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Knit Out Monday!January 21, 2005

Whoo! Just like that! Last minute, I know, but we're freewheeling things, ain't we? Monica of Hollyweird Knits is in town, and let's show her how we play, shall we?

When: This Monday, the 24th, 7pm
Where: The New Zealander, corner of Central and Webster in Alameda (straight through Webster Tube to end of street, it's on your left). I believe they close at 9, so it'll be a short night, but we can always go somewhere else iffen we wanna. (Heh, I just called to make sure they don't mind a bunch of knitters, and the kiwi gal who answered said, "That'd be fine, I should think, as long as they're not too rough." We'll see.)

Email me (link in left sidebar) with questions, or we'll just see you there.


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oh man....or oh woman....how I wish California wasn't so far away!!!!!!

"...as long as they're not too rough..." Well someone keep an eye out for them thar knitters! Have a freakin good time all...

Yeah, cause knitters are a rough crowd and all with those pointy sticks.. How did the march go?

Oooh, I'd love to be there! Kiwi pies and knitters, all in one evening. But it's not true that kiwis eat *that* many pies - they are very high in calories and I reckon many people wouldn't eat one a month!

But the nascent Alameda Stitch-n-Bitch meets just down the street on Monday nights!! :-(

FYI: We knit on Monday nights at Coffee for Thought (1544 Webster) from 7:00 til close (10:00). No pub pies, sadly ... but it's a really fun (and growing) group!

how fun! i think i need to move out west.

Have a wonderfully fun evening!

Hey Rach... I'm back in the bay area on the 30th for the week. Is there a decent place to meet btwn San Jose and Oakland one of those nights? I don't get off work until 6pm so I don't know if it works with your sched or not.

Whoops, I'm trying to start going to the ALameda SnB at Coffee for Thought, but they close at ten, so you guys could start with the New Zealander and then stroll down the lane for coffee to sober up before you drive home!

Plus there is a sea shanty jam there on Mondays!

Wish I could have made it, but I hope you all had a lovely time!

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