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RainRunJanuary 7, 2005

This morning, when I got off work, I went running for the first time after being up all night.  There was supposed to be a huge storm coming in, winds to 50mph, and I wanted to get at least one more run in this week. So without really thinking about it (because if you think about it, then you don't do it, you just get in bed and go to sleep), I put on my 'fit and went out.

And it started raining.

And it was wonderful.

Really. I run inside Mills College, and it's such a gorgeous campus that my heart is happy every time I enter the stone gates. Set in the heart of Oakland (and it's closer to the rougher side than the gentrified), there are four trees per student, and it's old, old, old. This is the president's house, seen in the rainy dawn this morning:


Okay, it's not a good shot. But it shows how many eucalyptus and redwoods are behind it, and I had to run through a little wooded area just to get the shot. Oh, the smells this morning! All rain on the trees, and the eucalyptus buds on the ground (run carefully over those, though). Em's mom, an alumna, always talks lovingly about Mills and the smell of the trees. I rarely notice it, but this morning, I understood why she doesn't forget it.

And y'know what else? Running in the rain is cool. Literally. I wasn't as hot as I usually get, and the air was actually a little warmer than it's been lately, so my lungs weren't struggling against the cold. It was exhilarating.

I did pass a kid outside the gates waiting for the bus, huddled under a huge down hooded jacket, and his horrified face so clearly said, "You're crazy," that I nodded and said, "I know!"

And here's me, home from the rain. I took it to shock Lala, who has a running aversion stronger even than mine to bikes, but she was less traumatized than I thought she would be. Oh, well.


Yes, my eyes cross a little when I'm tired. Always have. I only notice it in photos, but sometimes I realize that other people must notice it all the time.

Now I'm babbling. Soon to be bubbling. Bath time, followed by last work shift this week. Happy weekend, everyone. MWAH!


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I spent a weekend at Mills once for a conference. I thought the campus was just lovely. I took tons of pictures.

I have never been on a campus of a women's college that I have not absolutely loved.

Okay, what kind of camera is small enough to carry with you while jogging? That is what I need!

I'm betting Lala wasn't too traumatized, she probably thought you looked flipping cute like I did! And yes, you are a crazy NUT!

If you look that good after staying up all night at work, and then running in the rain, Lala was most decidedly not traumatized.

My eyes are a little wonky all the time, a fact which I did not know until about two years ago. It's *amazing* how much better I can see now that my glasses correct for it.

Oh, My! You look that good after running? Maybe I should reconsider doing some running myself. I do love rain, even cold California rain. The best rain, though, is the drenching afternoon thunder storms that Denver has all summer long. Add me to the list of people with non conforming eyeballs- the right one has never really been with the program, but again, it's something people tell me, not something I notice myself.

Oh, that pic of you is just precious. I want to hang it in my cube at work. Seriously. Adorable beyond words.

You are so cute I can't stand it. If I had a cubicle, I'd do the same as Nathania. I'm forwarding this to my mom, too.

Oooo, I just LOVE running in the rain. Anything but a driving rain is grand. The sights and smells are so different when it's raining.

Nothing better than the scent of eucalyptus in the rain! I went to college in Santa Barbara and there was one parking lot full of eucalyptus trees that I would go out of my way to park in on rainy days. I miss that!

If only i could look so pretty after a run in the rain... It must have been an excellent run!

wow...of course Lala has no aversion...if you look that adorable after being up all night and running in the rain, you should bottle your secret!!!!

I have to agree with everyone else - that is a **cute** photo! If I thought I could look that cute after running in the rain I'd give it a shot. But I'd probably just look like a drenched, red-faced rat. :-)

I love to run in a light rain, and where I live it is almost always raining, so that's good. But right now it is SNOWING and FREEZING and HOWLING WINDS, and ICY roads so I can't run and I am starting to lose my mind (running is my Prozac) so I am so jealous of your run in the rain in the beautiful college grounds. (And I look like HELL after a run in the rain, not all fresh and lovely like you.)

You are so cute, and you look so happy. You're so my running inspiration...

I DO still want to hear your recommendations on starting to run. I would love to learn! Might I add you are looking very fit and healthy these days and I am ENVIOUS! In a good way of course :)

every now and then when i Just Cant Sleep, i give up somewhere around sunrise and haul ass down to the local beach for a little walk/jog/run. i always feel FANTASTIC after, but it's quite difficult getting into any sort of 'habbit'. some day, SOME day!

Does the smell of eucalyptus act on humans in the same way as catnip on kitties. Just asking, 'cause I think you just offered photographic evidence to support my latest theory.

You look lovely. Really. There is nothing like the glow of pure exerciseor hard work.

You look lovely. Really. There is nothing like the glow of pure exercise or hard work.

I love running in rain or cool weather too! I always think I'm not a winter runner, then when summer comes I remember how much easier it is for me when it's cold out. I'm actually even good to run in -20C whether. If you dress right you can run in anything! Rain running is something special for sure!

I ran in the snow last week and it was beautiful. I think the best runs usually happen when you just DO it and don't think about it.

That picture of you is just beautiful. Running in the rain is a little gift. Whenever I do it, I always take a little break to skip in the middle of the run and jump into a few puddles too.

Rachael, your eyes are crossed. Maybe a little turned in but not crossed. You keep inspiring me to try running again after my foot heals. Now if there was just a way to knit while you are running.....

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