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Got Sleep?January 12, 2005

I wrote last night at work, yes. But you know when I said I was going to write yesterday afternoon? I didn't. Know why? Because I had another cup of coffee, and leaned over, and fell asleep on the couch. Only woke two hours later when the phone rang. I didn't make it to the phone on time, but I made it to the bed, which is near the phone, so I fell asleep again. I slept for three and a half hours yesterday afternoon.

Then today, after working last night, I slept nine hours. I only woke up because I was dreaming of Maggi's cats, and one was climbing the balcony, and I woke myself by laughing too hard.

This is unlike me. I keep checking my forehead. Am I running a fever? Nope. Do I feel fine? Yep, feel great.

I do not nap. I'm horrible at it. I'm also pretty durn bad at sleeping, period. So this is odd. Lala thinks that her mind-control is starting to work, which might be true, since the girl's the biggest sleeper I've ever known. You could pretty much set up a ten-piece band in her room and she'd sleep through the music. Unless there was a saxophone. That might piss her off enough to wake up.

It's sunny! The first real sun in a week. I'm going running, and then I'm going to write to make up for yesterday's lost words. Unless I conk out again. (I do sometimes write in my dreams, and I write incredible words, sentences that sing with beauty and intelligence and compassion. Then I do the Is-This-A-Dream test by re-reading what I wrote, and it's NEVER the same, and I think, crap. Another writing dream. They beat waitressing dreams, though, hands down. I HATE waitressing dreams. Never enough milk, and you haven't even greeted six tables of expectant faces..... See why I have problems sleeping?)

You deserve a coupla photos, don'tcha? I have no new ones, so here're two from Hawaii.

A sunset (that thing floating out in the water is a surfer):


And these people, who were watching the same sunset:


I love that.


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Sometimes you just gotta sleep. Your body tells you.

How about that sun?!? I had to go in to work very early this morning, and got to see the sunrise over Lake Merritt on my way. Lovely...

Waitressing dreams are the worst! I used to wake up in a panic because table 14 didn't get their Fried Cheese. Listen to your body, it knows when it needs rest.

I waited tables for years, and I still resent each and every waitressing dream I ever had! Now that I am at peace with my teeth-falling-out dreams, the waitressing dreams are the worst dreams I ever had.

Maybe there's some sort of chemical thing going on, like you're picking up on Lala's habits, she's picking up on yours...like the way cycles synchronize when women live together. Yeah, that's it.

Waitress dreams...hilarious...I still have them and haven't waitresseed in years. Isn't it crazy how everyone that has worked in the food industry knows exactly what you are talking about when you mention this. The last job I had was working at a Chart House in the DC area...we all called these dreams "Chartmares." Like I said...I still get them.

I'm a crazy dreamer. Dreams that are sometimes so disturbing you shouldn't even attempt to figure them out. After my last one (which was particularly horrifying) I was bemoaning it to Mr. Motorcycle and doing that whole "why me" thing when it came to me....is it possible that they're meant to spur me on to write something? He even did that raise an eyebrow "ah ha" thing.
Is there a waitress or a writer in your next book?

Don't you wish that there was a machine that you could hook up to your head and it would transfer all of your dreams to a machine and then you could review them the next day? I swear when I dream I have entire movies playing in my head, which is one of the reasons why I love to go to sleep at night, just to be entertained. Now if I could only transfer them over to the aforementioned machine I'd be the next Spielberg. So don't be worried about sleeping and dreaming --enjoy!

Me, I have flight attendant dreams. They're sort of like waitress dreams and sort of like those dreams when you're flying, except all at the same time. I quit flying for United over 14 years ago and I still have them occasionally. They're never good. And I have one or two dreams, nightmares really, that I have had every so often since I was a small child. One in particular I had the first time when I was about 4 - and it still scares me when I have it now at 46.

Dude, I just had a waitressing nightmare last night. Woke up thinking of you. Whew, glad I'm a Dispatcher instead, NOT! Well, sort of. Beats the heck out of dealing with hungry people.

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