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Evidence January 6, 2005

Evidence of PMS? Every single damn word about that last post written just a few hours ago bugs the bajayzuz out of me. Except for the two plugs at the end. Romantic? Please. I don't know from romance. I just want my pillow and my hot water bottle and QUIET.  I'm  waiting for a co-worker to bring me hot chocolate from Peet's which might be the only thing that prevents me from chewing off the end of my headset and blaming it on wee tiny invisible mousies, thereby getting my ass taken posthaste up to John George, the local psych ward. Growl. Pillow. Chocolate. Rain. (Well, see, we're back at romance and I'm ready to kick the mousies myself. If I could only see them.)


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aww, sweetie... i feel for you. hope that chocolate (and maybe some pharmaceuticals) kick in soon!

Well. That explains that. ;-)

Just know you are in good company, Rach.

This month's PMS hell for me is starting a diet at the same time I have PMS - that should be enough but then this morning a very generous co-workeer has to go and bring in fresh bagels. I'm trying to be good - I ate 1/2 of a cinnamon bagel with no cream cheese - but there are PMS induced voices in my head telling me to go over and stick my head into the box and eat until I explode!

...ah, womynhood.

feel better!

Oh come on, Rach, it's a mood, it will pass, I hope, because I'm still grooving on the mood you set for your apartment. You created a beautiful picture of how you feel at home in your new home, and I think that's just lovely.

Don't you just hate how moods change like that? But wait--that means the bad moods will go away too. Comforting thoughts. I'm at that unenviable place wherein I experience PMS AND pre-menopausal symptoms. No fair.

Your place is charming and comforting--being one of the lucky ones to have seen it in person. Plus that bathroom!!! I want a lovely big tub...

Thanks for the plug! In the movie Notting Hill, Hugh Grant's roommate has a date with "the great Janine" (hear a Welsh accent here), which always cracks me up. (I am addicted to romantic comedies set in London). The Fabulous Janine reminds me of that.

mmmmm, Peet's hot chocolate... I'm sure you'll feel better soon. And I'm glad your house has a good spirit - it's not romantic, or sappy - some places, houses, etc... have their own atmosphere. I'm glad your home is so welcoming for you... :)

Hang in there. It's still good to be a girl.

yum, hot chocolate. it's a cold sleety day here in nyc....i may have to get me some hot chocolate to get me through the afternoon at work. :) hope you get home to a hot water bottle soon.

You should here the cursing when I have PMS - even the cats cover their ears!
Be brave - it'll pass, hopefully sooner rather than later :-)

Yesterday, thanks to PMS, I would have chewed my own arm off for a bag of cheese puffs. However, also thanks to PMS, I was lazy (lazier than usual, I guess) and lazy won out. Until my husband called on his way home from work and asked if I wanted anything. Woohoo!

effin' pee em ess. It's the WORST. Hope you feel better soon before you chew your arm off.

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