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STEELERS!January 15, 2005

20-17, in overtime.
Yeah, baby.


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I know!! It was such a fun game to watch! Once the Green Bay Packers are out of the running, I pick favorites either based on their moral fortitude or just out of random habit. I always root for Pittsburgh because I like their helmets. (Damn, I am such a girl!)

I KNEW there was a reason I liked you!!! I'm here in Pittsburgh visiting my family & had the whole clan watching the game -- that was hard to watch at the end there. I'm for Indy today, but I think the Steelers would have an easier time beating New England. Here we go Steelers, Here We Go!!

I think my blood is green and gold, but we know how that ended... The Steelers are due. I've liked their coach for a long time, but mostly ever since I saw him run down the sideline (several years ago) to stuff a fax, proving that a penalty was called in err, into the pocket of an official. Tell him, man! And Bettis, he done good this season.

Right on! I still feel a little nauseous, but hey, the boys are in the AFC Championship game so I can't be too mad!

My hubby is from Pittsburgh, so I'm a Steelers fan by default. :-) He's a little nervous about them playing the Pats next weekend, so I hope SandyB is right!

BTW - when the Steelers went to the Superbowl in Tempe... I was there! Well, not at the actual game. But I lived in the area and we walked around the stadium and saw the sights. It was so cool!

Ah, the joy and usefulness of the Internet. My mother (football fan extraordinaire!) called me this morning and said -- in that voice mothers reserve for when they know their offspring are idiots -- "I'll bet you don't even *know* about the game yesterday!"

I took a chance and said "How about if I know the Steelers pulled it off in Overtime?" Oh! She was so impressed. Luckily she's easy to snow, because all she had to ask was "Who were they playing?" and I'd have had to cave.

But -- thanks to Rachael, and the wonder of the blogiverse -- I am *not* in the doghouse with my mother! Well...not about football, anyway.

Go, 'Skins! (That's what I was taught to say when people talk about Football. I do know, actually, that they're done for the season.) Please, can we talk about BASEBALL soon? GO BRAVES!!!!

Gah! Steelers! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

It's hard being a Pats fan in Pittsburgh. I wanted to get a flag for the house, but I thought people might throw eggs at us.

I'm so nervous for the game next weekend, especially after the Pats fell on their collective asses during the Oct. 31 game, but hopefully (for me and the husband, heh.)things will go our way this time around. They've spent the last week getting no respect from the media, it was all about the Colts and Peyton and I was SO happy to see them hand Peyton his butt tonight.

So, while I know that a Steelers win would probably bring good things to this city, LETS GO PATS! :)

I've been a Steelers fan since the Bradshaw years. I'm nervous about next week, but if we pull it out, the NFC teams aren't all that.

Yeah, baby is RIGHT! Watched the game with my Dad who, when he bleeds, bleeds in black and gold, so the win was even sweeter!

Too bad the Stealers are going to loose when they play the Pat's next week!

Ha ha, just teasing.
But really...

The Patriots are steamrolling. It was unbelieveable how they were dissed last week. They did not derserve that. Not at all. Well in Boston...We Believe !

OKC.. Lala's sweater is perfect !

I guess I wasn't paying attention, I didn't realize that you were a Steelers fan. That game was *damn* scary, but I'm excited for Sunday- I'm even considering knitting a Terrible Towel for us to wave.

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