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AndJanuary 14, 2005

I want a iPod shuffle so bad I can't stand it. I don't even have a reg'lar iPod, don't really see the need, but this is small and cheap, and I could run with it, and it would be PSYCHIC. At least I hope it would be. (It doesn't hit Apple stores until the end of the month. Don't ask me how I know.)


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I say go for it! I just got an ipod mini. I listen to it at work and I love it! Your running is very important to you and it will shuffle your favorite music as you run!

Its such a wonderful toy. I was at MacWorld and played with one for a while. I say go for it. (I've heard reports that they've been in Apple Stores already, and more may be coming in sooner than the 22nd...)

I've been wanting one of those too, they are insidiously cool

I started listening to audiobooks on my iPod and I am hooked! Hooked I tell you. Literally. Earbuds in, iPod attached. So I'm also kinda interested in the flash version. For running of course. Sick, ain't it? :)

Great. Thanks.
I just pre-ordered one from Amazon.

When I am eating ramen noodles at the end of the month I am going ot blame you...

After my radio died at the end of summer my man bought me a RioS10 MP3 player. (like the Ipod) it has a runners strap and all that. Made for taking on the go.
No, I haven't played with it. It's winter and I'm not very good at walking on ice let alone trying to run on it.

I really wanted an MP3 player too, but couldn't afford the $300 price tag. So instead my fiance got me a mini-disc player. I know, I know, the technology will be obsolete in a year or so, but for $60, I'm fine with that-- it works great and it's small enough to strap to my arm for running. So that's always an option as well. Plus, the disks are re-writable, so one I get sick of all the music I put on there, I can take individual songs off and replace them.

Are you OK with the shuffle aspect? You wouldn't be able to listen to books on tape with it. I love the shuffle for long drives. It is like a radio station that plays all my favorite songs and a poem here and there.
I had the unfortunate experience of being at the store when the sales rep showed up with the photo iPod and he let me touch it. Now -I -want.
Did you know that Apple is a Blue company?

Correction: Shuffle is an option. Nevermind. And how cute that it can connect to the USB port all on its own?
Confession: I have also been tormented by the green mini iPod.

I want one of these too! I already have a perfectly good MP3 player but I am A SUCKER for this kind of stuff.

*drool* and i just might be able to convince my parents that it'd be worth it... actually, prolly not. poo. but now you've given me something to lust after.


besides nice yarn.

I gave my 16 year old son a mini for Christmas. I can't believe how much I want one for myself!

Consider a Creative N200 - I just bought one of those, and it's not much more than the iShuffle. There's a tiny screen, it does come with a running band, uses a single AAA battery (12 hrs play time!)... I love mine.

I want one too. It's so cute and tiny! But I do have an Ipod...which I love by the way! I always take it on the plane with me when I travel. I could never be without it!

I just got an iPod Friday night and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! BUt you are right about the running thing. I would not run with an iPod, but I would like an iPod shuffle for running...and lets face it, they are cute as a button!

The shuffle is mighty cute and I have to beleive it would be psychic. I have an ipod, and shuffle is one of my all time favorite features -- nearly everytime I think: "OMG, I want to write this down, it's like the best mix tape EVER." I haven't actually written any of the mixes down, but the next time I shuffle it's just as good. Apple shuffle = magic?

BTW, Lala's sweater is awesome!

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