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Not One Damn DimeJanuary 20, 2005

Fallen soldiers:


All the faces here. I remain ashamed.


What, in particular, are you ashamed of? Speaking as a Brit, there's a new shame after yesterday's abuse testimonials (so remarkably similar to the Abu Ghraib ones, despite taking place long before Abu Ghraib became public. Unconnected and non-systematic. Ha.) But given that the death toll of Iraqi citizens, who didn't ask to be part of this debacle at all, is around 100,000,the greatest shame is the imperialistic arrogance of our respective leaders that causes the US and UK (and certain others) to be there at all. The soldiers who have died have at least had a choice as to whether to join up or not, tho' I doubt they anticipated the idiocy of their ultimate commanders.

If there's an angry tone to the above, it's not aimed at you, Rachael. I'm just... angry.

Best wishes,

I know, Fi. Good comment. Mostly I'm ashamed that the man who devasted a country by promoting a lie was re-elected by my fellow citizens.

We've got that joy to look forward to here - in May. Sadly, Blair IS our viable liberal option. Unless you really do vote Liberal which might have the 'Nader effect'. Can you imagine a worse fate than Blair? Shocking! It's called the Conservative Party. I want to vote Liberal tho', I really do.

I think the recent 'revelations'in UK are something to remind each of us that 'evil' begins with one person and that we are all capable of being that one person whose actions, thoughts and lives harm directly or indirectly. Systems that enable each of us to become in a moment what we abhor are the systems we help build by ignoring, by going deaf, by getting on with our own lives and leaving it to others.

I would be ashamed if I had not protested loudly for all my life for justice, as only justice brings peace, I would be ashamed if each day I did not stop and for a moment regard the Earth and remember I am linked to, not in control of, all life held delicately in its environment, I would be ashamed if I did not admit in those self seme moments that I fail, that my frailty and falibility can oft times mean another suffers or is hurt. Helpless yes but in the self same moment I am the most powerful life on earth because of recognition.

I won't be voting Labour or Conservative neither will I probably vote Liberal in the coming election as I do have other choices, I may vote for Plaid -Welsh political party or I may scrawl across my ballot in block capital letters NONE OF THE ABOVE and hope thousands of others will do the same and the ensuing election debarcle may make a political elite and system quake enough to stop and listen. Yes it would be a spolit ballot paper and I have never spoilt one in my life and have voted every year since I was elidgible but maybe this time something needs to be spoilt to create something REALLY worth voting for. Anyone else think this is not just a crazy Welsh woman speaking? NONE OF THE ABOVE should be included on the ballot if it was a real democratic choice but that's be a little scary for professional politics. But you see it's personal to me, personal because life is precious ALL life and when I am party to disregarding this in the name of justice, freedom and oh yes trade maybe I should be standing trial today or at least considering in May screwing up an already debased system.

Sorry Rachael to take up so much of your comment space. Don't be ashamed gal, be the vocal, supportive, caring, creative, love filled human being you are and just keep expanding that...it touches hearts and minds in ways brutallity and GWB can not even begin to grasp or hold or kill.

Great post, Daisy-Winifred.

Rachael - thank you for posting and letting your readers know where you stand. I too am ashamed, angry, horrified, so on and so forth. I'm also still in denial that more than 1/2 the country voted for that man. I still can't believe it - are there some states that I don't know about?? Ugh.

And Fi, you have a reason to be angry. If I had pictures of those citizens that are being killed I'd post them too. Americans too easily disassociate themselves from the horror of war. You can't ignore pictures.

Not one damn dime.
I had instant coffee at home today, yuk!

Thanks Rachael!

Wearing BLACK, today.
So sad, and beyond Angry.
Haven't we as a World learned
Hugs and tears...
Planning to shout NO at noon
(Eastern AND Pacific time)
from the rooftops of the world.

Views from a Canadian looking South... The more time I spend on blogs reading what intelligent, compassionate, informed, and, frankly amazing American women have to say, the more I am completely astounded that Bush was reelected. (Many Canadians believe that the election was "fixed" by the old boy network that exists in the US.) What I read in blogs gives me some hope that there is hope for America - what I see on the News leads me to believe that America is doomed.

The only silver lining in this royal inauguration is that it is limited to four more years and his vice president a.k.a. The Pacemaker will not be running for President. Although I hear that maybe Ms. Rice will be! It is rather decadent for him to be having such a gala event during times of war don't you think?

You can take comfort in knowing that there are many out there in Blog Land that feel your shame and stand united with you.


Wow, this blog has become so political! I was at City Hall today and there was a protest, people were reading names of those killed in the war. It was sad.
How about those 40 Million for the inauguration? Another reason to hide my face in shame.

Someone sent me this:


It's no use to me - I think you need to be an American citizen for the signing of it to be valid.

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