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The EveDecember 31, 2004

I feel as though I should say something deeply introspective and wise on this, the eve of a new year. Something that will make you stop and think, make you sigh, make you wonder about the very fibers of our beings here on the planet we all share.

Well, damn. This last year's been a doozy, huh?

How's that? Really, it has been something else. The country's gone all to hell and Canada gets more amazing by the minute, but my life's been pretty damn great this year. I bought a home. I ran a marathon. I fell into big, big love. I got to meet about a million bloggers who are all, each one of 'em, as fabulous as you can imagine. I learned dogs are pretty damn cool. I wrote a lot. I got to spend time with my family, and all are healthy. My sisters remain incredibly cool.

So, what now? What does 2005 hold when 2004 kicked so much ass? I can only think of one thing: A book being freaking DONE. Not necessarily sold, because I know the realities of selling a novel in the Land of TiVo. But at least done and out there.

And you know what? Don't yell at me, but I'm starting something new. I'm putting the novel I've been working on for two years aside for a little bit. I've been working it to death this last month, and it feels like a fair-isle sweater done on 10US needles. I'm fighting with its bulk, and it's mocking me. And in my knitting, when I'm mocked, I put the obstinate wool away and start something else.

I don't doubt I'll finish the revisions on this one. I'm a finisher, something I've  learned about myself this year. I always pick the grumpy sweater back up (eventually) and make it into a garment. But me and the current book, we're on the outs, and I have a light little book in mind that I'm going to try to bang out in short order, starting next week. The knitted socks of my writing life.

I only worry about myself when I'm not writing at all. I did a fair bit of that this year, feeling too discouraged by the novel to do much of anything else. But as long as I'm writing, I'll allow myself to let this novel lie fallow a little longer. I've got one character in particular who's balking and digging in her heels and refusing, flat-out refusing, to do anything she needs to do. We're not on speaking terms. We need a time-out. And she can't have ANY ice cream, either, for at least a couple of months. I'm cruel that way.

Do I sound like I'm justifying too much? I might be. I have some guilt over not powering through the damned thing. But I tried that, and my voice is going all stern and mean and just isn't mine at all. I'll try this other project and we'll see where it goes.

Here's to a magnificent 2005 for us all. I raise my virtual glass of fine cham-pan-ya in your general direction and thank you, for being my friends. (New year) MWAH!


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happy 2005 to you, too!

I bet with a little time out and no ice cream, she'll come around. Exciting about the new project...I look forward to hearing about it. Happy New Year, baby.

(But, Cari, what does it mean that Aunt Rachael's character can't have ice cream? Does that mean that WE can't have ice cream either? Okay, okay, we'll be good! Look, we're tap dancing, see? Damn, it's hard to be a character.) Mwah!

Very well said. I even feel a bit motivated to get some stuff done this new year. Woo-hoo! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you, too! Like you, I'm not quite sure how 2005 can top 2004, but I'm sure there will be some suprises in store!

New year, new perspective, new book. Works for me. Can't wait to read some of this stuff. Sending you, your girl, the kitties and the doggies a great big, love-filled New Year's smooch!

Just keep 'em comin'! Fabulous year, what? And 2005 is gonna top that! Holy cow, girl. All the best.

Happy New Year Rachael! This is a year, as you say, when it's hard to say it with quite so much zest. But we shall plow ahead, eh? Best of luck with the sock-book (hee!), or as I'll describe it, the sherbet between courses.

follow your instinct. if it says you and the book need a little time apart, then so be it. in the end it will be a better product. don't feel like you need to justify it -- enjoy the time off so you can re-energize about it.

have a fabulous new year!

I think that you are on the right track my friend. I too, only really worry when I can't write or knit at all. As long as I hold on to my realities I am okay. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. And I hope your ankle is healing quickly!

How about a knitting book? You rocked in 2004 like no other!

Happy New Year Rachael!
(From a proud Canadian. Come visit us sometime)

Happy new year to you and yours Rachael! My goodness, you have had quite a good one, havent you! Thanks for letting us share it with you. And I love the new banner!!

Happy New Year! You had a big 2004, but really, I think 2005 is going to be kick ass. (I was concerned when I heard about these people getting washed away in a creek in Arroyo Grande, but then I read the paper this morning, and it mentioned someone named Redbird, and as far as I know, there are no Redbirds in your family.)

Never fear - follow your gut, stick that character in time out and whip out a shorter story. You'll get there :-)

I just raised a virtual toast to another blogger, and I love that you sent one out to all of us!

Happy New Year!

I personally am wishing for more LOVE and world peace in the new Year, a few more open minds along the way...
That novel will straighten itself right UP when it sees you flirting with a sweet little sox book, just like Cromarty ;)
If not, send it my way. I'll be happy to tell it a thing or two about how LUCKY it is to be carried around by YOU.
ALL the Best for 2005,

Champagne. Tub. You know what to do.

Mwah back at ya. Have a great celebration of that fine fizzy stuff. Thank you for keeping me inspired and amused in 2004. Wishing you all your favorite things in 2005.

Rachel, have a fabulous New Year...I know it's going to be even better in 2005!!

Happy, happy soon-to-be-2005 - may it have just as many wonderful surprises in store for you!

Have a wonderful New Year and good luck with all your goals. Hugs!!!

Wishing you a fabulous New Year!

All the best to you and yours Rachael. Thanks for another great year of letting us into your very interesting world :) Hey, the knitting book idea is intriquing! I am sure you would have plenty of knitting friends to help gather patterns, all put together with your pics and great writing style, add your fan base. I am thinking a HIT!

Happy New Year Rachael. I can't wait to see how you top 2004 but know you will Amazing Girl. I tried to spend New Year's Eve with LMM but the year is 1935 and she is consumed with the worries of the world, crabby and middle-aged. Too much like looking into the mirror. Here's hoping she had a good sleep and turned over a whole new page on the calendar too. Much love from Canada. g

Happy New Year !

Have a wonderful New Year, Rachael! Good luck with your book - I'm sure you'll finish it this year, too!

Happy New Year! I think 2005 is going to be a year of accomplishments and changes for all of us!

Happy, healthy new year to you, sweetness. I'm so grateful for you.Your outlook on life never fails to make me smile. The past coupla months have been a nightmare for moi, and reading your updates gives me strength and hope. Big, huge hug.

All the best in 2005. You rock!

A magnificent new year to you, too, Rach! It will be a challenge for you to top 2004, but I have no doubt that you'll have fun trying. xo

Hey Rachael! Happy New Year! I'm so glad you're in such a happy place now and I'm sure the coming year will only bring more joy.

Happy New Year Rachael! What a fabulous year you had. Thanks for sharing it with us.

No guilt. You did have an amazing year, and a little struggling with the novel is no reason to discount all you DID accomplish last year. Sometimes you just need a break, some time away, some perspective. You know you'll go back to it, but starting and finishing something short and sweet in between might be just the shot of "yeah, I CAN do this" you need. Like socks.

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