that there's some Maori in our bloodline. I coveted her brown eyes growing up, and still do, in fact. Sometimes I forget I don't have them and when I see my own blue ones I feel a little shock of surprise. Tangent from a tangent! I rock, tangentially.)

You know, I just erased two paragraphs that were too boring to ever hit the backs of your eyeballs. Seriously. I don't want to waste your time. Let me sum up: #1 - Manos is cool. #2 - I have a home warranty which I didn't know about, which I am excited about, especially now that I'll be able to get my heater fixed. (Typo: Hearter. Nope, that one's doing just fine, no warranty necessary.)

That's it, apparently. I'm running on empty. If I find anything interesting in my head later, I'll let you know. But nothing right now. I'm going to wind yarn, because I'm not good for much else right now. Bo-ring.


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Now see, I have always liked the color of your eyes. Me, I have dark, dark, DARK brown eyes that look black unless you look closely. Makes no sense, I have light skin and reddish brown hair (darker until it turned gray and I started dying it, lol).

I married a guy with hazel eyes, just love em! Darn the luck, both kids got my eyes. I always wanted blue or green. Trade ya?

Darling. Neither you nor your writing could ever be boring.

26.2 in gangsta script across your back. Heh.

I clicked onto the comments to say the same thing that Em said--you could NEVER be boring!

Um--what color Manos?

I have also discovered the joy that is Manos.....lovely stuff. I agree - you are SOOOO not boring!!

Your tattoo craving makes me smile - reminds me of myself a few years ago. I did it: you can see a Very Bad Photo at my blog http://tomandbel.blogspot.com.

Happy Holidays Rachael! Where will you be spending the holidays?

I am getting a PUPPY for Cmas!! I think I have said that over 100 times today but what the hell, I am getting a puppy for Cmas! Finally went over to see my brothers dogs pups, little shih tzu / Poodle babies. I fell in love with the black female runt of the litter, hubby swooned a bit too (the guy is a sucker for babies, I tell you..) and in 3 weeks little "Molly" is coming home! Can I just say it one more time? I am getting a puppy! ;) Hope my present Boss, Josh the shih tzu is ok with it all...

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours,

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