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DixterJanuary 17, 2005

I made a sweater for Lala!


She's doing the Rachael! (Well, yeah. Heh.)


Pattern: Dixter, Jaeger JB20
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Primo, Gravel Grey, 15 balls
Gauge: To pattern, 5spi, I think. Maybe 4. Pattern's in the car and I'm lazy.
Needles: 8US. Dude! 8!! I haven't used 8s in forEVER.

She's a cold little thing, so she loves the wool. And I should get a closeup of the buttons -- they're old-west-type stars. We went on a walk around Lake Temescal today with the dogs, and she said she was warm enough. She rarely says that when we're outside on an overcast day.

It's pretty there, look:


And in the heart of Oakland! Who knew?

And one more. I think she likes it:



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what a great sweater -- I really like the pattern!! LaLa's looking good too!

The sweater suits her well...and she seems to suit you well too... ;)

hey-zeus marimba that's a fan-freakin-tastic sweater! Lala's quite fetching in it, and what a lucky girl she is to have you. :)

Heh. But does that mean we have to start calling *you* "The Rachael" now?

The great thing about not writing about knitting on your knitting blog is the "Voila! A sweater appears from the void!" effect... :)

Fab !
An impressive bit of stealth knitting. ;-]

I LOVE that sweater! It looks wonderful on Lala. The whole ensemble looks great--the hat, the jeans and of course the sweater!

You are a bold one! Knitting for a girlfriend!

Not afraid of the curse, clearly!

(Does it apply to girlfriends?)

That sweater RULES. I love the little faux belt thingy on the hem. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Loving the sweater. Lala looks so cute in it.

That sweater is perfect for her and fits beautifully. Lucky girl, that Lala.

Heh, indeed.

The sweater's great and she looks happy in it. Perfect.

I love the jacket. How cool! I really really want one now.

And your girlfriend is totally foxy.

There totally better not be a girlfriend curse. Excellent meshing of Lala with sweater.

what an excellent sweater! look at all that hardware! awww, y'all are so damn fabulous.

Aw, your girl's so cute! She looks fab in the sweater. I'm chugging away on Kevin's Fitzgerald. I hope he likes his as well as LaLa likes hers!

The sweater looks great! It is very Lala indeed.

Nicely done - I love the belt detail no the hem, and I bet the buttons are awesome too!

What a cutie - the sweater suits her to a T

She looks great! The sweater looks like a yummy wooly version of a cross between a jean jacket and a motorcycle jacket. Tough yet cozy. Did I just describe Lala? ;-)

heh, heh. Must.stop.giggling....nah! A
way, WAY cute sweater on a Very Happy Girlfriend, on a walk by a LAKE! Life doesn't get much better than that, does it?
If SO, you totally deserve it.

I love Dixter! I love Dixter on Lala! I love Lala's hair! I love that Dixter has Western star buttons! This post requires many exclamation points!!!

doing the Rachael indeed. ;-) Dixter looks fabulous, looks fabulous on Lala, and I agree with Alison, many exclamation points are necessary!!! happy happy joy joy!

And I suspect that you urged her to go with the bright dye job because you just KNEW the hair would so go with the sweater! Fantastico!!!
And where the hell is Lake Temescal?

great job on the sweater - very "jean jacket"-y which is something i quite enjoy in a sweater. re: ipod shuffle, you know it doesn't use the actual ipod technology right. :) and you know, i think you will find that with only 100 songs on it, you actually get bored. especially if you're going on long runs. :)

Great sweater! I am making the sweater on the front cover, but I actually bought the book for Dixter - I can't wait to make it for my husband; this is a great boy or girl sweater! You did a fantastic job. :)

Fab sweater and looks great on LaLa.

She is so doing the Rachael well in that picture, and in a fabulously knit sweater. You guys are freakin' CUTE.

That sweater is fantastic, seriously. And 8s?!?!?!? Damn!

The sweater looks perfect, and those photos are awesome! :)

BUT THE CURSE!!!!!!!!!!

I won't even knit a sweater** for Mr. Motorcycle because of the curse and we've been married like 13 years!

**The fact that I have never knit an actual sweater may be a leading factor to not knitting an actual relationship sweater and thusly have nothing at all to do with the actual curse**

I love that sweater! I've been so wanting to make something similar for myself. It looks great on her. Good job!

hola los kiero felicitar por su pagina, es muy buena!

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