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RomanceJanuary 5, 2005

I feel romantic. Do you ever feel that way? I don't mean all mushy-in-love, although that surely plays into it these days, but romantic like rain on the windows and candles lit and soft music and all that sappy stuff.

*Okay, now I'm at work. I started this earlier, when I was curled on the sofa, all tucked into the cushions, computer propped on my knees, the blinds open just enough so I could watch the lights of cars of the freeway driving through the almost-rain, nothing but white twinkle lights on in the living room.....

I tell you what, I'm not in that mood anymore. I'm still happy, but not all romantic about it.

But the reason I started telling you about it, is that I think my house has a good spirit. Not like a ghost er nothin', 'cause that would freak the hell out of me, but there's a certain vibe about the place that's interesting. I've always listened to a lot of bluegrass, you know that. But in this place, especially when I'm in the clawfoot tub, I am drawn to listen to mostly swing and standards, old thirties and forties stuff, something I pretty much stopped listening to when I stopped singing it. It's not like the house wants to hear it (again, free-eeky), but it's what sounds best in the house.

And the creaks in the floor are friendly. I like the way the wind sounds at the door. It's COLD, though, and heater guy still isn't calling me back.

But it's romantic.

(Hard to remember while I'm sitting here keeping myself awake in the wee sma's.)

In other news, go say hello to Anj, who's finally moved her LJ over to typepad (yay!), and be sure to welcome the fabulous Janine (who designs fairisle patterns like you would NOT believe) to the blogging fold. (She's a Feral Knitter, you might know her from Ryan comment fame....)


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A contented woman in a contended house sounds romantic to me.

Houses do have their own vibes, I think. They aren't living beings...but they hold them and shelter them, and, okay, sorta woo woo here, but I do believe a lot of happiness can stick around...soaked into the foundations and filling the space in the walls.

Glad you got a good one!

I know what you mean about your house having a certain vibe...

Once, when I moved into a new apartment after breaking up with someone that I had lived with for two years, my girlfriends took turns spending the night with me for about a week in order to help me feel at home in my new apartment, and also to keep me from calling the ex and either going to his house or inviting him to mine. A few months later, when I started to date someone else, I remember saying to him "I don't think my house likes you" and realizing that it was true - the vibe in my house was totally unsettled by his presence. Strange, hmm?

Of course, I also believe in coordinating the cocktail beverages I'm drinking to my outfits (some t-shirts just demand gin, y'know?), so maybe it's just me that's strange. It's always a possibility. ;)

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