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StashJanuary 3, 2005

Oh, it's a sleepy day, isn't it? It's not helped by the fact that my new listening choices happen to be me-lll-oooow. I've got two new favorites playing: The Kings of Convenience and Keren Ann. Hoo boy. Run right out and buy 'em if you want to just hang out and dream, looking out at the rain. I'm just kinda sittin' on the couch, pushing Digit's head repeatedly away from my wireless card (oh, annoying), and staring out the window. I think there's a plumber crawling around under the house working on my neighbor's pipes, but I don't want to know too much. I have my own plumber coming tomorrow (again) to work on the bathroom leak.

I was thinking this morning about how house-poor I am, and how happy I am to be that way. I was going to go buy paint for the living room, and then I totted up my finances in my head and realized I couldn't justify the expense. I might need food in these next two weeks, and paint ain't a good snack, I hear. But I was just glad I could come home where my DSL is paid for, where I have movies stacked on the TV, and I have enough yarn to get me through the poorest days. Really. I'm making Clapotis in yellow Horstia silk, and that's from stash yarn. What I don't need to do is buy more yarn. Especially yarn like this:


Okay. Well. That just kind of showed up. Fifteen minutes ago. I had honestly forgotten I'd ordered it, but isn't it GORGEOUS? (All Ryan's fault, and I'm sticking to that.)  That's Lorna's Laces Sport, two each of Child's Play and Rainbow. I will have to guard them from Lala, now that she's mastered the short-row heel.

We were brilliant last night and actually did something we talked about doing (I'm the master of saying, "What a GREAT idea!" when hit with great ideas, and then saying that repeatedly for years.) We cooked two dinners and separated them into plastic containers for the week to come. She was creative and made a potato/cauliflower curry with rice. I was more prosaic and layered jalapeno beans, fritos, cheese, sour cream, and enchilada sauce in a casserole dish. That's so wrong that's you can't even call it Tex-Mex, but it tastes fab, I swear. We have food for DAYS, and that's good because I'm hungry right now. Food will come in handy. She forgot to take her lunch today, which struck me as both tragic and funny. Poor little starved thing....

To eat. And to knit. You should, too.


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Curiouser and curiouser. My other favorite Lorna's Laces color just happens to be Child's Play. See? We WERE twins separated at birth (our age difference nothwithstanding.) Great photo! Just makes me want to climb up on a reallyreallyreally high diving board and plunge right in.

Well, when you can't repaint the house, why not repaint the blog. Nice bathroom.

And happy new year!

(Try chicken chunks, mushroom soup, Rotele tomatoes, flour tortillas and cheddar cheese--my new casserole crush, whoooo baby.)

Mmmmmmmm... Lorna's Laces..... drool. I have a few hanks of that in my stash as well. Delightful stuff. Wish I was at home feeling sleepy too.

It IS Ryan's fault!! She hooked ME on LL with her Gold Hill sock....blame her, I will back you on this one.


Unlike paint, Lorna's Laces actually makes a lovely snack. High in fiber. And while we're talking food... my favorite make it ahead of time meal is lentils with feta, scallions and diced tomato, tossed with balsamic. It's good room temp or cold, and relatively cheap cheap cheap for us house-poor folk.

Love the Lorna's. I'm feeling you about the poor house, Jason and I went grocery shopping and hardly had money to spend. We were laughing that we better ration out the potato chips we bought for dinner the rest of the week. Okay we aren't that poor but the holiday's killed us!!

I'll second what Kate said. I am SO with you on the house-poor thing. And switching food with people is so much fun, because then you get things you wouldn't have thought to make on your own.

Your yarn is gorgeous, and since you forgot you ordered it, it's like Christmas all over again!

Dude, I had to read that list of ingredients TWICE to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Oh, I shouldn't judge. Have you ever had Stovetop for dinner? Instead of.... uh, dinner? All the carbs you crave!

I love, love, love the photo of LL. Haven't tried it yet myself, but after that little dose of yarn porn, I might have to :-)

Ohhh- potato soup. Cheap and yummy and freezes well. Also can be easily made vegan (Or, add bacon. Feeds the whole spectrum of humanity. I like that in a soup.) Just the thing to knit socks by.

Oh my god, that yarn is making me DROOL. Yikes. I'm going to back away from the screen now. MUSTNOTBUYYARN.

I happen to think yer house is just perfect the way it is, ya know.

Mmmmmmm...Lorna's. I'm getting ready to knit up the last of my Lorna's Laces, which saddens me because I don't know when I'll be able to buy more. Sniff.

I must shop for food as well. Lasagna is my favorite "feed you for a week" dish to make.

This is the sis of amy who knitted for her son (out of a cozy chenille) the oh-so-fab hot water bottle cozy by RACHAEL. He loves it and everynight asks for his HOTTY to take to bed.... the cutest 8 year old in the world, by the way.
I have been meaning to write forever. I am a runner but have NEVER run, and probably NEVER will run, a marathon. I cried when I read your marathon entry. (I like to think I have done a virtual marathon with you.) I was there, all the way, really. AND I also am a lab tech, hospital worker, who works evening and night shifts only, so can completely relate. The beauty of night shift is I get SO SO SO much knitting done. The ugly is that I feel jet lagged half my life.... I just felted the FUZZY FEET from knitty.com, and they are the best!
Happy New Year.

That LL yarn is so gorgeous! If only I hadn't given in and imposed a yarn diet on myself. There's a truck load of Noro that I ordered before Xmas that hasn't arrived yet, so I'm having to refrain. I'm looking forward to seeing your Clapotis. I've dug some pinky Silk Garden out of the stash for one but think I'll have to constrain it to scarf size because I only have five skeins and am not allowed to buy more.

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