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Friday FunJanuary 28, 2005

Waxing and whining.

(Work safe, and SO funny.)
Link via Scamper.

Y'all have a good weekend, okay? I've no plans beyond helping my sister Christy move (and Bethany's ON the move, coming home the long way!) so I'll be resting and hanging out and I'm HAPPY about that. No wax for me, thank you. Razors, they're just fine.



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: o
great little vid!

You know, I used to have my legs waxed and decided that was it for me when the aesthestician said, "oh, just take some tylenol first and you'll be fine." If I have to take painkillers BEFORE the treatment, treatment ain't happening.

Oh, I have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing, I think my neighbour will be wondering what on earth I am doing in here!
Ah, the rest word...good, good VERY GOOD :0)

Loved the video, but fear not the wax!

My first run in with wax was in a shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. They offered a free sample to anyone brave enough to get waxed in public. I figured the mall was deserted and signed up, then a crowd formed. Forty people materialised out of thin air gawping and goggling, yelling out "Does it hurt?" The sturdy woman ripping wax off my legs yelled back "Of course not!" while I tried to hide my yeti legs.

Took the free sample home and waxed a strip off my best friend Alasdair's leg. Three guys were needed to hold him down, and it took a year for the hair to grow back in fully.

Now I wax at home, in the privacy of my bathroom!

Tee-hee! Have a great weekend!!

I'm glad it's a laid-back weekend, because I've just music-tagged you. You're it, sweetie.

OMG...that is hysterical!! Thanks for sharing Rachel!!

That was too funny. Thanks for the morning giggles.

It's Razors all the way for me too!

Thanks for the compliment on Klaralund. :-)

Wait... you're saying they're not waxing their feet? (Maybe I've been watching LotR too much...)


Hello I am Jill (aka: Tenarr)

I found your link a year ago...I cannot even remember where.

At any rate after a year of "just looking", I thought I would finaly say "HELLO"

Originaly what I found so compelling is your Jan (1st?) 2004 posting. The gal in the back seat of the convertable looks a LOT like me.

my personal website ( which is almost a YEAR out of date) is www.tenarr.com, I am also on Live Journal as "tenarr"

At any rate, I think that we have much in common & I hope you think so too.

Ok. Someone, anyone. What is the song playing in the background? I heard it once at 3 am while driving through a snowstorm in Calgary when I was sleep deprived, and as such I cannot forget it and I liked it. Of course, I know none of the words and cannot remember who it is by. =(

Please, take pity.


And, you just know i missed the first five seconds of the video where it /clearly states/ the name of the song. =p

Ah, well. At least i know now!

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