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Quick!January 27, 2005

Distract yourself from the unpleasantness below, which is now happily behind us, by going to see Lala's dogs, who are, as Carrie would say, perfect schmoos. Don't forget that the wet wee dog is only a little bigger than your HAND.


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I feel your pain. Before we moved into our house, we spent beaucoup bucks re-papering and re-carpeting. The TOP corner of two walls was ripped mysteriously after having new carpet installed. Called the carpet guy to have it repaired and I got the same line. He insisted my children did it (they were 5 and 3 and rather short at the time).

Finally met with him at the house the DAY WE HAD TO MOVE (talk about a pain). After arguments and threats to contact every realtor in the area to not use their services, I finally said JUST MAKE ME GO AWAY!!!!! He gave in after he finally realized then I would make his life hell. Stay on him!

I totally understand being so freaking peeved that someone is being so rude and unprofessional that it starts to "consume you" and once you get it all out - the big sigh of relief - done. The guy and his company will surely be sorry for this; they underestimate the power of the internet.

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