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UpdateDecember 30, 2004

Ankle is feeling better. It wasn't a wicked sprain, it was just more of a strain, and embarrassing, to boot. Or to shoe, as the case may be.

Go read Em and Iris. Collectively, they got me off my ass to donate (and because I know my debit card by heart, that's only figurative -- I never even had to stand up). Go on, make a difference. Show 'em some Americans really do care. MWAH!


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Glad to hear the ankle is better. I like the tub (I actually covet the tub).

Beer in the tub rocks--as does helping others in need.

I covet the tub too. Very glad the ankle is better too. Coffee in the tub rocks more than beer in the tub. Helping others in the tub also rocks.

Ignore me. Too much coffee and too tight deadlines.


PS: You know the only thing I dislike about your tub? It's in the wrong damn city.

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